Shades Of Men - Chapter 10 Page 1

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Hello guys,

Here is the new page from my comic.
The first of Chapter 10, titled: "Family Man".


As I mentioned in the previous blogs, I am changing my posting schedule around, switching from a chapter to a page per week. Unfortunately I'm reaching the end of my buffer but I'll be sure to post the half chapter as before once it's done.

As always I recommend reading Shades Of Men from the beginning to understand how we reached this situation.

Last time, the epic rescue mission ended on a sour note... Let's see how our sad bunch kept going with their lives.




It is nice to finally draw Ricky again. It had been a while!
Check out some work in progress pics to make up for the short post.


download (1).png

download (2).png

download (3).png

This was a cool page to work on. I actually used a photo for reference on the Sacre Coeur. Couldn't remember all the details.

Let me know what you thought of this new format. I'll be posting another page on Monday as usual. Thanks for following along and for your support.

See you on the other side,


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Wow! That is awesome. I'm going to go and read your stuff from the beginning. You are true creator. Keep up the good work.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to go through it. I checked out your blog-- It's very interesting stuff... I look forward to dive deeper into your content hopefully raising the quality of my dialogues and the story structure!

Oh, nice work in progress! Seeing all that snow makes me sad - it's summertime! ;)
Does Ricky have a new sweater?

Sad? Oh no. Snow is cool! I haven't seen any in Paris for a while though... New sweater! Yes! I'm still wander if he'll keep it going forward... Why not!

We see way too much snow in Montreal! :/ Keep the sweater, please, it's nice :)

That's true! You know I'll be visiting Montreal in September. Unfortunately just a few days since I'll be driving from Toronto but It should be fun! ;-) Thanks for your take on the sweater. I think I'll keep it. It fits him well!

Good work. what interestes my, do you have the story already completely finished in your head?

Thanks for the comment! That's a very good question. I should take the time to write a blog about my story development process. I do have it all prepared. Even stories after this first arch that I can explore later on. I basically structured it by chapters, writing down what happens in each. The hardest was conecting various scenes together in a logical way.

Lovely art.I am voting you.Please check my post.

Thanks for checking it out. Nice blog yourself. Keep up the good work!