Shades Of Men - Chapter 8 Part 1

in art •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hello there!

Here comes another part of my original comic Shades Of Men. The action continues as the Hobo squad goes for the rescue.


As always I recommend checking out the first parts as you would understand better what lead to this point.
We left the team wishing for cash and left out with something a little more powerful. Rescue team is on the way. Hold on Ricky. Hold on...








To be continued...

I'll post what's coming next on Monday night. Let me know what you thought of this first part.
I'm always interested in some feedback about the project. Positive or negative. Helps me grow either way.
Also feel free to follow for sketches, portraits, and art related blogs.

See you on the other side,


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waiting for monday! good work again.

That's very nice of you. Thanks for your feedback. I'll be back on Monday I promise.

Interesting comic, thanks for sharing :) #keepsteemin

I'm glad I did. I met a lor of interesting people along the way. Thanks for checking it out! ;-)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I like how you use perspectives to tell the story. Let´s see what happens next on monday :)

Hey thanks for the feedback. I try my best. I know perspective aren't always perfect. But I think as long as it's clear... You'd get my point.

Very good man great shade of men thanks man keep sharing :)

Thanks a lot for following along. I hope you'll like where the story is going!

You know how much I love Shades of Men, especially Lev. This comic has a sense of urgency and you can really feel the difficulties being homeless without any sugarcoating or romanticizing, Great job, keep it up!

That's so nice of you! I'm sometimes wandering if it's not too far fetched. I could have done an intense story just about finding food. I had an idea for a hobo war for the last truck delivery of their favorite beer. But then it's a little comical... Even though it's not!

Yeah, the war for food would have been good, too! I agree about the beer story, it's a little comical, but you could turn it into something grotesque and intense. I like stories that make you think beyond what they portray and this would have great potential for that!

I might revisit that in a stand alone then! So much to tell but so very few time... The constant struggle of the comic book artist...