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Hi, Greetings to All Steemions


Here's your Community Moderator @uzma4882 come to share my first weekly #report with you all to show my dedication and rendering my services as a Moderator of Steem Kids & Parent's Community.

I am sharing with you my reviewing on posts from my randomly days of the week. Let me tell you what are my main responsibilities that I have performed with honestly in my first Weekly Report as a Pakistan Moderator. Glad to share my Acceptance role of Moderator in Steem kids & Parents Community.

Acceptance of New Moderator Responsibility in Steem Kids & Parents Community

Post Review Days

With due dedication, I always try to perform my responsibility as to review posts on my decided day assigned by our Admin @ngoenyi.

Organized Weekly ContestThumb
Contest 1, Activities to Strengthen Family-Friendly Bonding 10 SP + Booming Vote💥image.png
Posts Visited on my Reviewing Day

In Steem Kids & Parents Community, Users belongs to different Countries actively post thier quality contents at leats 1-20 Posts per day like informative article, thediarygames and Contest participation. I tried my best to covered all posts on time and decided hours of a week and performed my responsibilities as a assigning my role of Moderator with dedication.
Some of them would like to share with you.




I use an organized pattern to review the diary game and contests posts. Also suggest some recommendations for improving quality content and Follow the Steemit Rules

My Working Status As Moderator

I will now share my current work status on Steemit using, a very useful tool. I'm really happy to have received recognition for improving my performance.


I have delegated my 6,038SP from total 10,11Steem Power . My Reputation is also 73.2% which is highly conducive to sharing my increased commitment and genuineness through sharing high-quality contents and delegations.

My participation In S13-W5

I try to active participate in engagement challenges, Here's going to share my participations in Steemit Engagement Challenge S13-W5, Hopefully @steemcurator01 & @steemcurator02 will keep on my hard work on my Moderator weekly Report and show love in my recent active publications on Steemit as well. I impatiently waiting their valuable support on my posts

SEC13 WK5: We are not perfect!

SEC-S13 / W5"How can alcohol cause damage to your health!

Steemit Crypto Academy Contest,S13W5 : Layer-2 Blockchain


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