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DIY Collection Contest serves as an avenue for promoting sustainability and reducing waste by encouraging those users interested to learn to make use and repurpose materials and create new items from existing resources. I am here to highlighting the importance of recycling and upcycling, my contest aims is to raise awareness about the environmental impact of consumerism and to also inspire individuals to adopt more sustainable practices in their everyday lives.

In week 18, I recorded about 6 users who participate in week19 creativity contest, I'm so grateful to all the participant, you guys did amazingly well, all the entries were so interesting and I have learned more.

Users namecontest link

The winners are




Congratulations to all the winners, you all deserve it. The rewards has been sent and here is the screenshot.


new contest alert

New contest begins immediately.
I will love to see different diy craft work, it can by recycling, it can drawing, origami, etc.

Do things you know that you are perfect

👉 Show us every steps you took, from start to finish.

👉How did you get the idea?

👉How useful is what you have made?

👉Which kid did you inspire or do you intend to inspire and help develop the creativity?


Try your best to publish new ideas

The Title of your entry should be "new diy contest week19//my DIY collection contest

You must share a photo of yourself holding your final creation and your post must be plagiarism free.

You are free to share your steps as per your choice (at least 4 steps) the minimum word count should not be less than 300 words.

You are to use the following tag, #diycollection, #steemexclusive, #mesola-craftw19 #club100/75/5050, and your country tag (#nigeria)

Invite at least 3 of your friends to join this contest and you must mention my username @mesola somewhere in your article.

Share your post link as a comment to this post so I can find and evaluate your post very easily.

Try to follow @mesola for getting all the updates regarding this contest and resteem and Upvote this post.

This contest starts on Tuesday 25/04/2024 at 1.: Tuesday 1/05/2024 at 12:00 am Or when the post pay out.


As an extra, please vote on pennsif.witness by clicking the link towards the end of this post.


The total prize will be 06 Steem Power. Which will be shared 2:2;2

In addition to the Steem Power, you will also be eligible for the booming support if you have published quality content.

Don't fail to send to your support to null by setting burnsteem25

@steemkids and parents Community team


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