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Hello steemit, my name is mercy Richard Ayang, I'm from ikot Abasi local government area Akwa ibom state.


I started my primary education at the age 2 years and I finished my primary at the age of 10 years at janeth international nursery and primary school ikot Abasi.
I started my secondary school at 10 years then finished at 16 years at Methodist secondary school ette same ikot Abasi local government area Akwa ibom state. And now I'm a graduate of the university of uyo. We are eight in my family but we lost one and we are now seven I am the last born in my family. I lost my mother in year 2008 and father in the year 2019. I'm an orphan and a widow.
I got married in 2006 and my husband died in August 2020, I am a mother of 4 children 3 boys and a girl. I'm a business woman l, I do my business here in uyo, Akwa ibom state.


Waooo! when I am free I like washing clothes, play with my phone, go into facebook and instagram and see what is happening there just to keep my self busy.


I like honest people, I like to see a lady being independent, I like catching cruise, I like parting with love ones, Etc.


I dislike lazy man , I dislike lies, I dislike gossip, Etc.


I will like to be a great woman, an international business woman, traveling to any part of the world 🌎own my own money without depending on any man, see my children archive their dreams.


In steemit I want to learn new words, new things, earn good money 💰💰💰, and get educated more.


I knew Steemit from my son's @ekemini5, he Then introduced me to steemit and got registered by a good woman @ijelady. My son @ekemini5 gave me a deep inside of being a steemian. Thanks to all of them. Much love ♥️



Thanks to steemit for this great opportunity you have given me and the whole wide world.
My sincere thanks goes to

Thank you

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Beautiful post from your side keep posting

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Thank you @affable

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Hi @mesola,

🤩 Welcome to Steemit!🤩
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I'm grateful, @mayureshpandit

@mesola. I am delighted to welcome you to Steemit platform. You will definitely love this place!! There are countless opportunities to meet new people here, learn about different things and get rewarded as a content creator. To be successfulon Steemit, there are other things to do now that you have finished your achievement 1 post:

  • Start learning about Steemit by doing the next achievement post here
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I wish you all the best as you start your journey here. Feel free to ask about anything that seems confusing. Welcome once again!!

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Thank you very much, I'm grateful. @focusnow

Hello @mesola, we are sorry we have missed this achievement post voting window. We have added a catch up vote for this to your active post here

Keep being active

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Thank you ma

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That support is very valid as you are now a super steemiam

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