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Dear @steemitblog,

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to apply for the monthly engagement challenge. This monthly selection will surely keep us active, motivated, and competitive. The results in the past of such challenges encourage us the most to do the best for our people. The community account since then, has shown rapid growth and wasn't even possible without your support and SP Team's untiring efforts. Things have changed a lot and many new competitors are in the town. We hope to get our spot in the challenge and help develop and refine the challenge.

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

Community Purpose

As the name suggests - Steemit Pakistan, is a country community specifically created for all the Pakistani Steemians. The purpose was to unite all Pakistanis, new and old under one platform. Newcomers find it very overwhelming and can't decide where to begin but Steemit Pakistan finesses them by providing a nursery-like environment where each newbie gets special attention and is guided by the community team. When a Pakistani newbie arrives at Steemit, country representatives verify them and refer them to this community and from there the community team makes sure that the user is well-equipped with all the knowledge to begin a successful Steemit journey.

For All active Pakistani members. We love and appreciate quality content that is original. You'll have our full support. This community is being designed to support all the active Pakistani steemians and then for the entire steemit family. We would love and appreciate all types of content creators to come and join us and post within our community.

- Formal Community Description

Thereby, we provide a platform to all Pakistanis to share their content on Steemit Pakistan. People should join this community because we not only provide a space to Pakistanis but we are also very welcoming to friends from other communities. We run multiple contests and keep the members engaged in constructive activities.

We were among the very first communities to start work based on themes in the Community and now we can observe that there are different teams working over those themes all over the platform. We are proud of our initiatives and promise to keep them alive in the future.

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Brief History Of Steemit Pakistan Community

Steemit Pakistan Community was brought into existence in August 2020 by @Haidermehdi, @Hassanabid, and rashid001( The then Country Representative). It was made for the reason explained above when some previous users tried to cheat on the members. Steemit Pakistan Community has got a huge history. Below is how I could point it down briefly.

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Founders and Moderators

Sp team.jpg

Founders and Admin
Club Status

Club Status

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Community Curator Account : Steemit-pak

Steemit Pakistan Community's official Curator account is @Steemit-pak. It has been more than a year that steemit-pak is fulfilling its responsibility with wisdom and pure intentions. Currently, Steemit-pak holds approximately 46,527 Steem power and its effective SP is 138,827 SP. WE return 100% of the delegation rewards to our generous Delegators. The delegation rewards are distributed every week and a post is made via the curator account to make sure that everyone got their rewards.

Currently, steemit-pak's private posting key is shared with the whole Steemit Pakistan Team whereas the founders and Admin have the master key as well as the active key. We are looking to take steemit-pak to 50k SP before the end of this month. We are doing well so far and if we kept on going like this, i hope we will get to 50k soon and complete our Orca Dream :)


Own SP46,527
Delegated SP92,300
Effective SP138,827
Voting CSI15.3, 0.00% Self votes

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Post checking Policy

In Steemit Pakistan, we are keen to focus on quality more than quantity. But we know quality comes with quantity. In Steemit Pakistan, all posts are checked via comments through steemit-pak. On all the posts that are made in the Steemit Pakistan Community, we check the plagiarism, Club Statistics, Prime membership, Verified or not, Steemexclusive, Number of words, Betterlife tag, and Country tag.

Club Statistics#Club75
Prime Member
Verified Member
Number Of Words351
Betterlife Tag
Pakistan Tag

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How Community Helps to improve Quality

Steemit Pakistan is more focused on improving the quality of the members than anything else other than powerups. There are numerous posts in which the Steemit Pakistan Team have given their guidance to these users. Recently we conducted an online session both with the male users and with the females too. We gave our best to make sure that the quality of the community increased. Just for a sort of appreciation, I made the post below to show the improvements made by the users in Steemit Pakistan Community.

Improvement in the Posts after the session

And, here is the link to the post which was made regarding the Online session :)

The Online Sessions for Quality Improvement

We also guide them in one v one sessions on WhatsApp, and discord. We have groups on WhatsApp where I personally visit some posts and tell the users how they can improve their posts.


And there are many more to follow.

Apart from these sessions, we also try our best to visit posts in the Steemit Pakistan Community on Steemit and drop comments. For the past few weeks, we assigned event-horizon and Aniqamashkoor the role to make sure that they suggest quality improvement to the users wherever they see the room for improvement.

Alhamdulillah, and then thanks to my team, the members of the community have started improving their posts. They are also making good use of their voting power and making comments on each other's posts. This is the best feeling for any founder or Admin for his community and users in it :)

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

Why should we be Selected?

Steemit Pakistan is on this platform for the past two years approximately and has been working for its users with or without any support from the Team. We never questioned the team's decision and didn't beg for upvotes and support. We always believe that success comes with hard work and this is what we preach to our users.

As you have seen in the brief history above, we applied for 1st monthly program and were put into 2nd tier. We worked hard and gained a spot in the First-tier of Booming. We didn't stop and went on to get selected in the top 5 Communities in the third month's program. And in the next month too, with our untiring efforts, we retained our position and stayed in the top 5 Communities. Then came the Steemit Awards and there too, we won an award Of Being in the Top 5 Communities and this is something very big to Achieve :)

If we talk about a few points, here are some very few points why we should be given a chance :)

  • We have most active users than many other communities.
  • Our community is united and no one here complains about upvotes
  • Our growth is pretty high and we do 100% power up excluding prize money distributions.
  • One of the oldest and most hard-working Community.
  • Team members are dedicated to their work and are critical thinkers.
  • Running Continuous contests.
  • Have done a great amount of charity and donation work.

With the above application, we wish to be selected among the first 6 communities to help develop the challenge and nourish the activities on the overall Steemit Platform. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to apply for this challenge. We wish the best of luck to all the other Communities and hope for the best results.

Steemit Pakistan Footer 1.png


Quick Delegation Links To earn delegation rewards

50 SP100 SP200 SP300 SP400 SP500 SP
1000 SP1500 SP2000 SP3000 SP4000 SP5000 SP

Our community is deserving and will win In Sha Allah.

Best of luck and go ahead

 2 years ago 

insha'Allah we will be selected ❤️

 2 years ago 

An amazing initiative by the Steemit Team. Let's all play our part and hope to be among the first 6 communities to take on this challenge.

 2 years ago 

Best of luck @steemit-pak. Your team collectively doing great work

 2 years ago 

This is a great step by the steemit Team. And yes In Shaa Allah we'll be among the Best 6 communities as our all Team CR moderator are doing great. Hoping for the Best
Good luck @steemit-pak

 2 years ago 

Best of luck @steemit-pak

 2 years ago 

There is no doubt that STEEMIT PAKISTAN community is the Best m Best of many other communities. Rules and regulations are well taken care in this great community and this is the most strong point of the community. Just hearing the name of this community makes it seem like it's my own community. I made my first post on this platform within STEEMIT PAKISTAN. You can easily talk to your senior and ask anything But most of the time, if you are not doing something right, they themselves will guide you. Thank you so much whole team of STEEMIT PAKISTAN. IN'SHA'ALLAH We will win this challenge and become in the first six.

Best of luck to all my Team and community members :) surely we will win :)

 2 years ago 

Best of luck for steemit Pakistan community. Steemit Pakistan team work bery hard Insha'Allah steemit Pakistan surely selected for this opportunity. My best wishes with you. Allah bless you and our community.

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