List of Active Pakistani Users [1st milestone: Verification through online video conferencing] - 46+ Members Verified Manually

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Hello everyone I hope you guys are doing great. Today we had arranged a Meeting today at 3 PM where all the Steemit Pakistan community Members gathered and we had a brief discussions over our future plannings and how we are going to manage our community and their Rewards.

The Meeting was held on Google Meet

Objectives of this Meeting:

We had an Idea which we discussed with our Team @haidermehdi @rashid001 and me , as many of you know we are growing in full pace and had attained around 110+ Active members with 800+ Subscribers now with these numbers of Active users , Settings and Management Criteria had became compulsory, So in the meeting we Pointed Out things which was necessary for the Future of Steemit Pakistan. In this meeting we requested the members to turn their camera,mic on One by one and they have to speak up their usernames
It was a kind of Attendance and verification Meeting.

The objectives were following:

  • Promotion of Steemit In Pakistan.
  • Helping Out Members who wanted to invest in Steemit
  • To verify the users who are active and who really want to work hard on this platform
  • To have a brief discussions with members which was necessary
  • To Entertain Any Queries in Mind of People
  • To Point out If any member is trying to cheat us
  • To help up members getting highlighted on Steemit Platform
  • To Gain the trust of members on us
  • To Highlight dedicated members.
  • Know who really are following our Rules and Regulations.
  • To let the community Members know how we are going to help them out
  • Modifications Of Steemit-pak Upvotes
  • Support of Steemcurator07 , Booming , Best picks and others.

Brief Discussion and Highlights of Meeting.

In the meeting I Briefly Explained how our Team Works Over quality content and how members can enhance the quality of their posts. I Explained them About the Up , Downs I have seen in Steemit Life , Together with Coordination and meeting with my team we have set up Voting Criteria Of upvotes given by @steemit-pak (Official Account OF Steemit Pakistan) and obviously we would be giving priority to those who joined us today in this meeting.
Also As I have given responsibility of Greeter, I Explained them how it Works and how Female users can also Get verified with the help of @cryptokannon.
I Explained them how we try to distribute @steemcurator07 Upvotes and how they can enhance the chances of getting good upvotes.
I Explained them How Investing in Steemit is Far better Than Investing In any other Currency

@haidermehdi Answered many Queries Asked by Our community Members.
He Explained his Works and how he is managing @steemit-pak and Steemit Pakistan Community, he further explained how he selects the most engaging community members and to highlight them to award them with different rewards, including Booming and best Picks.




Here are list of Users which got Verified Manually and was present in the Video Conference Meeting:

@rashid001 [Founder and Country Representative]
@hassanabid [Co Founder , Country Representative , Greeter Of New Comers]
@haidermehdi [Admin of Steemit Pakistan, Country Representative , Upcoming Greeter]
@event-horizon [Moderator Of Steemit Pakistan]
@vvarishayy [Moderator Of Steemit Pakistan]

These members would get Priority On Steemit Pakistan and would get support from The Team of Steemit Pakistan.

However i would like to Thanks Everyone Who joined Today's Meeting and Made this Meeting Successfull.

Thankyou So much to All Delegators of Steemit Pakistan We have increased 10-100% upvotes for the delegators rather than distributing Steem because we have to Reward the Liquid Steem over Winner Prize Distributions.

Our community :

Don't forget to delegate our community account

Delegate Steem Power To Show Your SUPPORT

100 SP250 SP500 Sp1000 SP

Special Thanks to @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 and @steemitblog for their continuous support and I hope they will continue providing their support to Steemit Pakistan.

Yours Hassanabid
Country representative of Pakistan

 2 years ago 

That was a great Meeting and we all got to know about many new things.

I have also created a post about Google meeting of Steemit Pakistan Community which we had today.

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 2 years ago (edited)

It was a great meeting. Who joined and follow the meeting in rest will able to guide other new commers to verify their account. How to improve post quality is also the query in this meeting and answered well by Ahsan.



 2 years ago 

it was nice meeting and soon more online conference will bring to bring close all pakistani people boom boom pak

Meeting was a great initiative, this will help our community to be more stronger & people will get to know each other !

 2 years ago 

Surely a great initiative you have taken to verify all the members and it was just like our university class attendance.
Hoping to look forward like these meetings in the future

Glad To see Many Active Member in Community:)
Keep it up.

You have adopted a good way of verifying all the members and the decision that these members will get support is a very good decision. You are doing a great job on Steemit Pakistan, I encourage you all.

Very good post has been done and it is very good to read it and the knowledge.And this learning also got a lot in it .

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