Steemit-Pak Daily Powerup - 200 Steem Poweredup - (Day-1)

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Hello Everyone, this is @steemit-pak. The Official Country Curation account of Pakistan. We are glad to see all of you working hard for the development of the community and its official account.

as mentioned yesterday we are planning to do powerup's every day to boost up @steemit-pak (official Community Curator Account).

Powerup Day-1 :

its the first day of powerup and we are glad that we are powering up our 70% of daily earning.

Before Powerup


Performing Powerup :



After Powerup


How is it helpful ? :

This will not only help us increase our steem power and but will also help us in getting better support for our members. All this that we have now is because of the hard work of our members who were there with us for the last two months as well where there was only booming who we relied upon!

Do Let us Know if you are having any queries. !

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Quick Delegation Links To earn delegation rewards

50 SP100 SP200 SP300 SP400 SP500 SP
1000 SP1500 SP2000 SP3000 SP4000 SP5000 SP
 3 years ago 

Great initiative @steemit-pak 👏👏
Inshaallah one day i will also delegate steem when i will reach to a certain sp.
#steemitpakistan ❤️

 3 years ago 

That’s such a great step taken by you! It will motivate alot of members to power up their steems.😍

 3 years ago 

I will for sure power up my steem thank you for the post

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