Communities of the Month Support Program - November Winners

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit an application for the Communities of the Month Support Program.

We again received 52 applications in total this month.

From the information in the applications and from our observations over the past month, the communities to be supported have been selected.

For November we have selected 42 communities in total. As well as five Communities of the Month, 37 communities will be offered support from the @booming accounts.

The main emphasis of the Support Program this coming month is participation in #club5050. We really want to see people power up more of their earnings so they can play a greater role in supporting others in the community.

This will very much be central to how we allocate our support going forward.

The Communities of the Month for November 2021

For November the Communities which will receive the support package from @steemcurator01 are...

Support from @steemcurator01 will begin from November 1st so make sure you have plenty of good quality, #steemexclusive posts, make sure you are commenting on all posts and make sure you continue to follow all the Community Guidelines.

If we find any of these communities are breaching the guidelines, we may reduce or withdraw the support from @steemcurator01 before the end of the month.

Please note that if your community produces any sort of ‘Top Posts of the Day’ selections we will now only be voting on the chosen posts if they are successfully participating in #club5050.

We have selected just five Communities of the Month for November so that @steemcurator01 will have some spare voting capacity to support good #club5050 posts across the whole community.

Even if you do not post in one of the communities selected for November, keep powering up and keep using the #club5050 tag (among the first four tags) and you will still have a chance of getting a good vote from @steemcurator01.

Booming Support Communities

In addition to the five Communities of the Month, a further 37 communities will be receiving support from the @booming accounts.

The @booming support will be available at two levels. Tier 1 communities will receive 5 votes per day from the @booming accounts, and Tier 2 communities will receive 3 votes per day.

The Tier 1 communities for November are…

  • Colombia-Original
  • Comunidad Latina
  • Crypto.Kids
  • Draft Crearte
  • Italy
  • PromoSteem
  • Recreative Steem
  • Scouts
  • Steem Baseball
  • Steem-BRU
  • Steem Cameroon
  • Steem Entrepreneurs
  • Steem Ghana
  • Steem Infinity Zone
  • SteemKids
  • Steem SEA
  • Steem Skillshare
  • Steem Sri Lanka
  • Steem-Travelers
  • Steem Venezuela
  • Steem Women Club
  • Steemit Iron Chef
  • Steemit Philippines
  • Steemit-Türkiye
  • Visual Art
  • Writing & Reviews

The Tier 2 communities for November are…

  • Best of India
  • Business Activity
  • CampusConnect
  • Stars of Steem
  • Steem Family
  • Steem Japan
  • Steemit Azerbaijan
  • Steemit-Garden
  • Steemit Nursery
  • Urdu Community
  • World of Xpilar

Please note that all posts submitted for @booming support MUST be successfully participating in #club5050.

If we find any of these communities are breaching the guidelines we may reduce or withdraw the support from the @booming accounts before the end of the month.

Please would a representative from any communities newly selected for @booming support leave their Telegram / Discord contact details in a comment below.

Club5050 Rule Changes

We are very happy with the participation in #Club5050.

This approach will very much be central to how our support is allocated to best grow the Steem community and the Steem economy.

We are continually monitoring how #Club5050 is working and looking for ways to improve it.

One issue we have become aware of is that by requiring power-ups every 7 days this can interfere with people’s plans to participate in the monthly #SPUD4STEEM events organized by @kiwiscanfly.

We are therefore extending the ‘accounting period’ from 7 days to one calendar month.

This means to participate in #club5050 you must balance any cash-outs or transfers away with equal or greater power-ups over one calendar month.

Therefore if you want to take part in #SPUD4STEEM you can make one big power-up on the 1st of the month and that can be used against cash-outs and transfers for the whole of the following month.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to cash-out an amount equal to the power-up - LESS IS ALWAYS BEST !

In fact, when deciding the size of vote we give for a #club5050 post we look at the size of the power-ups against the amount of cash-out or transfer.

If you only power-up and don’t cash-out at all that is even better ( #club100 :-) ).

We are also looking out for people who make it to Dolphin status (5,000 SP) - there are special rewards for those joining #clubdolphin.

If anyone makes it to #cluborca (50,000 SP) we will definitely be throwing a party for them…

We hope all 42 communities selected for the Community Support Program for November will fully embrace the new #club5050 strategy and take the opportunity to build the strength of their community.

Have fun, power up, get rewards and help build the Steem economy.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


The main emphasis of the Support Program this coming month is participation in #club5050. We really want to see people power up more of their earnings so they can play a greater role in supporting others in the community.

Ich selbst habe noch nie Steem abgezogen halt den #club5050/75/100 als eine schlechte Idee und nutze den tag auch nicht
Ihr fördert damit nicht den content ,damit verschiebt ihr nur den Power down bei jenen die das eh vorhaben .
Unterstützt vertrauenswürdige Community’s!

I myself have never deducted Steem, just the #club5050/75/100 as a bad idea and don't use the tag #club

You don't promote the content, so you only postpone the power down for those who plan to do so anyway.

Supports trusted communities!


Great thank you for Steemit Team selected Steem Entrepreneurs Community for Booming support - Tier 1 ..

Pioneer of community @harferri

Discord : Harferri#1455

Congratulations to all the selected communities, cheeers ..

#club5050 #club100 #steemkindness

Congratulations, your community is one of my favorite one💚

Thanks for your kind words, get more success @shohana1

You're welcome and thank you so much for your kind wish 💚💕❤️

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Good job, congratulations !

Thanks a lot bro @ponpase

Congratulation 🥰

Thanks for support


Thank you very much for the support in November 2021, steem for better life can become a more advanced community in the future


Thank you so much for trusting STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE to get extra support for November, We Community Team will try to work harder in campaigning #club5050


Extraordinario, esta comunidad es inspiradora y merece todo el apoyo.

Felicidades a todo el equipo y que noviembre sea de solo cosas buenas para todos.



thank you very much @marian4ve ​​, this is thanks to all of our hard work

You are also the most important part of this community, let's develop this community towards a better one

cheer ;)

Thank you for choosing Steem For Betterlife this time who got full support 01


The information we are waiting for the about "Communities of the Month Support Program for November".
Thanks You "Steem Entrepreneur" for getting support from "Booming" for this November. We will do our best to be together in doing the Promo Business combined with PromoSteem as best we can.
and we will support the powerups program from #club5050.

Thank You very much to the Steemit Team for supporting us this November.

Best Regards
MOD Steem Entrepreneur

Gracias por el reiterado apoyo a la comunidad Crypto.Kids, seguimos aprendiendo día a día el mejor comportamiento para la plataforma. Con paciencia y cariño, lograremos dar un buen ejemplo.

Saludos Cordiales.

@jesusbar23 @migue14 @zmoreno, @san08, @keilyflow11, @shamira16 @sammy1109 @el-nailul

Estamos muy agradecidos.

Estamos felices por todo el apoyo que nos han dado 💗✨

✨Muchas gracias por el apoyo brindado. ✨

Thanks a lot Steemit Team for trusting the selected Steem Entrepreneurs Community again to receive support of BOOMING - Tier 1 ...

Best regards,
Steem Entrepreneurs Team

#club5050 #club100

thanks a lot steemit im love you

@steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @booming thank very much for your choice and support of our community Steemit-Garden and our participants.

contact in Telegram:

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