Steem Sri Lanka Community Rules FAQ - Edited v2

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1. I am not from Sri Lanka, can I post in Steem Sri Lanka Community?

Yes, you can as long as you are willing to follow community rules.

2. What kind of content Steem Sri Lanka accept?

Please note that Steem Sri Lanka accept original content, which really implies yourself

3. What kind of content Steem Sri Lanka reject?

  • Photography content without enough meaningful details.
    Photo only content and content with a photo and few sentences are not inside the scope of the community.

  • Content that against Sri Lankan rituals and culture

  • Re-written articles based on already available articles, videos or news.

  • Content with any kind of plagiarism

  • Poorly formatted articles

4. Does Steem Sri Lanka require an introduction post in the community?

No, we don't ask for introduction posts in this community, but we are checking for members' background during their first arrival to the community. Because of that, we expect them to make a self-introduction in new comers' community

5. Do you need to delegate @steem-sri.lanka to post in the community?

No you don't have to.

6. Even though I post, I don't get good payouts. Why?

  • The amount we put on your post depends on multiple factors. Your post must be according to community rules, quality standards. You must read, vote and comment on other's posts to have them back. The comment we expect is not general comments like, "great work", "thank you for sharing". Members should put at least 5 comments per day.
    Read following article to know how to comment in creative manner.
    Commenting is an Art : Tips to be a Good Commenter

  • You are continuously powering down / selling without increasing your steem power
    We don't like to spend our vp on people who don't attempt to growing steem power.

  • You are posting regularly in Steem Sri Lanka but doesn't contribute to the growth of the community

7. What is the expected quality?

  • The articles must provide any kind of value to readers
  • Article should well formatted with markdowns, clean to read
  • Must provide sources to images and any other statements that do not belong to you.
    [source](link to source)
  • Use your own photos/graphics as much as you can.
  • Exclude unnecessary greetings, thanking, mentions. Just write to the point

8. Is there a minimum word limit?

Yes, there should be at least 250 words

9. Do we receive votes based on the delegated amount at Steem Sri Lanka?

No, the amount depends on the quality of your content and the commitment you put on to the community.

10. Why should I delegate @steem-sri.lanka?

You get votes because someone else has delegated to @steem-sri.lanka. It depends on your attitude to decide whether you should help others or not.

11. Do all posts are getting votes from @steem-sri.lanka?

No. Refere question 6

12. Is it must to put beneficiary to SL-Charity?


13. What is the minimum % to put beneficiary to SL-Charity?


14. What is the selection process for booming support?

First priority to Sri Lankan members, who are dedicated to power up and highly engaging in the community. I select posts of members, who I see as hardworking and also contribute to the success of the community.

Then fill the second tire with the rest of the posts. If you post and disappears until your next post, the chance of selecting for boomings support is very low.

15. What will happen if I found with plagiarism?

Your post will be muted under plagiarism with a comment with evidence. The vote will be removed. Continous plagiarism will cause mute from the community.

16. Which kind of posts will be muted?

  • Contents that give bad impression/messages on other posters. (ex: posts with high paid/bit bot payouts, harassment)
  • Content irrelevant to the community
  • Contents violating rules
  • Contents posted by well know abusers/scammers
  • Plagiarized content

17. Can I organize contests as per my own will in Steem Sri Lanka?

No. As we highly consider the community rules and scope, you must contact our moderators if you are willing to organize any contests inside the community.

18. Can I use the same brandings/templates used by @steem-sri.lanka , @sl-charity?

No, please don't use our logo, banners, footers and templates without our permission

19. Who makes the decisions for Steem Sri Lanka?

Decisions are made by a team including admins, mods, and some other members. Hence the decisions are not centralized

20. Where can I shoutout/talk?

Use #support channel in our Discord server to shoutout.

10% of the payout goes to SL-Charity


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This is very good post. Each member can get clear idea about our SSL from this.

This post solves lots of questions that new members have. Some of the things are good to know things even for old members. Thank you for taking the time to guide everyone in the right way. 👌😊

This article has something to learn for everyone. not only for new comers. Hope everyone who needed help will improve 🤗.

Here are very good answers. I hope this article has solved most of steemians problems. Clear explanation.

As a new member, I've got to know so many things about the community. Article is very clear to understand. Thank you so much @randulakoralage for making this valuable article. 😇❤️

This is very important to all of us , clear explanation akke , thank you 😍😍

It's well described. As a newcomer I learnt a lot with a crystal clear understanding from this guide.😍 I think if all the members followed this guide before they act, it will help a lot for them and the community as well.

Excelente información y de gran utilidad y apoyo para aquellos usuarios de otros países. Será de gran motivación para participar en esta Comunidad!!


Grate explanation ☺️

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