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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Health Articles and Seminars

~General source information~

"Chris Beat Cancer" Coaching Video
FREE: ~ALL~ "Chris Beat Cancer" Videos ONLINE (Replay Signup)
"The Truth About Vaccines" - A Documentary Series
"The Truth About Vaccines" - FREE First Episode
The Hidden Treasures of Fennel (ReSteemed)
To Vaccinate or Not: Your Decision (ReSteemed)
Jewelweed: Nature's Answer for Poison Ivy

Table of Contents

Personal Remedies and Successes

~Remedies I've either used or have direct knowledge of~

Amazing Home Remedy for Skin Cancer - Amazon Black Salve
>>>You *Need* This In Your Medicine Cabinet<<< - **SERIOUSLY! You DO!**
~Skip~ The Gallstone Surgery... - Just Take 'em Out At Home!
Is ~Faith~ Vitally Important to Healing?
Has the ~Flu~ Hit You? Here's What You Can Do...

Table of Contents

Miscellaneous Health-Related Articles

~A little bit of this, a little of that~

The Disheartening Burden of Chronic Illness
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Author/Inventor Vows To Research Sleep Apnea
Finding Your People - Five Powerful Habits That Can Help
Out of the Box, Outside the Lines, Over the Top? Today I Tried Something Nuts...
My Worst Surfing Injury - A True Story
Marijuana: That ~Damn~ Plant! - A Limerick

Table of Contents

Guest Authors

~Natural Health Articles by Selected Authors~

Their Children's Names Will NEVER be on the VaxXed Bus - HEALTHY & UNVACCINATED!
by @canadian-coconut
Vaxxed and Injured My family's Story
by @tecnosgirl
Jewelweed: Nature's Answer for Poison Ivy
by @lydon.sipe
Reporting a vaccine adverse event or injury.
by @marymg2014
by @farmandadventure
Ways to boost my winter immunity
by @kiwideb
Is Being "Unvaxxed" a NAP Violation? (In other words, do unvaccinated individuals put others at risk?)
by @kafkanarchy84
Is your child a cash cow for the doctor?
by @marymg2014
How the Measles Vaccination Program has Destroyed Herd Immunity
by @canadian-coconut
Diabetes in Infants - Caused by Vaccination (VaxXed: Stories from the Road)
by @canadian-coconut
The Power of the Power Nap
by @eyeofthestorm
by @buzzard
I Just Want This THING Out of Me.
by @tlester
Vaccines : The Next Stage - No Jab, No Travel!
by @jockey
Hyssop Harvest
by @generikat
Putting a face to the dangers of vaccines
by @marymg2014
26 Day Detox: remind me why I do this?
by @dreemsteem
Medicalization of Pregnancy and Childbirth: The History of Midwives To A Male Dominated Doctoral Profession
by @marxrab
The Science and Wonder of Electro Dermal Screening
by @lydon.sipe
Silver Ions Kill Harmful Bacteria! (scientific studies included!)
by @jrswab
Breast feeding... Babies versus Adults, who needs it more...
by @kenhudoy

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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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I hope those folk find the idea useful. I'd be glad to point them in the right direction if they choose to create a similar library of their articles.

well thank you KINDLY for putting me into your fabulous library!!!!! I've clicked on a few more posts in here to enjoy :) this is such a great idea for a library!!!!

You're welcome. Thanks for writing a significant series about the very important issue of detoxification. :D



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