How the Measles Vaccination Program has Destroyed Herd Immunity

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When the measles vaccine was first created, the long-term consequences were not accounted for.

The Measles vaccination program has actually DESTROYED 'Herd Immunity' where it was most needed.

At the time of the initiation of the measles campaign, the public was told
"Just One Shot For Life."

We now know that the vaccination wears off, and that booster shots are needed.

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Any Immunity a vaccine may provide is temporary at best. That's what BOOSTERS are all about.

In the days before the measles vaccine, all adults were immune for life. But now, if there have been cases of measles in your area, adults are requested to get yet another measles booster! Today's senior citizens are still protected by NATURAL immunity against measles; but tomorrow's seniors will be required to get a measles booster.

The boosters are an admission that the vaccines don't work properly and are not long-lasting.

I was fortunate enough to have the actual measles, mumps and rubella as a child and I'm good for life!

(I'm an older mom and the measles vaccine was introduced in Canada later than in the USA.)

Of utmost importance is that my developing baby was protected in utero, and breastfeeding protected him until about a year old. In other words, I got the measles as a child when it is least problematic, in order to protect my own babies when they are most vulnerable! It's a fair trade-off I would say.

Quite often today, when a vaccinated woman gets the rubella titres test during pregnancy, she will show ZERO titres (antibodies)! She will then be asked to get re-vaccinated with the MMR. Yet, very often at that young woman's next pregnancy she will be told yet again that she has no rubella antibodies. What an utter failure of the MMR vaccine!

The vaccine isn't protecting the MOST vulnerable -- our developing and newborn babies!

Meaning that Natural Herd Immunity has shifted from protecting the most vulnerable, to putting the most vulnerable at more risk!

Below is what Dr. Suzanne Humphries has to say about it.

Something about the measles vaccine, that I found really startling in my recent research, is that the vaccine failures that we're seeing today were actually ALL PREDICTED in our medical literature.

There was a Dr. David Levy, in 1984, who predicted the problems that were to come, and that was during the period where there was just the single vaccine.

But then, there's a Dr. Heffernan, from 2009, who did his own predictions based on very sophisticated mathematical analyses, and what he said, verbatim, is,

“we predict that after a long disease-free period, the introduction of infection will lead to far larger epidemics than that predicted by standard models.”

And even more compelling, he said that,

“large-scale epidemics can arise with the first substantial epidemic not arising until 52 years after the vaccination program has begun,”

well, guess what year 52 years is? 2015.

So, now, can you see why the CDC is staying up late at night and having panic attacks?

source: Paul Offit's vaccine lies deconstructed: A mind-blowing interview with Dr. Suzanne Humphries

Yup! It was predicted and published by scientists that we would see measles outbreaks again, starting ... NOW!

The measles vaccination program is proving to be an epic FAILURE!

Dr. Suzanne Humphries, mentioned David Levy of Montefiore Medical Center in New York who created a computer model and came to this conclusion:

“Despite short-term success in eliminating the disease, long-range projections demonstrate that the proportion of susceptibles in the year 2050 may be greater than in the pre-vaccine era.”

So according to Levy’s prediction, we are in for higher rates of measles infection than we started with, affecting more vulnerable groups.

See David Levy's paper published in 1986, here ➥ PubMed: The future of measles in highly immunized populations. A modeling approach.

In the years before measles vaccination, you almost never saw a baby under the age of one year old contracting measles. The mothers natural immunity protected her baby. It protected the MOST vulnerable. This was true Herd Immunity.

However, in the recent measles outbreak in Disneyland, a lot of the people who caught measles were UNDER ONE YEAR OLD! This would have never been the case during the years of natural immunity (pre-vaccine); the mother would have caught measles as a child and passed that strong immunity onto her infant.

In case you still think that measles was so deadly, that it would be worth it to take 20 measles shots to avoid it ... please read my article here:

#1 Successful Sales Method is FEAR for Pharmaceutical Companies

Below is one scientific study that shows that natural immunity is a lot stronger and long lasting than that from vaccination:

How Long Does Passive Immunity to Measles Last in Infants? -

Robin Drucker, MD reviewing Leuridan E et al. BMJ 2010 May 18.
Maternal antibodies to measles in infants might completely disappear before the first measles vaccination.
During the first year of life, MATERNAL ANTIBODIES PROVIDE PROTECTION to infants against infectious diseases such as measles.
The gestational age of the infant, maternal age, and WHETHER THE MOTHER'S IMMUNITY COMES FROM VACCINATION OR NATURAL DISEASE can affect the amount of maternal antibodies present.
Investigators in Belgium prospectively examined maternal antibodies against measles in 207 women (age range, 18–40) and their 210 children between April 2006 and November 2008. ......

Read more article like this one at my Blog @canadian-coconut

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I know that this is a very controversial topic ...
but if you care about children as much as I care about children...
surely we can all be civil and help each other discover the best way forward for all our children and future generations.

Thank you for speaking out again. Vaccines are creating a future firestorm of epic proportion. When you mess with mother nature no good can come of it. I had the measles as did my husband and all of our children. My children reminisce about the fun it was having measles and chicken pox parties with all the children in the neighborhood. I have to add no one died or suffered long term injuries because of it. Vaccine manufacturers cannot say the same.

Amen to that Mary, similar to what I said here too!

My siblings and I were never vaccinated, our father for some reason didn’t want us to get vaccinated. And we are as healthy as any adults could be.

Back in 2007, my brother caught Chicken Pox from someone and slowly my younger sister, and I too had chickenpox. It was not that bad, but we always fear that other kids in the neighborhood might catch it.


OMG! This is SO SCARY! I had no idea. My daughter is vaccinated for protection against measles. Does that mean her future child would lose the natural protection that it could have availed? :'( You are so right... some of the diseases that I've had my daughter vaccinated for aren't very big scary life sucking monsters. Yet, with all the notice boards put up in hospitals 'Have you vaccinated your child? Check... blah.. blah... show that you are a responsible parent... blah.. blah... your child will thank you.' we were in line to have all the vaccinations done just so our conscience? was clear.
When one is blissfully ignorant of what's really happening, it is easier to follow the one directing than it is to put in the time and effort to study the truth. I think the pharmaceutical companies have learned the role of fear in selling the drugs and have perfected the art of manipulation. No wonder thousands of people line up to 'protect' themselves when all they need is to trust nature and develop their body's immunity the natural way! :'( Thanks for bringing this information out, @canadian-coconut! Makes me furious and helplessly sad but I totally appreciate it. I'm atleast aware now and can spread the word to others! Upvoted and now Resteeming! - @sandzat

Thank-you for your great comment and I'm glad that you learned some new things. It is good to question things, but sometimes it's hard to know that there is even a question to be asked. Now you know that it isn't as simple as they have led us to believe.
All the best!

Well said Linda!

but sometimes it's hard to know that there is even a question to be asked. Now you know that it isn't as simple as they have led us to believe.

Hi @canadian-coconut! I definitely did. Thank you. It is something I need to find out more about. In another two years time, my daughter is due for her 10 year olds vaccination, though I don't remember what it is for... probably a booster. I want to be more educated about this by then.
It is scary enough that we are bombarded with all kinds of bacteria, viruses and what not outside.. and how our bodies try their best everyday to keep us alive and well. We shouldn't upset the rhythm by unnecessary 'medication' unless it is absolutely essential. Really good coming across your post... and thanks very much for stopping by too! Good luck & Cheers! - @sandzat

@sandzat you should not be afraid of bacteria, and viruses outside. On the contrary. The truth is that the immune system, even the digestive system are the same as our muscles. If you go to a gym and work out everyday you can build massive muscles that can lift more and more heavier things. The same goes for our minds, and our immune system. We are just like the rice plant that was covered in the book "The One Straw Revolution" by Masanobu Fukuoka. The plant was not raised like other rice plants -in water-. Instead the rice plant was exposed to more harsh conditions and an environment that did not kill it, but made it stronger. The end result was a rice plant that beared more fruit than those that were raised in water. The reason is that when the rice plant was grown in water it became fragile and could not keep itself up when it was without water. It would die without water and thus was dependent and did not adapt or evolve to fortify itself but rather only to be strong enough to give fruit. The rice from this weak plant was also smaller and not as nutrient dense as the rice from the other stronger rice plant. Instead of drenching the plant in water, Fukuoka uses straw to keep levels of humidity right for the plant. Before I go on off topic, I'll just get to the point. Bacteria is good and important to our health, the more of it we can collect, the stronger our system builds itself. Exposing your children to bacterias is therefore important. This is why when you observe native tribes around the world you don't often see deadly sicknesses. Many of these ideas have been sold as lies to get us to believe the "savages" are at risk because they're too dumb to develop pharmaceutical drugs. But this is not true, they are all well adapted to their environment and thus are immune to locally occurring diseases. Just think of the environment your children will likely be in through their lives and help them to adapt to it. I left a huge reply all the way at the bottom with some suggestions if you're interested. I also highly recommend watching this video regarding Gut Bacteria

Thanks for the advice @gamagoro! You are right about the immune system. And the probiotics. I'm a strong believer. I don't take any kind of allopathic medicine myself... I've been pretty healthy my whole life... atleast till six months ago and I'm still not scared for myself. It is my daughter that I'm literally terrified for. She has allergic rhinitis and keeps getting cough, wheezing and/or cold and fever almost every three or four weeks the whole year around. Unfortunately, for her, we've consulted many doctors and all they had to give her were antibiotics and steroids! As a result, I believe, she isn't growing as well as I would like her to be. About a month ago, I put my foot down and switched to homeopathy. Let's see where that takes us. She is my and my husband's only child. We both love her and would do anything for her. And it is especially my duty to ensure that she grows up into a healthy, strong, educated and wise person. Till she grows up and I find she's grown up well, I'm going to be like a tigress Mom ready to fight at the first hint of an external attack.

@gamagoro has good advice.... dirt is good... there are bad bacteria but also good bacteria too.... we should go on fasts and clean out the gut, the center, our liver once a month or year.... we should try to keep our liver clean for about 3 years in order to restore the liver.... our liver cells can be replaced in about 3 years.... we can get a new liver in about 3 years.... and our whole body every 7 years or so

dirt is good...

Ever wondered why so many dogs eat dirt? Especially compost-like dirt. And why they all eat from the same area and not just any dirt? I'll bet they smell the pro-biotics in it!

Soil is very healthy for pro biotics and we should be more creative like dogs and find ways to get more of that dirt into our bodies.

You've got a lot of time to research before her next set of vaccines.
Feel free to read my older posts, and of course stay tuned for more!

My daughter is vaccinated for protection against measles. Does that mean her future child would lose the natural protection that it could have availed?

Your daughter and grandchildren will be safer than most. @canadian-coconut is flat out ignorant of medicine.

There are many who are ignorant of medicine, some of them actually have a medicine degree.
However you don't have to be a medic to interpret a graph that shows a clear decreasing path in time independent of vaccines. How is that possible? apparently there more important factors than vaccines in relation to the decrease of illnesses, such as improvements in food and health.

On a personal note: you can always ask for forgiveness, no no, not to god, I mean to @canadian-coconut for your lack of etiquette. I also advice you to have a quick look at the source of the graph, breath some times, and then answer this post, with style, you know, not with a childish attitude that most readers just avoid.


Find one thousand year graphic and it will look even better for you.

Are you laboring under a compulsion to harm people?

I would find it humorous due to the absurdity, but then I realized children are going to suffer from their parent's stupidity and I stopped laughing. Crazy how many people buy into this stuff without doing their own research. If you want to believe vaccines are dangerous there are plenty of looney tunes out there that will "confirm" that belief.

So what research did you do?

yeah, this is about belief, because of the numerous safety studies you're aware of about vaccines..

Do you mean that @canadian-coconut is ignorant of
rocky-fellow, the snake-oil salesman, medicine?

Your article is also great but if you can watch the John Oliver episode about this, then you guys will get the proper education with a funny dose @canadian-coconut here is the full episode about the issue

One video deserves another, Del Bigtree responded to John Olivers video on vaccines

Hahaha!!! @marymg2014. You totally beat me to this one!!! I read the above comment and opened a youtube tab just to find this amazing episode of Highwire!!! :') <3 Love it. <3

Great minds think alike, have a great day!

That about covers it. John Oliver lies professionally every time he opens that flapping hole in his ignorant face. I wonder if he sleeps at night after causing permanent damage or even death to children.

He certainly messed up but I thought that Del Bigtree did an outstanding job. Del has his act together that is for sure.

Del Bigtree is an amazing proponent of health and sanity. His grasp on logic is formidable.

John Oliver is an appeal to ridicule, made flesh.

High compliments to you and your command of the English language! WELL SAID!!!

John Oliver used to be my celebrity crush but he's been selling himself for a while. Too bad! Hope he comes to reconsider.

I hope he realizes that people see that he has been bought.


didn't you recommend vaccinations as a way to promote immunity for those that cannot be vaccinated and quietly dropped that when it was pointed out that vaccines shed, which raises the question, why did you promote that, because you hadn't known that about vaccines or in spite of knowing that?

vaccinations as a way to promote immunity for those that cannot be vaccinated

They are fam

Yeah sure they are, especially when you infect them because you shed the virus for some time after vaccinations.

Hello, baah. Please do not talk to bullies.

Love you


Hello, my name is Urma and I am Baah's caretaker

I think it's great that my little prince of the baahamas has taken an interest in this topic, it's one that should be very close to his heart.

Baah has been injured with autism due to a bad batch of the varicella vaccine and as such struggles with a few things like interacting with other people.

Please remember this when speaking with him, after all he is my little genius.

Appeal to ridicule is not education. If you were in possession of accurate knowledge, you would be aware of this.

I was just about to post what Mary already did -- the video where Medical Investigative Journalist, Del Bigtree, demolishes every one of John Olivers arguments.
I know that it's a long video, but it is REALLY worth taking the time to watch if you want to understand this important issue.

This is a perfect example of unadulterated black propaganda.

We have immune systems and a gut... and we can recover from bad vaccines even...... there are natural remedies....

Unfortunately, not all injuries can be recovered from. My vax injury at age 20 took me 6 years to recover about 80% and robbed me of a career. 20 years later I'm still dealing with health issues stemming from it. :(

This was a great amount of information!! Well done!!! You seriously know this stuff and did your reasearch!! I've been thinking about doing a post titled something like, "Why I didn't get the Rhogam shot." Do you think that folks might find that topic interesting?

Thank-you! This one did take a lot of time to research. I'm glad that you appreciated it.

I would certainly be interested in what you have to say about the Rhogam shot. That is one that I haven't taken the time to study much myself so I would love to hear what you have to say.

Please leave me a link to your new article, below this comment, if you get it done.

Since the Rhogam shot is only given to pregnant mothers who have a negative blood type (and are therefore Rh-) I don't think it's widely known or researched. But, I'm very happy to share what I've learned and why I made the decision I did (which isn't for everyone). I'm working on the post now and will for sure post a link here when I'm done. Glad to have at least one person who I know will be interested in it!! :D

I'm Finally done with my post on the RhoGAM shot. Here is the link:
I hope you find it interesting! :)

I too had to be revacinated because I could not prove my health records to my work place. they gave me no choice and rode me till I gave in. My question to all is how many times are we going to be needing to vaccinate ourselves again if these vaccinations wear off. I am at the point in my life that I am going to say no thank you and allow my body to do what God made it to do. Wow the information no one in the health spectra wants to give us blows my mind. Thank you Linda for sharing this this just makes me stand even more against vaccinations. Keep writing and keep informing. All the best and thanks for your bravery.

I'm afraid I'll be made to vaccinate too. I did get 2-3 shots as a child and one as an teen but can't prove it. Married an American so I have a list of like 15 shots I am going to need to get and some of those I don't need, but I know I'm going to be made to get them if I want to be with my wife.

I don't expect them to test me to see what I do have and what I don't. If they did test me I doubt I'd get any vaccines at all, haha, they'd probably ask to make use of the bugs I've gathered over the years.

I'm from the third world and have better health than most people I come in contact with. I also work from home which greatly limits the spread of whatever I may have that others don't. None of that matters, of course.

I am a grown up so I doubt that the shots can actually harm me, but now I'm wondering whether the shots can harm people around me that are not as used to fighting stuff by themselves as I am. Like I only go to the doctor if I see blood where I'm not supposed to see it, haha, but the people around me get a slight headache and drink 4 pills. Without any pains they are consuming pills daily...

To make matters worse if something were to happen to me I'd have to deal with it in America, where an ambulance ride can cost $1500. Like I don't think I've spent $1000 in hospital bills and meds since I was born, I don't think I've spent $500 in insurance...

I get sick in a third world country and I know I can get at least some guidance at no cost, some blood testing for free, something. Sadly I have to fear for my health in the last place I should have to.

Are you sure that you need to get the vaccines to immigrate?
So many times they outright lie and tell someone that they need vaccines.
They won't inform you of the exemptions.
But once you tell them that you know there are exemptions and want to sign an exemption form, they will reluctantly pull out the form and give it to you.

Schools here tell parents that all the time,
but there is no law here that requires children to be vaccinated to go to school.
They are just hoping that you are ignorant enough to go along with it.

So please, please ask and ask and ask about whether these vaccines are truly required or not.
You should be able to pay for your own blood work at the very least, to show what you are already immune to certain things and skip those shots.

And yes, an adult can become VERY unhealthy after vaccines, especially if you get a lot of them close together.

I just did the research for you @coincentrado ...
and there IS AN EXEMPTION that you can claim so that your vaccinations won't be required to immigrate to the USA.
See this link:

An applicant seeking an immigrant visa at a U.S. Consulate or an applicant seeking adjustment of status in the United States who is found inadmissible for not being vaccinated may be eligible for the following waivers:

The requirement of such a vaccination would be contrary to the applicant’s religious beliefs or moral convictions.

P.S. Below is an article/video to watch that lays out some religious or moral reasons to decline vaccination:

Thanks for coming here and commenting!
It is sure frustrating for people in the medical field to have to get vaccine after vaccine, for the same thing, over and over again. I am glad that you are out of that type of work now.

Try to avoid vaccines.... you might not have to.... we got to change USA laws....
We got to make more videos and share this with people
People should not be forced to get vaccines.... let it be a choice....
Because vaccines are bad....

I'm glad you was fortunate enough to have the actual measles, mumps and rubella as a child and could protect your own babies when they were most vulnerable.
It's shocking that this was predicted and yet they went ahead with the MMR vainations, makes me wonder if it was a failure, or if it planned to fail.
I worked at a pharmaceutical company for a short time, I was only servicing the machine that made the pills, and changing the dies for new batches, anyway at the Xmas party one of the guys working up in the lab where they invented all the new drugs got a bit drunk and let it slip to me that he never, and I should never even take a headache tablet as it was all designed to hurt and not help us.
Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us, I can really tell you put a lot of work into each of your posts.


Thank you for this important information. The problems associated with vaccinations need to be better understood and your articles provide a good resource.

I'm glad that find these articles useful.
Have a great day!

Incredible article! I've always doubted herd immunity altogether, just never made much sense to me and of course after doing research I had some serious AHA moments. I wasn't cray cray after all. I made this little meme back in the day...

Fortunately all my kids are old enough not to have to worry about this issue. I was not educated about this issue when they were young and vaccinated them all. There is a 9 year age gap between my oldest and youngest and I noticed how many more vaccines were recommended. I didn't get any of the extra vaccines for any of my kids, except the chicken pox vaccine for my daughter. The sister suggested I get my daughter the Guardasil vaccine and thank goodness I didn't, seeing all the negative publicity about it.

On a side note, the sister used to tell me how much more virulent measles had become, and attributed it to the high HIV/AIDS rate in our country. Have you come across this in any of your research.

I'm so thankful my daughter is not planning on becoming a parent any time soon. This issue would certainly give me sleepless nights!

I just now tried to do a bit of research on the more virulent strain of measles that you are talking about, and can't come up with much information. If I see some research or ideas on this, I may do a future post about it. I know that people vaccinated with the MMR can get atypical measles, which is a worse form of measles.
I'm glad you avoided the HIV vaccine as that is definitely one of the most horrendous.

Thanks so much for your comment!

What??? They have a vaccine for HIV?

Do they have a vaccine for stupidity?

woops... No, I meant to type out HPV vaccine.
That was a typo.

This could cause us big problems within vulnerable groups in the future. As anti-vaxxers we will almost certainly be blamed for it and in turn vaccines pushed more aggresively to 'fix' the problem :(

Yes. It's frustrating that they push more of the same thing that caused the problem to begin with!
Isn't that the definition of insanity?

Very interesting article. I already knew this but it was good to re-read about it. It's also good to see many people are concern by the subject.

Thanks my friend!
Yes, it is good to see all the great comments.

Vaccination is bringing out such strong emotions that not all commenters even read the post and jump to comment, going a bit off-topic and skipping everything on the post, something skipping the whole subject.

Exactly! It is clear to see for anyone who actually read what I wrote.

The people commenting negatively, are not addressing ANY of the issues that I actually brought up in my article. I guess when I give scientific evidence, it is too much work to make a good rebuttal, and changing the subject or even name-calling is easier.
A couple of people are commenting how vaccines don't injure anybody,
but I never said anything in this article about vaccine injury.

Thanks for your comment!


In the years before measles vaccination, you almost never saw a baby under the age of one year old contracting measles. The mothers natural immunity protected her baby. It protected the MOST vulnerable. This was true Herd Immunity.

I have seen this play out time and again in our community and it boggles my mind. Thankfully, we have research coming out like Dr. Suzanne's showing us what we are doing to our babies.

It makes me sick to think of what is being done to humanity on a massive scale here. A giant, ill-advised, and likely malicious snake oil science experiment.

Yup. It is scary to think of how much they have manipulated everything with no regard to the long-term consequences.

@Canadian-Coconut... So many excellent details that explain so many things and then read way down below in the comments, that You were also able to give guidance for people immigrating into the USA...

Well done Linda !!

ReSTEEMed... Thank You 4 sharing !!

Thanks @sacred-agent !
I'm very glad that you liked this.
And I'm really glad that I may have been able to help that gentleman not have to get a ton of vaccines.

Hello, my name is Urma.

I currently take care of a young adult who was vaccine injured with Autism after receiving the Varicella vaccine. Today he has improved considerably, however, it is clear that the Autism is still preventing him from leading a normal life.

Please if you care about your child's health, don't get vaccinated

Many people have figured this out in one way or another usually in different subtle ways. I have seen far too much regarding vaccines and I always get attacked when I speak out but the cognitive dissonance attacks and silences me in fear of admitting they shouldn't trust their government. The amount of patterns and evidence I have gone through is mindblowing. I suggest that once you have figured this out you don't stop there, but keep going because it is important to know who we should and shouldn't trust. I can guarantee anyone if they are open to receive the information, I will do my part and provide as much as I can recover from my own research on a personal level. I assure anyone that these things are mostly not by accident, the medical mafias have been around for hundreds of years and are restlessly working on making people more and more dependent on their products. These people are without a doubt deliberately waging war on the people, I can't say or explain why and neither can anyone with a healthy mind or empathic heart explain how it is possible for such evil to exist and be in positions of power that are seemingly placed there by we the people. This idea that they are put there by us is not true, there is a massive infiltration by different orders that can all be linked back to the same people who have divided us through religion and even language. I think it might be better to not get caught up in the details unless it is requested of me, so I will be relevant. The things we should trust lie greatly in nature and those who have learned to live in harmony with it such as native tribes around the world. They all have something to teach us, and many of them were able to live in harmony without the need of money, religion, and laws/government. I think a very good reference is Michael Tellinger who is building a philosophy called Ubuntu Contributionism. The people we should trust are those who have transcended the tools of domination which are Religion, Money, and Laws/Government. People who aren't interested in making money off of you or imposing their beliefs onto you. A doctor who tells you that you have Thyroid cancer after diagnosing you -while he makes a very nice sum of commission money by selling things related to Thyroid cancer- should naturally be questioned especially if you don't know this doctor and you don't know if he loves you enough to not deceive you. The example I used can even applied to the commissions doctors gain from prescription medications. Similarly, in many cases nurses were told that they had a quota to meet to gain a bonu$. I don't remember the exact numbers but if for example a nurse did not meet the quota of 40 vaccines in a week, they would not receive the bonu$. This gave nurses an incentive to inject MULTIPLE SHOTS on the same visit which is outrageous and unnecessary and a lot more risky and harmful and painful to the baby. Incentive$ are what drives the world, it drives all sorts of criminals even those who wear suits and ties it is driving the human race to misery. Look at how much food is thrown away while millions are dying of hunger, all because nobody paid for that food so it got thrown away by policy. The point I am wanting to make here is that we need to begin to observe things in life as if there was no incentive to the things we do, then we can begin to question why we do them. If a doctor had no incentive to save lives but he did it out of the pleasure of compassion from of doing so, would you trust him? If he saved lives only because it will buy him some of the greatest luxuries offered to society would you trust him? This is what it means to transcend and see beyond the tools of domination. And when one has done this for many years, you will begin to realize everything that is wrong with our system. If you figure out just enough you will realize most of it is not by accident and we are in big trouble, war is being waged on us. That is a reality many people will not accept because of fear of being responsible to fight back against it, but I assure anyone this is the truth and I can provide information for this. I won't say this however without providing solutions and letting you all know that you DO have power and you really CAN do something about it and help fix our situation even by doing things that may seem petty.

  1. Grow your own food and if you can, grow some that you can give or sell to your neighbors, ensuring to remain loyal to nature and being organic. You can learn permaculture techniques that will require 1 hour of your day in a family of four to have all the food you need year round by reading "The One Straw Revolution" by Masanobu Fukuoka. Or simply do a youtube search on Masanobu Fukuoka.

  2. Learn to identify medicinal herbs, foods, plants, have faith that nature will provide cures for every sickness it creates.

  3. Research superfoods and nutrient rich foods. Remember that probiotics is the best way to raise children. I am witness to cases of people who have never once in their life been sick and they were raised on Goat Milk. Raw Cow Milk can be very beneficial as well especially yogurt which is a good dose of protein and probiotics. ALWAYS BREASTFEED WHEN POSSIBLE and Ideally for 2 years or more!

  4. Look into Essential Oils, you'll never need medicine once you have a good kit. I highly recommend Clove essential oil and Cinnamon essential oil and may you never be without Oregano essential oil. I have been using Oregano oil for more than 6 years and I am virtually immune, even have gone through many epidemics and being around sick people. The only time I got sick, the symptoms were almost not perceivable and I was able to go on about my daily life, and once with a fever the symptoms were once again so reduced I couldn't even complain.

  5. Learn Nonviolent communication. You will begin to see the many flaws in our language that have turned us all violent in different ways and have allowed us to be manipulated into wars and more violence.

  6. Let your kids play in the soil, with nature. The sole of our feet absorbs minerals and vitamins which can be found in soil, in fact when you have oregano oil you can apply it to your sole for better absorption and to avoid the spicy taste in your mouth if you aren't comfortable taking it orally. Remember that our skin absorbs things and bacteria is good as long as you can afford to help boost your kids immune system (in other words its ok to let them get sick if you can afford to look after them all day and night). Of course this does not go without saying that parents must be wise and also be familiar and responsible with the environment they are playing in.

This should suffice for now for those who are daring enough to go vaccine-free, if anyone has further questions please feel free to ask me :)

We got to be patient and CONTINUE MORE AND MORE as we continue to share this in creative ways in videos, posts, social networks, websites..... Info Wars, Drudge, Zero Hedge, Milo, Tomi, Fox, Stefan Molyneux, Mike Cernovich, Steven Crowder, etc..... and make our own networks.... and it is good when we share this stuff on Steemit too... thanks for sharing, everybody

Thank-you for your well-thought out comment!
The rabbit hole does go deep!

Yes, the rabbit hole does go deep! @canadian-coconut, thanks for coming up with such a well researched and thorough blog post that sparked off such a discussion! :)

Thanks for all the sound advice @gamagoro. :) Truly appreciate it!

Never trusted vaccines. I have heard about too many deaths and illnesses associated with them. Dr Tenpenny has spoken out about this countless times. Great read. Thanks for sharing. - Troy

Great article @canadian-coconut Lovin' it! A little known fact is that letting your kid ride measles can actually protect them from measles later in life.

It's all to do with allowing a fever to 'spring clean' and 'reboot' the system IMHO. Check out my post 'The Cruel Homeopath... Why I want you to get a fever'

Excellent post, as always - vaccines are, for the most part, a Big Pharma marketing department strategy.

While medicine is indeed a great thing for humanity, the business side of it is what kills it (pun intended). When greed takes over, forget about saving lives. It's all about profit - consequences be damned.

true... big pharmacy companies are making money and are killing us and stuff

Thankyou! Fantastic fact based article on what is actually happening to the immune system by bypassing the way your body is intended to work. "Vaxxed" is a documentary to watch if this topic interests you.

Thanks. I have watched and written about the VaxXed movie.
It is indeed an excellent, factual documentary.

Ugh.. Its so frustrating reading this.. Not anything I don't know but it still just gets under my skin!!!
Thank you for another informative post!

agreed... vaccines are so bad.... thanks for the comment here

This is a GREAT post - its so strange to me how so many people look up to the guys in the white coats instead of doing our own research and making their own educated decisions about their children and their own health and well being. 'I guess if the guy in the white coat tells me I should do, I probably should do it' - it should be the opposite, you probably shouldn't. Also, I cannot believe the people who will do something just because the government tells then have to or should. I live in CA and immunizations are mandatory - neither my children nor my 2 beautiful smart grandchildren are immunized. It has been a process, but my oldest grandchild is finally enrolled in public schools on a waiver. She had to miss kindergarten and will be starting in 1st grade (we did not have the waiver in time to start her in kindergarten). Even with a waiver, the school tried to tell us they man not allow her in???? But ultimately, she is approved in and will be starting in August. I love the idea of the Herd Immunity!!! I absolutly am so excited when I see so many parents posting and commenting on this subject - it is so important for the future of our family generations. Take a look at the kids these days - mostly little boys are walking around looking like zombies (not sure why it is affecting the boys more) - between the food, vaccinations, and the quality of the air, our children are suffering. Thank you thank you thank you for this post ! I love you my Steemit Friends - SUNSHINE247

Thank you Canadian-coconut for the upvote - look at all of this hotness going on on in this post :) This is definately an issue for much debate :) I for sure am not a debater but am opinionated when necessary. Thank you so much again - Have a GREAT night my Steemit Friend - SUNSHINE247

@sunshine247, agreed... thanks for not hurting your children and grand children with vaccines and everything...... my mom taught me and my siblings at home...... and my mom started learning about this stuff too... my mom is a nutritionist... she was always reading.... investigating

Your mom is the type of person we need on Steemit :) She sounds amazing!!!!! I bet she can bring some good info and input - I can always use new knowledge in my life - tell mom I said she should step into this world and fun with us :) SUNSHINE247

Sunny, I helped my mom learn email around 1998 and Facebook like 2007 and now I am trying to take her to the third level, Steemit. Also, crypto coins. Eventually, she will come, I am betting. It is like an evolution, a progression.

Keep on working on her - she will come around I am sure :)

You are welcome @sunshine247
Yes, this is a hot topic.
But I am very happy to see that many, many people are aware, and that more and more are willing to seriously investigate it.
I am trying to save lives, especially children's lives, and I won't shut up about it.
Thanks for your kind words.

Great section on passive immunity, people need to understand that vaccines caused the diseases to be more dangerous because they left babies at higher risk by altering the mothers' bodies. Love the article :)

Thank-you. I can tell that you are very knowledgeable on this topic from reading your recent post. We talked about some of the same things.
I appreciate your comment and that you liked my article.

Great post @canadian-coconut! These are articles I really enjoy reading, so glad I found you!

I've always been an all natural guy and try to stay away from anything medicated/unnatural for reason as stated above. Whenever you put something in your body that is not recognized by your cells, it will create something this not natural and now creating an unblanace that needs to be fixed.

Seems like that is happening here. Some medications do need to be taken at points in our lives but we must be vigilant all the time.

Miss Information will always spread due to all of these companies that produce these medicines are businesses, in the game to make money also.

Look forward to your future posts!

Have a great day....from a fellow Canuck! :)

I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it.

The more I read about vaccines the more I distrust them. I have never had a flue vaccine (that I know of) and I seem to get less flue-like symptoms as I get older. I cannot see the risk/reward of having a flue vaccine as something worth taking a chance on. For those who really believe they are at risk, my advice is to at least look at the adjuvant that is used before accepting the vaccine. If it uses mercury or aluminum, I recommend NOT accepting the vaccine. Those metals will do more harm than good. Better to get close to someone who is already sick and catch a small dose of their breath. Then go home and take real good care of yourself so that your body kills the virus before you get sick. Now you have natural immunity! Remember... you normally are exposed to these threats via your respiratory system or mouth. It rarely enters your body directly into your blood stream! Only via injection! That is unnatural.

Great comment. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks to you for posting about such an important topic!

I understand that there are conflicting sides to this issue and health is a very important topic, so it is important to bring these things out into the open and look for the truth. The more I learn about governments and big business, the less I trust them. Corruption is on every continent (some more blatant than others). Sometimes it is right under our noses, yet we refuse to see it due to our idealistic beliefs. Let's look under every stone and uncover the truth.

Wow, I just know this problem
I have no idea that the vaccination program can have a bad effect for children
I hope your post can save a lot of children's lives
This is an excellent post @canadian-coconut

I was in Chiapas, Mexico for a while and met families who were all victims of illegal vaccine testing. They sell it off as charity to the people and tell them they are saving them from a sickness but the truth is that they never officially test vaccines on humans in a controlled environment because no one would sign up to be guinea pigs (especially the pro-vaccination people who should be practicing what they preach). Consequently, Big Pharma has no choice but to disguise themselves as charity and give free vaccines to small communities that are off the communication gird (communities with no internet and far from cities). Sometimes the vaccines are dangerous and yes I have seen not only in Mexico but reports of small communities in the US were also affected this way and the entire community had vaccine injury problems. If I tell people the people behind these operations are evil they wont believe me but its true, we can no longer trust our government and must become independent to defend ourselves and our health. Nature is better anyway and is all we need. Why waste our trusts on these evil people who hoard billions of dollars and do nothing to contribute to true welfare or help society? They aren't interested in helping people or curing diseases, they only care about making money and controlling energy.

Have you heard of the Tuskegee Experiment?

That is awful to hear. I have heard it before but it is good to have your first hand experience. Thanks,

Yes I have heard of the Tuskegee Experiment @kafkanarchy84, I wish everyone who had anything to say about vaccines knew about this experiment as well perhaps we wouldn't all take our trust in government for granted so much. There are plenty of doctors who also have come out and admitted that vaccines will only make things worse, and yet aren't even necessary and are inefficient.

Thank you, once again, for all the hard work of researching and presenting this issue so clearly. I appreciate your efforts.



P.S. I had measles as a child. In those days, the doctor actually came to the house... ;)


@canadian-coconut Now that is a good content with some shocking news for a father of two just like me. Thanks for sharing!

Please do look into it as deeply as you can. The pro-vaccination people are simply parroting what they've been told. They don't seem to think for themselves. Anyone with children have the motivation to learn everything they can. Blind obedience just won't do. @canadian-coconut blog has some of the best information that I've found collected in her blog.

@lifeworship @i-repost My kids are both immunized. Where I live it's one of the first things you need to do before your kids would be accepted into pre-school/nursery. To be honest my older son has a stronger immune than his younger brother who is still in the process of getting all the necessary injections.

You really should vaccinate your kids. @canadian-coconut isn't a health expert and likely hasn't even studied basic biology

^This is an unsubstantiated claim and not an argument. Please add to the quality of the conversation by at least making an argument for your claim substantiated with evidence and reason.

This study was titled not for the faint hearted, because?

A. It demonstrates that making predictions based on antibody and antigen interactions is extremely hard to impossible to do.
B. Because the study focuses on the industrial integrity of antibody and antigen industry, and the standards and calibrations which are compromised by poor quality, the paper put it PBS, as it outlines study after study exemplifying the fail of commercial standard.
C.or blatantly states "To date, it is extremely rare for patterns of immuno-EM studies to be reported, but independent searches in the literature can be very useful to identify studies in which the same antibodies have already been used. Worryingly, it is also extremely unusual for companies to report results of peptide inhibition studies and sadly even rarer for them to report KD/KO data."
D. While the long road between antigen and antibody is a rocky one, more judicious use of specificity controls by commercial companies would be highly desirable for improving the reliability and usefulness of these powerful tools for cell biology and related disciplines. At least for EM some effective methods are now available for establishing quantitative estimates of labeling distributions, and for determining more accurately how much of the labeling is due to the interactions of the antibody with the intended target. Given the commercial importance of the market and the extent to which researchers are dependent on their products, it is now high time for the companies to put more effort in trying to ensure that more of the estimated 350,000 antibodies on the market do what they are claimed to do.

(ding ding ding, it's d all of the above, with the banger being that all those pictures of viruses isolated and presented as viruses don't exist, as just now we can establish some standards over how a piece of gold would look if attached to this peptide, or to this antigen, which is basically in it's infancy, yet we've been told their safe based on theory that hardly had evidence to back it up and mountains of evidence of it's "pitfalls")

Dr. Stefan Lanka, virologist and molecular biologist, is internationally mostly known as an "AIDS dissident" (and maybe "gentechnology dissident") who has been questioning the very existence of "HIV" since 1994

He denies HIV baah. I know you're pretty stupid, but really?

Actually terrain theory denies germ theory, pretty much why you cannot claim that "this is the hiv" virus is because these implications over here

So you're saying you don't believe in germ theory?

I don't take such maters on faith, I don't blindly fall for the appeal to authority of CDC and question everything.

It's a yes or no fam

Do you believe in germ theory?

Wait sorry about that, I misspoke.

He denies the very existence of most viruses. Including Measles.

No, he denies the viruses being observed under electron microscopy, and that is evident by the limitations of electron microscopy and the time when viruses were claimed isolated, with polio being isolated in the early 1900, so no, he doesn't deny the existence of most viruses, he is saying those pictures people present as viruses aren't viruses, and we have no pictures of these viruses, and that link explains why this is. If you look int you you will be hard pressed to disagree with his conclusion, since there is no evidence of such isolation and in turn observation by electron microscopy.

No, the man denies the existence of many viruses

as well as other viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous -- in fact do not exist at all

So for a long time I studied virology, from the end to the beginning, from the beginning to the end, to be absolutely sure that there was no such thing as HIV. And it was easy for me to be sure about this because I realized that the whole group of viruses to which HIV is said to belong, the retroviruses -- as well as other viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous -- in fact do not exist at all.

Uh huh. He denies the existence of many viruses. I said that

Never believed in those vaccines... Thanks for spreading the truth.

Thank you so much for writing this @canadian-coconut!

Lots of love to you

Good post.

I've been wondering if that baby in the news that died of viral meningitis from a suppose it kiss was breastfeed or on formula because the mothers milk should of protected her.

Could of been from one of the shots she got right after being born too.

It just sounds like the news media is took quick to blame a kiss when all new babies get exposed to friends and family holding and kissing them.

Thanks @wakeupnd!
Yes, the baby could have been more vulnerable after her DPT shot specifically, as that one is known to make you more vulnerable to any type of infection.

I wrote about that here:

Kisses are actually the best way for transference of bacteria which is a good thing if the baby's immune system is well off (which can be guaranteed if it is breastfed). The more they are exposed to kisses, the more they will "add to their collection" of healthy gut bacteria which is ultimately what will protect them when they have stopped breastfeeding and are beginning to develop. I am not surprised to see fear propaganda making people afraid of having their babies kissed, its sad to think people are easily programmed to believe everything the propaganda machine says.

My wife had viral meningitis from the flu shot so I'm highly skeptical when normal human behavior is blamed for transferring this type of disease.

I really enjoyed reading your article! I won't lie, the conspiracy guy in me wonders if they knew all along and the goal isn't to have mass outbreaks of disease to cull the population. I know it sounds crazy, but at one time so did the idea that the government would feed radioactive stuff to kids in oatmeal! I still believe that hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap cause natural selection to develop germ resistant strains. Thank you for writing such well researched material that helps people be more aware of what is really going on in the world, there need to be more of this!!

I am glad that you found the article well researched and enjoyed it.
I know that there could well have been more sinister beginnings to the vaccination program,
but I can't prove that so I focus on facts that we do know.
There were certainly many scientists and doctors who had their doubts about certain aspects of the vaccinations programs right from the beginning. But they were basically ignored and the program barreled on ahead with little regard for the possible consequences.

And continues to to this day with ridicule for anyone that disagrees, or raises concerns. I always remember Bill Gates talking about how if they did a good job with vaccines they could lower the global population...How exactly?

It wasn't doubt, it was criminal.

People were more reasoned back in the day so numerous people went

"hey this seems like it's not working, because outbreaks, not just single cases, still happen among those populations vaccinated and the incidence of vaccine induced illness being under reported by a factor of 15 to one when the disease would happen directly or soon after vaccination to minimize the blatant increase in cases after vaccinations/inoculation for that population"

This ties into terrain theory vs germ theory. Clearly the PTB saw the potential of germ theory. Meanwhile terrain theory is exactly what accounts for better living conditions and sources of food and water with a massive decline in mortality and morbidity and especially incidence or outbreaks for diseases.

Sounds like a good business model. Patients for life.

I love your post, how so true it is @canadian-coconut

The healthy life of an intelligent child will lead to an increasingly advanced generation, I judge all elements to think about putting the right care for the future of our to children better, ok my friends see the post @canadian-coconut ,post very important for we .Ok thank you for sharing

Great post, I want to start posting vax truth soon but I have compiled so much info I get overwhelmed on where to begin! Following :)

Yes, it can be overwhelming that's true. I usually put a lot of time and energy into a post like this.
Welcome to Steemit and I have now followed you too.

Upvoted, followed, and resteemed!

This is important information. Immunity doesn't come from the barrel of a syringe.

Great info! Thank you!

This is such a hard topic to get anyone to even listen to the evidence look at the data on. If you look at the historic mortality rate, you'll find that the United States was able to do better before the vaccine was created then the world currently does with 75% of it's population vaccinated. It's a total scam, the math proves it

Very good article. It's crazy how things are exactly the opposite of what they claim. Not just with this but anything these fascist globalist corporatists are organizing.
France just made child vaccinations mandatory.

There is not a single thing that France is doing correctly these days. Nothing in the world will help them if they should try to vaccinate my children.

More great work. Thank you for the post.