Silver Ions Kill Harmful Bacteria! (scientific studies included!)

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Around four or five years ago is the first time I heard about "colloidal silver." The idea intrigued me enough to entertain the idea and buy some off ETSY to try. I never got serious about the substance since the information seemed to be all over the place. Some call it ignorance and others call it planned opposition. I won't get into that here but instead what I learned over these last five years or so.

Most recently I ran into @creatr, a follower, surfer, and fellow Steemian. As I reached the end of the first post I read by him I noticed him promoting an "ionic silver" generator for home use. This interaction was after a year of giving up my research due to lack of consistency, but I wanted to hear his point of view. After a nice long chat with him on Discord, I now know what the scientific studies say and what is just empty claims.

What Is Ionic Silver?

Ionic silver is a molecule or atom of silver that is missing an electron. The silver loses this electron in a process called ionization. This process is done for us with electronic devices like the one promoted by @creatr. When the electricity flows off the one rod silver molecules get kicked off the .999 pure silver rod. It is during this process that the particles lose electrons and become a colloid.

A colloid is nothing more than particles suspended in a liquid. Milk is a colloid and so is ionic silver water.

When silver comes in contact with fluids, it tends to ionize which increases the nanoparticles bactericidal activity. Infogalactic Citation 47

Research Fatigue...

A big reason why I dropped my research was due to the debate over "ionic silver" and "true colloidal silver." For whatever reason, I was unable to find any clear answer as to why one is better than another. The TCS promotors said we need to add this and that to the water after using the ionic generator. The ionic silver promotors claimed this was unnecessary and creates the risk of turning blue from argyrosis.

Argyria or argyrosis is a condition caused by inappropriate exposure to chemical compounds of the element silver, or to silver dust. The most dramatic symptom of argyria is that the skin turns blue or bluish-grey. - Infogalactic

Both sides of the silver debate made sure to note that this can only happen from ingesting silver solutions created with non-distilled water or by adding too much stuff. My issue was how much was too much? There was no science telling me what the ration of this to that was needed. Just a bunch of random people on the internet and I had no desire to turn blue from their misjudgments.


Ions, Not Particles, Kill Bacteria!

It is all thanks to @creatr that I came across so many scientific studies testing silver particles and silver ions. The research he shared was one out of Rice University in Texas, USA. There they checked silver particles of various sizes as well as silver ions against bacteria. The results go against what all the TCS promoters are saying and started me off on my ionic silver study.

“We found the particles, even up to a concentration of 195 parts per million, were still not toxic to bacteria, but for the ionic silver, a concentration of about 15 parts per billion would kill all the bacteria present. - Zong-ming Xiu

Study abstract here

Sounds pretty clear to me that we want silver ions and not silver particles if our goal is to kill bacteria. This information got me all fired up again about creating my silver ions in a safe and controlled way. I am not saying that TCS does not work because I believe it does but only because it contains some silver ions. Since this is the case, we might as well skip the extra steps and stick to making ionic silver.

Silver Engines

So I got the link to the device that @creatr promoted on his blog and started to dig around. Their product claims to create ionic silver when appropriately used and even has a built-in parts per million (PPM) detector. So I bought a device with STEEM and waited for it to arrive at my home in Pennsylvania.

It was one of those packages that could not get here fast enough. I was very excited to start using the homemade ionic silver. The package arrived in just three days from the evening I sent @creatr the STEEM, and I made my first batch right then and there.

The Silver Engine's device is well made, light, and easy to store. Many of the ionic silver generators out there are too large and bulky making them a hassle to travel with. The Silver Engine's device is super low power as well. It can run off our home electricity, batteries, or ever a low power solar panel. In fact, the power usage is so small that the USB power brick that came with the device cannot ever charge my Bluetooth speaker!

I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of this machine, and it's easy to use. All we need to do is set the device on top of a mason jar full of distilled water and plug it in. After the Silver Engines Proton checks the water, it will flash blue until the desired PPM of silver ions is achieved.


I have battled athletes foot and toenail fungus for years. I heard people have used ionic silver as a safe alternative to traditional medical treatments, so I am giving it a shot. It may take a few months, but I am seeing positive signs that the ionic silver is doing something.

I'll make an update post at the end with some photos to show the difference long term. My regimen is two-fold, the first is to soak cotton balls in the ionic silver water, put them in a finger cot, then place them on the infected toes overnight. This has proven difficult to keep them in the right position as I sleep but it's still better than nothing.

The second fold is to ingest a small amount of the ionic silver daily to help fight the fungal infection from the inside. There is a safe range that I see touted online based on the weight of an individual. For me, at 165lbs (74.8kg) it is 3 teaspoons per day. This comes from, and their daily calculation is:

12 * [weight in lbs] / [ionic silver PPM] = # of drops per day

Thanks For Reading!

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Wow great. I will follow you @jrswab and I did full vote for you.

Amazing! Really informative post and I've always been curious AND confused about this whole subject too... Thanks for doing the work and providing us with some solid information here!

I think I need to try this too... do you have any idea if it would work with any and all bacteria? (Pretty sure I have a parasite right now :P)

Thanks again brother and I look forward to hearing of your results.

With love
Hart Floe


Hi, @hartfloe,

I hope you don't mind my "chiming in" here.

Silver ions are very broad spectrum. They have been effective (and I have direct knowledge of this via our own customer base) against the MRSA infections that, sadly, hospitals are treating with liver-destroying chemical antibiotics.

Silver is reputed to be effective against single-cell parasites, but I don't think it has a direct effect on more complex organisms.

Please do investigate our website, perhaps especially the "Science" page and some of the MRSA testimonials. I appreciate your interest.


Hey, @jrswab,

Thank you very much for letting me know you'd posted this article.

I really appreciate your shout-out for me and our flagship product. ;)

Over the years, I've discovered that the most effective "advertising" is not advertising at all. It's just the word of mouth of happy customers. I really look forward to hearing how your foot situation progresses.

Kindest regards,




P.S. Re-Steemed, of course! :D


The silver actually inhibits RNA synthesis, so theoretically if the silver can bind to the RNA polymerase it should be able to kill it.


Thank you for all your help and the valuable information you lead me to. It helped me find truth in the landscape. Also, thanks for the resteem!


You are more than welcome! Thank you for passing the word along... ;)

Good post. Keep us posted on the athlete's foot - I would be interested in silver to combat that.


will do!

Good luck with the feet! I've never gotten into it myself, but I know a lot of people who swear by colloidal silver. It makes sense that the silver ion is required to be active--elemental silver is quite unreactive. There's a reason it's called one of the "noble metals".

If you haven't heard of the podcast, I recommend checking out Beyond Wellness Radio. It's two doctors chatting about a specific health subject every podcast, and they are constantly going over the importance of diet and hormones. I would wonder if your athlete's foot has something to do with those two things.

your post really important.i have no idea of science matter. so,i am want to learning this valuable matter.i read your post attentively.i am knowing of science matter.thank you for your good post sharing.@jrswab

@jrswab you may actually find it better if prior to applying the silver to the nail that you should roughen the nail by filing it. That will allow for better penetration into the nail and more likely to kill of the bacteria/fungus.


Awe yes, I did read about that! I wonder how much filing will do the trick.


I recommend it to all my patients, the nail has a natural protective barrier so you need to roughen it up to allow the silver to penetrate into the nail, otherwise if you dont its not very effective.


Thank you so much! It's great to have a doctor's perspective.

Good research. I read you try for a long time to get this info. mmmm but for fungus I have a recommendation, made a mix with baking soda and vinager and put on it for all night. you have to be consistent in the treatment. Wish you luck!


I have heard of that! If this does not work I'll try that next.

I've dabbled in Colloidal Silver but never thought to buy a generator. I've used this product colloidalSilver.jpg
What do you think of using something like this before investing in a generator? Or, is the quality of the product produced by the generator better?


I'm not sure of how that company makes their silver solution. At the very least it is cheaper to make it ourselves.

Good post sir 🙏I'm from Aceh - Indonesia

I contemplated buying a Colloidal Silver-making machine once, because to buy off-the-shelf CS isn't cheap.

I don't think I've ever heard of the two separate types you mentioned, so that is intriguing. :)


Yeah, the more I dug in, the more these two sides of the spectrum stood out. I am glad I was lead to science based information.

This is quite informative. I never knew ions kill bacteria. My chemistry teacher bothered our ears with ions,, anions, electrodes, which one is gaining electrons, and which is losing( stuff like that). I guess i wasnt attentive if he applied it to day life. Thanks for sharing. Voted you also as my witness. Thanks for the good work

First of all thanks for sharing this informative post, i was unaware of it, means i never known that ions kill bacteria, and also you shared and explained the ionisation process pretty well. Keepup the great work. 🙂

Stay Blessed.


Thank you!


Welcome. 🙂

Upvoted and resteemed!


Thank you so much!