Freewrite Favorites Vol. 2! The Freewrites That Caught Our Eye This Week!

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Welcome to another week of @freewritehouse Freewrite Favorites! People have joined us at the Isle of Write and left suggestions for their favorite freewrite of the week. You can find us using the link at the end of this post in discord. We're in "Freewrite-Retreat" or if you'd rather, you may nominate a freewrite in the comments of this post!

What makes a "Favorite"? Well, it's a variety of things. It might be the fact that you used a prompt in a unique way, or because you told an intriguing story or something that pulled at our heartstrings or even made us laugh. It might be that you have a beautiful photo along with a fabulous story. Maybe just because, for whatever reason your story sticks in our mind long after we've closed the tab on the computer.

Whatever the reason, here are the posts that caught our attention this week. Nominate your favorites throughout the week by leaving the link in the comments! Not your own freewrites

Click on the photos to read the blog posts

Remember if a post is older than 6 days, try to find something more recent to upvote so they can get the rewards. Thank you so much for your support!






I'm really not sure how I feel after reading this. It is amazingly sexy, poetic, beautiful and yet... it stinks. In the best way :) Definitely a MUST READ!



This one, of course had to be included in today's list because okay, first of all, I can relate to the usage of the prompt "FART" in this freewrite and Two, I'm in awe, because this unique usage of it didn't occur to me first! :)





Absolutely riveting and a bit heart breaking. This short story really delves deep in a short time!



This weekend freewrite seems to have brought out some people's sexy side! ;)



A Very sexy short story Reader Discretion Advised



Nathanwise is kicking it with these last two pieces!



Comment with Your Favorites!

Please feel free to leave a link to a Favorite Freewrite Post (that isn’t your own!) this week in the comment section here so we can check them out! I know I miss a lot of freewrites through the week and I'd love to hear about your favorites! ~ @byn


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Cats have good eyes, we hear 😉

You heard correctly, but then again, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. : )

I need to nominate a post today, because I probably won't get to my computer tomorrow. I narrowed it down to four w/o tooooo much difficulty, but now I need to narrow it down to one. Hmmmm. I will go with this one But there were at least three more that reached out and grabbed me, too!

Please feel free to nominate as many as you like. I'm happy to go read and choose the ones that work best for the week! :)

I will bear that in mind for the future!! As I anticipated, I did not get back to the computer at all yesterday. It was my day with my granddaughter, which outranks even Steemit. Hee hee!

Can check this out. It was her 1st time doing weekend freewrite and I thought she combined the 3 parts well.. the flow of the story until the end.


Thank you for sharing this freewrite with us!! We especially love it when newcomers are noticed!!

Thank you @freewritehouse for featuring mine. ;) Okay i will try to pick my favourite.

Please!! We are looking forward to your picks.

Looks like I have some stories to read this weekend. 😸

For sure!!! Start reading!!!

Wow, great selection. I read almost all of them. Thank you for putting my sexy one out there :-) Now to read the ones I missed. Congrats to all.

You are welcome :)

Thank you for including my piece! These are all so good!

This may sound like a silly question, but when you say "this week", do you mean today through next Wednesday? Or is the week already nearly over? I'm not sure how far back I should be looking to try to pick out my favorite, or how quickly I need to get on with it. Thank you in advance for clarification!

So, this will be a twofold answer.
Yes, from today to next Wednesday so the post still have a chance to get voted on.

And also yes if you find an older freewrite you love - because eventually, we will do a post with older freewrites who didn't get much love and we figure out a way for the author to get some rewards.

Hope that helps :)

Thank you!

You are very welcome!