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Tanner Abel was said to be a bully according to some students. I'm not really sure. But some of the students said they were going to keep an eye on him in order to protect me as a Freshman in high school. Maybe, he was a great guy.
Page 018

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 18 Tanner Abel Bully.png

Rick Flores was a teacher aid in my 6th block P.E. class.
Page 021

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 21 Freshman PE Class Aid Rick Flores.png

Becoming Seniors

Elizabeth (Liz) Warren was a good church friend. Her father was my Sunday School teacher & AWANA leader during the 1990's in Oregon. We were also in church Christmas play around 1995.
Page 023A

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 23 Liz Warren CROPPED FULL.png

Mazie Hoeft was a church friend. We went to her Hillside Bible Church when we attended Word Of Life Olympians, which was a Tuesday after-school children Bible club at that church. An old lady would make delicious peanut butter cookies & beyond that, a truly favorite, oatmeal cookies.
Page 023B

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 23 Liz Warren Mazie Hoeft.png

My older sister's friend, our neighborhood neighbor, was Kathy Scheck. Her sister was Katrina. We grew up in what some called the Ghetto, the Rose Grove Mobile Home Trailer Park.
Page 028

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 28 Neighbor Katrina Scheck.png

Liz Warren was a Senior that year.
Page 031

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 31 Elizabeth Liz Warren Senior.png

April Brazington, or her sister, might have said that Tanner was a bully. So, they might have also said that they were going protect me from Tanner. My dad worked for their dad, Corky. I helped a few times. We had Thanksgiving at their house at least one time. We went to borrow a smaller Nintendo system from them & had it at their house for like years. We probably never returned it to them. Eric Castro would say hello to me. He might have been like a prep. So, not sure if he thought I was cool or if he was just teasing me or what. But it was fun to say hello to him in the hallways between classes.

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 34 Eric Castro & April Brazington.png

Amy Garfield or Misty Garner & her brother rode my bus, number 23. Oh, I think Amy rode my bus. Misty was another person that I also knew as well.
Page 036

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 36 Amy Garfield Misty Garner.png

Katie Koelbl was a good church friend when we attended the Word Of Life youth group at the Hillsboro Community Baptist Church (HCBC).
Page 038

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 38 Katie Koelbl.png

Julio McDaniel played basketball. He might have been one of them that would say that I had a lot of air time, great hops. I was called Joe Cool.
Page 039

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 39 Julio McDaniel.png

Dan Anderson & Matt Oakes were leaders in our youth group at the Cornelius Community Baptist Church and Hillsboro's First Baptist Church around 1997 to like 2002. Chelsea Brist, Megan Asuncion, where amazing.
Page 044

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 44 Dan Anderson, Chelsea Brist, Megan Asuncion.png

Ryan Burke was in my Graphic Design class. Megan Draper. Christina Drinkwater.
Page 045

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 45 Ryan Burke, Megan Draper, Christina Drinkwater.png

Ben Elkind & his family were our friends at church. When my younger sister was born, as siblings, we stayed at their house. Big dogs. Three stories. The biggest house I've ever been to besides that of Sharon Hundley's. Sean Duyck.
Page 046

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 46 Ben Elkind, Sean Duyck.png

Mychal Lucero was encouraging, as was Joshua Hundley who helped me in Basic Drafting which taught me about art & architecture & some computer coding.
Page 047

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 47 Mychal Lucero, Joshua Hundley.png

Jeremy McDaniel, Aaron Murphy, Melissa Mulick were interesting. Megan Miller was a friend of Matt Oakes.
Page 048

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 48 Jeremy McDaniel, Aaron Murphy, Melissa Mulick, Megan Miller.png

Chelsey Reichard, Tanner Norbury. Matt Oakes & his family came to Oregon from Texas. They were an amazing family at our home church, Cornelius Community Baptist Church.
Page 049

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 49 Matt Oakes, Chelsey Reichard, Tanner Norbury.png

Tiffany Tindle, Richard Todd, Miguel Santiago, Valeska Sanders
Page 050

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 50 Tiffany Tindle, Richard Todd, Miguel Santiago, Valeska Sanders.png

Josh Vanderzanden attended our HCBC church. Chris Valencia was cool
Page 051

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 51 Josh Vanderzanden, Chris Valencia.png

High School 2000-2001 Part B

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Chrystal Castle was interesting. She might have been in my speech class. I had a crush on Savannah Montoya and she flirted with me, or I thought she did. She was probably just being funny, friendly. She probably moved away to California according to her brother, Joel, who was my friend as well.

2000-2001 FGHS Yearbook Page 52 NOT PICTURED Savannah Montoya, Chrystal Castle.png

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