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They're buying things they already have. But they're not crowding around the book stores. Mark Dice actually had a blow horn when he was making this video. It's very interesting to see consumerism morph into something like a zombies world. Rome wasn't built in a day. Mental illness wasn't built in a day, either. But who built it would be the next question. You may want to have some sympathy for basement dwellers, but maybe not too much sympathy. Happy Thanksgiving 2018. What are you thankful for? Would you know if you were a zombie?

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2018-11-23 - Friday - 01:03 PM Woof - Black Friday Zombies
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Black Friday is just a scummy way to get people to spend money by tricking them into thinking they're saving money.

So, were you out and about today? I was at Costco with family today around Warrenton, OR, USA. It was interesting to see the people and the sales. I almost bought ten pounds of Quaker Oats.

Often people's reactions are uncomprehensible.
Our own garden may provide more good stuff.
Thank you for your article.

Do you have a garden? That's always a good question to ask people. Are you a gardener? Are you a builder, farmer, craftsman, or something like that? These types of people are fundamental, historically, for strengthening local communities against monopolies, oligarchies, tyrannies, technocracy, etc. We do better as we promote those types of things. I have a garden. I'm better for it.

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