Help #GrowTheFreewriteHouse and WIN a delegation of 500SP for a MONTH - time to write your post!

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Help #GrowTheFreewriteHouse and…

Win a delegation of 500SP for a month!

As part of the #GrowTheFreewriteHouse campaign we want to help you help us. (me) is going to delegate 500sp to one person who demonstrates (to his satisfaction) that they are doing their utmost to help #GrowTheFreewriteHouse (there will be other prizes for runners up, such as daily upvotes, resteems, tweets, etc)

We want the @FreewriteHouse to be able to help more of you with better contests, and bigger upvotes. To do that we need to grow.

How can we grow?

We want our supporters to buy the @freewritehouse @steembasicincome shares, give delegations to the @freewritehouse, upvote our posts, Resteem our posts, persuade others to support us!

@mariannewest, @improv and others are already encouraging people with spare Steem to donate BIG.

But what about all our supporters who don’t have much SP. Who can’t afford to by 20 SteemBasicIncome share?

Well, we have thought of you too.

One lucky person will WIN a delegation of 500sp for a month.

How do you win it?

Write a post telling us what you have been doing to #GrowTheFreewriteHouse and why.

Include screenshots, links to posts, links to tweets. You may also talk about how you will be continuing to promote the @freewritehouse and help it grow!

Once you have written your post, don’t forget to drop a link in the comments section below!

We’ll upvote, resteem and tweet all valid entries!

A decision will be reached on 20th May 2019 (after the payout of this post) and the delegation of 500sp will be awarded on 21st May lasting until 20th June. Awards for runners up will also be announced on 20th May.

Good luck!

Don’t forget to continue to sprinkle the @freewritehouse with your love to help it grow!

Join us at the Freewrite House for fun and games!!! Weekly drawing for SBI memberships and so much more!!




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Thanks my friend for spreading the love!

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Sprinkling a whole lotta love <33


Sprinkling a wowl lotta love <33

I am a bot. I detect owl related puns.

Thanks for your huge help to #GrowTheFreewriteHouse! : )
I hope that you don't mind me using your image. I asked for permission first but didn't get your reply in time.


Thank you! 😍

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Thank you 😍

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Awesome guys! We can do it with collective influence ❤️

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Yes we can!

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Hi! May I have your permission to use this image so I can write a post about your delegation? PLMK. Thanks.


Of course! Sorry! So many notifications so little time!

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