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Rote learning is when you drill something until it sticks in your head. It is frowned upon in today’s education system, even though it works. Both of my parents were educated in the 1930’s and had a lot of rote learning.

Even as seniors, they could come up with those drills again and never lost the knowledge. Both of them had cute tricks and sign-song ways of showing off their skills.

Due to how many times we moved when I was a kid, and how many schools I went to, I missed a lot of that even though it was still in use in the 1960’s and 70’s when I was in school. Missing drills was to my great detriment, especially in math.

Even though I am an accountant, I am not too good with arithmetic. Calculators and spreadsheets are my best friends for that type of thing. Lucky for me, I am good at both of those skills and can make up for my lack.

Over the years in the workplace, people would be shocked to see me need to pull out the calculator for “easy” math. I just shrugged it off and did my thing. There is more than one way to crack a nut!

One place I did have rote learning was in College Spanish. I had the same teacher for 4 terms and she was huge on drills. I am very good with repetition and do not get bored. I never got too good with the language, but I could do the drills.

Two times later in life I ended up in places where no one spoke English at all. Once in a small town in Spain, and once in Miami Florida. In both places, after about after a week or so, lo and behold, I was speaking Spanish!

I was not exactly fluent either time, but I could understand people and take a minute to remember drills. Then I could answer! I was not perfect by any means, but the people were very forgiving and helped me. As soon as I left each time, I lost my Spanish, but I think it would come back if I ever get into that spot again.

Rote learning for the win, regardless of the bad ideas in today’s schooling :)

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Math was never one of my favorite subjects. Forget rote...a calculator is a much needed tool! 😂

I love algebra and geometry but 14+7+32 goes into the calculator for me :)

The multiplication tables we learned by rote as kids have certainly stood me in good stead over the years…..
and without further preamble I deliver to you the prompt for today:

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Whoa I'm late replying. I wish I was you and knew those tables. Just never got them in any school!

Howdy fitinfun! never heard of "rote" before now. If it worked I wonder what their reasoning for getting rid of it was?Anyway, very interesting freewrite!

Thank you! Anything to dumb down the population is my guess.

yeah you're probably right, I agree with your guess.