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RE: Enter Contests on STEEM and Win!

in #esteem5 years ago

I am currently running a little contest in the lead up to #spud which is the brainchild of @streetstyle.

If you follow the directions, basically power-up any amount of STEEM and copy paste the comment "I've got skin in the game" I will send 0.1 SP to your account. No, upvote, resteem, or follow required!

Yes, this is a small amount, and it is SP so you can't use it for a while. I am trying to encourage powering up and am rewarding it with a small power-up for you :-)

My post can also be found under #skininthegame


Thank you for letting us know here, @steemstreems. This is a great idea and I hope many will take part :)

It's all small here in the beginning. If you do not get the small stuff the big will never come!

I hope so too. Even though it costs me actual STEEM that I will not be able to power-up myself.. I want to get others in the mind frame of powering-up going into #spud !

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