The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆 - STEEM prizes & steem-bounty available! 🎁

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Welcome to this weeks Engagement and Curation leagues, kindly sponsored by the awesome @curie!

This past week I've been wrapped up with @steemmonsters and work at the Bar. Now my excuse is out of the way, let's see how everyone else has been doing....

Would you like to enter the leagues? Make a comment below (this is for a lifetime membership - you will need to ask to be removed)

The league tables are reset each week and so any time is a good time to join!

On your marks, get set, curate!

The Engagement League - Sponsored by @curie

This league is not based around financial rewards and relates to engagement.

Everyone currently on my master list has a chance here - including those powering down or dealing in delegations over the past couple of weeks.

I've used some metrics (which is the fancy way of saying that made up some numbers) relating to:

  • Posts (P)
  • Comments - number of (C)
  • Number of people spoken to (PS)
  • Comments - replies to replies - depth > 2 (C R)
  • Comments - length in characters (C L)
  • Witness votes (W) (for those proxying witness votes, your total is always 30)
  • Up-votes to others (V)
  • Up-votes to different authors (U V)
  • Self-votes - a small minus score for this one, sorry! (S V)

Firstly, if you are placed in the table above then you among the top 25% of the league entrants!

Congratulations to this weeks Engagement League winner, @smithlabs! 🏆

We have a new champion! @smithlabs has reached the summit after many weeks of top 10 finishes, well done!

@janton, busy with yard work, has opted out of prizes at present, but still takes 2nd place - very commendable stuff!

@glenalbrethsen moves down a place to a still superb, 3rd position. And a new name picks up the 3rd place prize money due to @janton declining rewards, well done @anggreklestari!

Excellent engagement levels also from @melinda010100, @veryspider, @chireerocks, @macoolette, @themanwithnoname, @brittandjosie, and @cicisaja who will all be receiving some STEEM this week.

Those without a self-vote (from their main account at least! 😱) and placed in the top ranks will also receive a little STEEM. These people are: @delishtreats, @gillianpearce, @scrawly, @lynncoyle1, @cryptoandcoffee, @nomadicsoul, and @chekohler.

Well done everyone!

The Curation League / Rewards based

Please find the rules in a previous post.

The end column is what I think is a genuine indicator of how well you are financially working the curation game with the tools, including vested Steem Power, that you have at your disposal.

Congratulations @mightypanda!

🎁 Prizes 🎁

The Engagement League

0 votes to self - Spot Prizes

Lucky number 25 in The Engagement League

A @steembasicincome share, courtesy of @fullcoverbetting, goes to @kaerpediem!

Thanks Peter and well done @kaerpediem!


  • If you have spotted any glaring errors in my post, please let me know so I can fix them

  • If you would like to be added or removed from the master list, give me a shout

  • If you have any other comments or suggestions, please enter them into the box below

Thank you everyone, have an awesome day!



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A stunner, congratulations @smithlabs. @janton congrats to you still keeping the candle burning along with @glenalbrethsen. As for myself, I have been going through a comment funk, and well playing maybe a little bit to much steemmonsters, but mostly just a comment funk. At least I managed to hang on the chart, barely. Two places from the bottom, I still hope to get back to commenting soon, just have been in a funk I guess.

It is nice to see almost everyone else still up in the upper thirties.Hard spots to hold, and really take an effort, so to all of you congratulations for keeping people engaged and letting them know you appreciate the work and effort they put out.

Is this a @steemmonsters funk, or is there more too it?

Always more to it than just one thing. Steemmonsters takes a little bit of time away, but really not much. A lot of it I think has to do with the changing philosophy of and the people that control steemit. The only way for a new user to get any traction in steemit is to get very very lucky. Then they need to know how to avoid those that downvote with out a thought as to the consequences of their actions on a new account that may not even be able to say anything back for three days, and just give up on steemit. Right now with the course that steemit is on all I can see is it falling off the deep end.

I know I may get over this outlook, but then again I may not. I learned the other day that people that cast and throw a 1% vote at zero dollar value and still get a curation reward. Some info from steemworld:

Voting CSI 10,532.7 ( 0.00 % self, 7799 upvotes, 2036 accounts, last 7d )
Curation reward - Last 7 Days 16.566

Different account:

Voting CSI 2,051.0 ( 0.00 % self, 2159 upvotes, 1020 accounts, last 7d )
Curation reward - Last 7 Days 4.405

Just a bit of frustration at reality I guess. As far back as I could look (about the last 100 votes on each account), the given vote value was Zero

The RC system is severely broken. It is basically a tax to pay for the cost and upkeep of the system, like any tax it will just keep going up. People see that the RC system is fair and balanced, I do not. Is there a single person over 5000SP that has even come close to seeing their RC percentage down in the 80% range, not likely. If they really want to "charge" people then they need to charge the larger accounts a larger percentage. Call it a communist or socialist attitude if people want to, but name calling is not going to change the facts. The lowest my RC has ever dipped was to 97%. I have never seen where I could not make less than 100 votes, 100 comments, and 100 transactions.

All the talk and post over the last 4 days about the netcoins vote, was in my opinion a total and complete waste of space, and in reality is going to do nothing to help steemit. It did and will help netcoins because now they have another 3000 plus valid email accounts to sell to their "third Party" vendors. (Spam).

So, I am very frustrated at steemit an the steemit environment right now, and this is part of my lack of engagement. I hope I will become less frustrated over the next couple of weeks, and will try to stay engaged and see what comes out of steemfest. Last year at this time with the upcoming steemfest things were much more optimistic, this year for me anyways, not so much.

@bashadow, I'm not sure if I understand correctly. Are you sure those users are not members of a curator team?

The value of the vote they give is worth zero, that means the person they give a vote to recieves zero steem/sbd from them. It does not matter if they are part of a curation team or trail. The point is they take rewards without giving anything to the content creator, and they take part of the other curator's rewards.

Example: you find a post you like, thought it was great and gave it a vote at 60% so they can get a $0.020 payout just above the dust level threshold. If no one else votes you are going to get all the curation reward. Now the above zero value voting person comes along behind you and cast a vote, at zero value. You no longer get all the curation reward, you are now sharing that portion with an individual that gave nothing of value to the payout or the content creator, thus raising the level of curation reward you would have received had they gave a vote with some value to it.

Granted it is likely only $0.001 reward they are taking away from you but that is a $0.001 from a potential of 500 votes in 7 days that you cast, it adds up. I, like everyone else started out with hundreds of those tiny rewards and look at where we are today.

This is still a foggy territory for me, I need to learn more. Do you have any reference where I can look these thing up?

I am not going to give the name of the account I found those under. there are no official references available for steemit. I could be looking at their account all wrong, but I was not going to spend time looking back past 100 entries to see if their vote ever had a value to it. steemworld gives the numbers to the three digits. 100 zero value votes, and a good curation set of rewards, no author rewards on the account. I was not going to check on each and every vote they cast (7799 upvotes), to see if they were all zero value votes.

Hold on, you misunderstood me. I was not asking for the name of those accounts. I was asking if you have a link where I can check how the reward pool is distributed. But never mind. Forget I asked anything. have a good day.

Hey, @bashadow.

re: curation rewards for zero upvote

A trip down the rabbit hole, eh?

Just for the record, steemworld goes out to five decimals now, but you have to set it to that. I have mine set at four. For what it's worth, if you go to settings under the view tab, that's where you can change it. There are times where there is a value beyond the three decimals, but I couldn't tell you if that's happening in this particular instance. If they still have no value out to five, then that's a pretty big bug in my estimation.

re: RCs

I haven't seen a lot of it, mostly in comments, but there does appear to be a bubble around many who are of higher SP. And I'd say that even down into the 3000 SP range doesn't have to worry about it so much, maybe even less. I'm sitting at just over 4000, and I don't often see it drop below 100%.

There's supposed to be some RC changes made this week (version 20.6) that at least a few people think will help out. The fact they changed to 20.5 and even made it possible for low SP to function at all is a step in the right direction. The problem is, it's not the long term solution. There's supposed to be a meeting of the minds going on between the community, the witnesses and Steemit Inc, but if one has started, I've not been able to find any information on it yet, and so far, the couple of times I've asked about it has gone unanswered.

I have bounced back and forth on this issue about RCs. I'm sure I would be more frustrated about it if the limitations were happening to me, but I also believe I would still find it to be fair, in the sense that this all needs to be paid for somehow. Whether the current allocations or payment structure is fair or not, I think it definitely needs to be discussed and a solution arrived at, because there will be no growth without newcomers who don't have a lot to invest. At least not as far as the social side of the platform is concerned.

At the same time, I can't begrudge those who have invested in STEEM (I have, many have). I didn't do it for the RCs—had no idea that would even happen, let alone investing would help against it. I did it because I didn't want to leave dust votes. Funny how that works, isn't it?

I guess I'm kind of at a point now where I don't know what else to do but do what I can. I can't solve all the problems here. I'm not perfect at solving my own. i don't really trust that they will be solved, since i don't have a clear understanding of what the objective is regarding the social site, other than it apparently takes a backseat to blockchain development (which I'm okay with) SMTs (which I'm at best on the fence about but leaning to not so crazy about), and now Ned announces a whole new project based on Communities. So, lots going on, after months of nothing it seems like, and now we're in the consequences of the aftermath. We either go with it, or we don't. Not doing anything here doesn't really help those who are limited, and it doesn't really help us, either. That's basically where I'm at, while fighting off the funk that still wants to linger.

re: netcoins

I voted. I voted four times. I wasn't happy about giving up an email to do it, but it's a public email that I basically clear junk mail out of on a daily basis. I voted because unless netcoins is a total and complete sham, every little bit helps, since we have no marketing plan to speak of other than the youtube charlatans and a lot of negative press. I don't know that I saw it as a desperation move, just a chance for me personally to try to get STEEM more name recognition. I can understand you and everyone else not doing it—I also feel it's a shame that we can't ever seem to agree on what would be worth rallying around. If we can't get on board with smaller things, how in the world are we going to do it on the bigger things.

So, my two cents, for what it's worth. I don't know much about STEEMfests or what's come out of them, but if they're like other gatherings I've been to, there will be plenty of festivities, a lot of talk and morale boosting, and then everyone will go back to their lives and progress on anything there will be slow if not non-existent. Maybe STEEMfest is the exception. We can only hope. :)

Ref netcoins I actually did vote, and used my spam email account to do it with, the one I just do not care about, 90% of the emails are spam anyways, so whats a few more. As to it helping steem price, we just have to wait and see.

About RC's good they are fixing it, It is for me still an issue with the steem policy of/philosophy on the welcome to page. How screwed and sideways are the witnesses on this issue? pretty sideways. A few of them have no clue how much a new users needs SP wise to be a normal everyday user of steemit and the steem blockchain. It does not take much only 50SP and you can make your recommended 10 daily votes, and ten comments, and a couple of post. When I first started on steemit this is what I was told you need to do to get anywhere only they recommended 4 post a day. I do not think I have ever been able to put out four post in one day, let alone I have only managed one post a day for 7 days in a row twice.

I looked at @ned's post, so even though he says he is still going to be ceo of steemit and the new company:

Some have asked, what will happen with Steemit? As this new app launches, which everyone will be invited to join, will continue to operate and serve Steemians.

I do not see steemit as having a very long life.

edit: I checked out to five spaces I did not know about the five decimals, but most of the votes are $0.00023-$0.00032 value, I don't know at what point the votes are rounded for dust, but these will get a person a curation reward. Not going to concern myself with it anymore.

re: Steemit

The app may not, if that's what you mean. It's functional enough, but if they decide not to support it anymore, there's still Busy, Steempeak (which I actually prefer for making posts), and the sugarsteem UI that theuxyeti has been working on for months now. And there's the others I've heard of but yet to use.

re: four posts, what it takes

I've never managed more than three in a day, and I can't say that they were some of my better posts, either. They were timely, I think, but not the kind where I took two or three hours to write and polish. At this stage, I'm lucky to get one a day out because I'm trying to comment as much as I do.

And the reason for that is, before I joined the engagement league, I was ready to give up. This was way back toward the end of March. Things just weren't happening, and I was basically blaming it on STEEM. Then I joined and saw what others were doing and suddenly realized, I wasn't dong hardly anything. The bar was higher than what I thought it was.

So, I agree totally with your assessment. 10 comments or whatever it is a day is not enough for a new user who really wants to get going here. Posts aren't going to make any difference if no one knows you're here, and the only way they know you are (without buying votes) is to go out and comment. And comment more into the 20-30 comments daily range, minimum. I really didn't start seeing progress until I hit the 50-60 comments a day.

That part definitely needs to be shored up. I don't know what the proper ratio would be, but a flat tax (for lack of a better term) would seem to be appropriate. Those of us with more RCs would pay more and those of us with less would pay less. The question is, with so many newcomers and so few Minnows on up in comparison, what's going to be the proper ratio, and just how can roughly 15% of the community help support the other 85%? Especially when Steemit holds the largest stakes in at least three different accounts, if not four, and that's not including ned's own personal account.

And that's the ratio now. If we don't have more stake coming in along with those starting out with nothing, that ratio is going to change very quickly, or else inactivity is going to continue at high rates.

re: netcoins.

Sorry. Didn't mean to imply you didn't if you did. It sounded like you weren't happy with the whole idea. I know I wasn't thrilled with giving them an email, either, but like you, I gave them an email that only use for online signups of some kind.

Go.. keep playing with the monsters this week @bashadow😂😂😂 I need to climb up a bit higher .. LOL.. it's a bit weird I haven't encountered your comments anywhere lately

I have not been commenting much lately, it will be a long time before I make it back into the top ten.

With the monsters tournament too 😉 yes I think it would be a surprise too. Ypu're too busy .. and the winter is coming

Hey, @bashadow.

Thanks for the shout out. Not an effort I'm particularly happy with, but it is what it is, I guess, and so we move onto the next week and see what happens.

I understand about the funk. It's happened to me four or five times, now, if I'm counting right. This last one was aided by my wife's surgery, but it lasted almost six weeks.

I've got more to say about it, but I'll leave it for the reply on the comment where you went into specifics about yours.

I'm glad you made the list regardless. It is, I believe, good to be seen. :)

Congratulations @smithlab, @glenalbrethsen and @anggreklestari! Great engagement everyone!

Thank you for the prize Asher! I didn't expect anything this week..

PS: Congratulation @janton! I know that you don't take the prize but it's amazing that you managed to score the 2nd place even though you're busy with other things..

Mising the delicious charm...i was nt aware ...that in my absence you too miss the league 😜..i was hoping you to see you on top......

Posted using Partiko Android

I might even miss it this week - I will see how I feel.. but I hope to get a little higher than this week.. it actually doesn't matter at all.. I like it and this is the most important :)

Yes higher as in reaching on top of the mountain of Amden 😉 hahaha....

Posted using Partiko Android

I like it when people say they didn't expect to score well, and then surprise themselves :) This means you are enjoying your engagement and not worrying about where you will end up here. Well done to you!

Thank you Asher! Worrying about the league wouldn't be for me :) It would take all the fun away from me :)

Hey, @delishtreats.

Thanks for the shout out here. And congratulations to you on No. 11. Just 231 points and you're in the Top 10! Doesn't get much closer than that. :) For me it's always a question of how much to do since I never seem to be at a point where I'm certain enough is enough. And then, it's a matter of getting to that amount. I can't always find something to comment on, and then people don't always comment back. So, what's an engager to do?

Keep trying, I guess. That's been the case (mostly) so far.

And I agree with you about janton. He does an amazing amount, even with a more limited amount of time. Of course, he could be vacationing in the Bahamas for all we know. :)

Thank you Glen! I was recovering last week and I was very tired so didn't spend much time online. This week I feel better so I might be in the top 10. But let's see.. no pressure for me as it would be difficult for me to set a goal and go for it.. then as you say, you don't find enough posts to comment on or people don't get back to you and it becomes stressful. This is what I try to avoid here. I have enough stress in 'real life' so I want to keep this as fun as possible :)

Achieving is something that keeps me going, so I need some of that, but it does have it's upper limits and i have reached them more than once. While individuals do receive awards for what they achieve in the engagement league, it very much takes two to do it, and not everyone is willing/able to reply back. At this point, I have a list of over 400 users that I've contacted over the last five to six weeks, and there's only a core few, probably three dozen, that interact with me regularly. That's less than 10%!

So, it's truly a marvel that janton does what he does week in and week out, especially from the very beginning. His network went up pretty quickly, while i'm still in the process of building mine after nearly seven months in the leagues. :)

You are doing great in the league and I'm sure that you will build your network quickly.

I can imagine that people sometimes just don't know what to say back and that's why they just reply with 'Thank you' and this is the end of the discussion. I can also imagine that for many of them the issue is with the language. They would like to say something but don't know how and don't want to come over in a bad way (happened to me a few times as well)

I see that you are very organized! How often do you analyse that list?

I just started to keep track of unique users about five weeks ago. I've looked at the list regularly. I can't say it's been that helpful other than in keeping track of who I've engaged with each week, so I can more or less keep track of the PS (people spoken to) category. I like to have an idea of what I've done so I can see what more I need to do. Most of the time, it's helpful. Every now and then, it's not. :)

I can understand the language barrier. I speak Spanish, but I don't go into the strictly Spanish posts. I could, I guess, but there's more than enough going on in English that I don't know that I have to.

re: network

That's just it. It should be there by now, or better said, it's there, it just should be a lot bigger. Eventually I suppose it could be. It hasn't helped that quite a few of the folks that I used to engage with no longer do it, or have curtailed their time here. It means constantly finding others to engage with, and that's not the easiest of things to do for an assortment of reasons.

Dear @abh12345 YES LUCKY MUNBER 10

In a week When I became the Community Manager for @blockbrothers , I was stepping up the engagement and trying to find a new way that would work for me. Glad to See the results.


Dear @smithlabs What a great achievement have you shown this week. CONGRATS !
I take My hat off!! To throw @janton from his safe place and throne.

@janton number two after so many weeks isnt a defeed. Your engagement is outstanding.
Glad to have you on board. And still follow your footsteps.

Lucky number 3 @glenalbrethsen this was once My place I loved to be lucky number three.
But I also take off My hat for your performance.


Lets go to next week.

Hey, @brittandjosie:

Thanks for the mention. I didn't know that No. 3 was lucky. And as far as I'm concerned, it's your spot whenever you want it. :) Top 10 is still Top 10, so again, congratulations on that, and making up 9000 points to where I was is probably a matter of some more CL. Otherwise, the rest of the numbers are right there to put in the running for the Top 3. Well, this last week, anyway. Things, as you know, change from week to week. :)

Janton's taking time off, so him in second place isn't going to last very long. :) We need to take advantage of it while we can.

YES we need to do that 😂

Would love to see you on after the community manager @blockbrothers ...congrats to you as well..for the new responsibility @brittandjosie glad you maintained the momentum

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks, This contest has been a lot of FUN! Glad to have you here.


Well done Britt! I support the @blockbrothers witness and will be meeting most (maybe all) of the team next month :D

ThAnx I didnt expect the outcome to be lucky number 10😉
ThAnx for the witness support and I am jealous of the fact that you are All meeting up in Krakow.
I Will be watching from home base

Finalllyyyy the @janton ZINX broken.....🎉 and we have a new champion @smithlabs though he was knocking at the door for quite some tims. Congratulation to @glenalbrethsen and all new entrants in top 10. Terrific work to carry on in next level too...
Bad to see some familiar name missing from top....get ready for next week around

Posted using Partiko Android

By those familiar names do you mean me? :D I must work harder this time!

Good to have a new champ, I have a feeling it could be short-lived though......

Hahah....naa about familiar nane.. I meant about me😜
There were many.....including you too....i was totally busy with i was not in foray anyhow...hopefully will cover up next week...
Our new champ was behind howddy for continous few weeks.....and the point margin is easily hope so we get a new every week until howddy return...😉

Posted using Partiko Android

Well, thanks, @steemflow, for the mention. I pretty much ended up where I thought I might. I was guessing it would take at least 30,000 to get to No. 1, and knew I wasn't going to make it. This week could be different. We shall see.

Is the festival over now? Will you be getting back into the running? Looks like you still came in around the middle, anyway.

Looking at the points table i see 32k is what easily accesible in absence of janton who usually keep the tempo high with 50k on points. Even i twice went close to 30k on points table...anyway let see..hope to get back in rhythem soon. Yes the festival is over now...till next will start soon....which would be Diwali the festival of lights. Till that time i am back today and started to engage with ky followers...and also trying to make few post too

Posted using Partiko Android

Whooaaa... I can't believe it 😱 I still make it on green bed 😊 congratulations @smithlabs, @janton, king @glenalbrethsen, @anggreklestari, @macoolette, @brittandjosie and everyone 😉 I think stemmonsters week haven't drag everybody down from their engagement's business 😂 and I can see our barman who is ready for the roadtosteemfest a bit busy with his travel journal plan.

Thank you @curie and thank you @abh12345😊 thanks for not adding the steemmonsters activity as an aspect to be count 😅 send me a summoner please 😅😅😅

You are doing great and you know it 😉 best regard snd See you soon dear 😘

😍😘 I didn't expect to be at the green zone this week because there's so many distraction😂 I almost couldn't spare anytime to create more than 3 posts a week. But so happy to see the result and glad that you've back to the top 10 again my dear @brittandjosie

you're always on top, mam @cicisaja :)

So happy to see more Indonesian on this league for sure @anggreklestari 😉 Actually we have several names but I think they're focussing on the other league. Keep up the good work ..

Thanks and congratulations too to you! You did great!

By the way, I saw on one of your posts (and dipoabasch mentioned it too) about your accidental self-upvote. I had that this week because I tried using and did not realize that has initial setting of automatic self-upvote. I unvoted my post and somehow the self-upvote did not show up on Asher's report here. However unfortunately, it still shows up on

Yaayy.. that's funny @macoolette😉 I have that experience once but he still count the incident though I revoke the vote.. and this time I just let it be😂 it is only 0.000 value anyway. I just need to be more careful next time when I made a random vote at the tag. Let's have more fun this week @macoolette

@steemmonsters didn't stop you making it to the green-zone, well done! :D

I need an engagement summoner!

I think the 12th roadtosteemfest would do better or.. december😉 when your birthday.. I think you gonna busy with 400 comments😂

hey, @cicisaja.

Thank you, thank you. It's not exactly what I was hoping for, but that was last week, this was this week, and hope springs eternal.

I don't play STEEM Monsters, nor am I going to STEEMfest, so I have no excuses. :)

Congratulations on making into the Top 10 green. :)

The cowboy stepped aside but still took the second place. That is still a very good spot @janton. It looks like you can't stay away from Steemit for long. 😊 Kidding aside, good luck and take care with your works.

Congratulations to @smithlabs for taking the crown this week. Of course, congratulations too to everyone on the list! Very well done!

Thanks to @abh12345 for putting this list again and thanks to @curie for continuously encouraging better engagement here on Steemit. 😊

Look at tye points table....smithlabs are still way behind then what janton have acxupied since long...there is a huge difference of 20000 points....still everyone performed to well

Posted using Partiko Android

Yap, he's still unbeatable. 😃

Hi @macoolette, well done on your position again this week, I hope you can remain in the top 10 next time :D

Thank you. 😊

I am seeing new projects coming in the next few weeks but we'll see...

Hey, @abh12345.

I don't seem to have many words of wisdom this morning, but I want to make sure to say thank you, once again for the engagement leagues. They are extremely helpful to me and all of us here. And thank you to @curie who continues to sponsor this and other comment/engagement projects. I appreciate it all greatly.

Knowing Janton would be otherwise occupied, I thought this past week would be an opportunity to do some major things. That didn't turn out to be for me, but it did give others some chances, which hey, good for them.

Congratulations to @smithlabs for his first place finish this week. That despite having the RC restraints. That probably makes a top placement even better.

@janton, you still came in second, prize or no prize. That's good when you can drop off 400-500 comments and coast your way in. :)

A warm congratulations to the rest of the Top 10—@anggreklestari (another newcomer, welcome!), @melinda010100 (awesome!), @veryspider (of course), @chireerocks (decided to join us up here, eh? :), @macoolette (your tip worked :), @themanwithnoname (themanwhoneedsnointroduction), @brittandjosie (still up here) and @cicisaja (making it happen, again!).

Well done to everyone else in the Top 100. Another week, another engagement mountain to climb.

Onward and upward.

Thanks for mentioning me and again I am still here cannot say goodbey to All of you 😉 @glenalbrethsen

@glenalbrethsen, Congratulations to you too and keep doing whatever great work you are doing. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

Posted using Partiko Android

Hey, @chireerocks.

Not sure if it's great or not, but I do hope to keep doing whatever it is I am actually doing here. :) Just got to keep at it, I guess. And thank you. I look forward to seeing where everyone is at on the list next week.

Welcome and yes, let's see how the next week's data will come up. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

Thank you @glenalbrethsen 😊 I must thanks to our sit jonboy @janton for not taking the prize so the 11th on the list who is me get into the green zone 😊 and I'm ready for next week, to keep on the green off course😊

Yep. Mighty kind of janton to forego the prize while he's doing yard work. Freed that eleventh spot right up for the No. 10 prize.

Just got to keep moving ahead as much as we can and then see what everyone else did, right? Hopefully, all of us can continue improve each week on what we did the week before.

Don't worry, I struggle with a unique response to each person here each week, but get there slowly but surely. A new leader this week, you got leapfrogged. I wonder what's left in the locker for this Sunday? :)

You are at least somewhere in your list 😀

Wrote @smithlabs that seems like a CL record! Although I'm not totally sure....?

@janton why did you opt out for the prizes?

ha :D

Not sure if it's a record, but a very good score for sure!

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Howdy sir crypto-econom1st! I opted out of the rewards because I've stepped away for a little while to work on other projects, I'm not trying to engage more in fact I've just been playing around this week so it wouldn't be fair to others who work full time jobs and sacrifice and are working hard to get on the charts.

As far as the record CL, I don't know, I think Glen holds that but my personal best is 328,275 and 1404 comments.

Sorry for missing out on that 328k CL. That is really amazing!

Even when you have some of your attention on other projects you still do a superb job for the engagement. I would say you fully earned the prize.

hey, @janton. Still in second place even while you're riding the tractor. :)

I'm going to loop in @crypto-econom1st here. I don't hold any CL records, except for maybe the year to date. I haven't done so well on keeping up with that, so who knows. As far as weekly CL total goes, you definitely have that one. As far as average CL per comment goes, I would have to run some numbers to be sure, but I'm pretty positive smithlabs has that now based on his 1173 CL average this week. The most I've averaged in a week is around 900 (and that's been a while). Generally, I'm in the upper 600s to the mid-700s.

sir Glen! wow 1173 average CL! lol. that's amazing. Your's is amazing too though and you could achieve that if you wanted to spend the extra time.
Mine is around 200 I think. lol.
I just don't have the gift of gab like ya'll do, that doesn't make me jealous but it does put me in awe of you because you expound so well on so many topics!

Last week, your CL count was just under 179 a comment. The week prior it was 229 per comment. The week you set the total CL record, you averaged over 307 characters for every comment. 78 characters isn't all that much in the grand scheme of things, but they sure add up with volume.

I don't believe you don't have the gift of gab. I'm certain you do. In written form, it might be different, but you definitely know how to hold conversations. :)

thanks for looking up these numbers Glen, I was more pitiful than I thought! lol. You can tell I was struggling for time. You probably average 600 or so?

It's more in the upper 600 to 700 range on a regular basis.


I am surprised. I was just trying to make sure I replied to everyone who commented on my posts, and I used my secret weapon:

He was a big help as a proof reader (woof reader?) and kept me at the computer to not disturb him, ROFLOL!

With the loss of accounts, I am surprised to be this high up In this contest. I guess it helps to be long winded too.

It is a little humbling that @janton put up such high numbers while not even trying! He is a typing machine for sure! Since I was also away from the computer to get some homestead stuff done, I am pleased to have good numbers in spite of that!

I have really met a lot of GOOD people through this contest, and I appreciate all the hard work @abh12345 that is lovingly donated to keep this running so smoothly, even through the HF!


The secret is out now! :D

Well done @smithlabs. It's a lot of time and effort to reach the top, and you fully deserve this for your consistency over the past few months.

See you next time and thank you for the Resteem!

Thank you for a fun contest! My secret weapon is sleeping on my lap, ROFLOL; he is such a big help! :)

@janton got me in here, and he is a typing machine! I was impressed that he stepped away and still had such high numbers!

I hope I can maintain, my RC numbers have been dropping, and I may be limited this week. But I will run flat out until that happens! So we will see....

Always try to resteem! We may get some more people in the League that way. I appreciate all your hard work!


Congratulations anyway 😉 you did a quite impressive comments and deserved the top seat.

Thanks, it was al lot of fun too! So many nice people, and I have learned a lot from every one! It is sometimes more like an online school for me, ROFLOL!

The Engagement League has really helped me find more good people to talk to, and I really appreciate that a lot!

You did very well yourself, to finish "in the money" this week; Good job! Ian't this contest fun?


Great job sir smithlabs I knew you could do it!

You almost bumped d me out while you were not trying, ROFLOL! Hard to beat that pink chair, even in an off week! But thanks. it was fun.

I spent several days working on PIP last week myself, and it cost me some computer time. But it was a good week, and I am happy with the results. I had deer in my driveway when I got out there....

But we will see if the RC holds out this next week. Will you be back this week, or are you still playing in the yard?

Be Safe My Friend!


Deer in the yard, wow! very cool, I love that. It speaks volumes about the area. As far as the contest, no I've removed myself from the competition for a few weeks.

I saw three on Tuesday, and I have seen five there before. It is kind of wild out there, ROFLOL!

You are killing me, you removed yourself and stopped spending time on the computer...and you still almost beat my numbers! You are a typing machine!

As long as you do not go away totally, I am okay with that. Just don't go away Okay?


sir smithlabs! well the reason I had those numbers is because the first two days I spent about 3/4th the time on steemit as normal and then dropped off further. this weeks numbers won't be as good.
No, I doubt if I'm going anywhere, at least as long as steem and steemit look reasonably strong.

Well that is good to hear, I would Not want to loose all the Pink throne experience! I am glad you are sticking around for sure! You got me into this, I was worried you were deserting me to my fate, ROFLOL!

I hope you get a lot of yard work done! :)

Don't be a stranger!


Thanks, @abh12345! I'm glad to hear that you've been having fun playing Steem Monsters and that you have been busy at the work. Sometimes it helps to have more things to do at work. I appreciate you putting on the League once again! And thank you, @curie for sponsoring it!

@smithlabs, well done taking 1st place. That's never an easy thing to do around here, so that's impressive! Great job!

@janton, even on your week off, you still have enough points to get 2nd place. That's crazy, man! That's nice of you to abstain from receiving rewards for now. Hopefully yard work is going well.

@glenalbrethsen, you're right up there in the thick of it. Keep having fun and enjoying your time on Steemit. That's what it's about.

@anggreklestari, great job getting such a high score! That's awesome! Keep up the good work and you could be at the top in no time. :)

@melinda010100, @veryspider, @chireerocks, @macoolette, @brittandjosie, and @cicisaja; you're also fearsome competitors! Congrats on getting out there all week and engaging with people. It's people like you who help make Steemit a fun place to be.

@lynncoyle1 I know you've been getting some rest, and I support that message. You also did really well considering you weren't around as much. Good job making your time count.

Thank you so much and yes, without effective Engagement Levels we cannot make any platform an effective Social Networking Platform. And same way these types of Engagement Leagues are needed to boost those who are putting their fuel into Productive Engagement on Steem Blockchain. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

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The value of the chain as it is, is in the people and the conversations that we have. This engagement league actually makes the Steem blockchain more valuable. :)


Thank you and congratulations too to you! Very well done! 😊

Thank you @themanwithnoname 😉 glad to see you around the top again 👐

Well, thank you! It's good to see you in the top again as well. It's not easy to stay there, but it's fun to drop in every once in a while. :)

hey, @themanwithnoname:

Have fun?!? Enjoy my time?!? This isn't about fun! This is about crushing the competition! At all costs! No matter how many sleepless hours I have to sit here in front of the computer! I...

Okay, that's not quite it, either. Have fun, yes, enjoy yes. But also get to No. 1! Not at all costs, but pretty close!!!

This is why I don't do morning caffeine. :)

awww thanks for noticing @themanwithnoname! And congratulations to you as well ... I've been watching you move back up the ladder :)

Everyone I hang out with is on this list. I'd like to join just to see how I measure up compared to them because things like this really bring out my competitive streak. lol

ewe shrubs.jpg

Love that image!

@allseeingewe is now present and correct. No beating around the bush though, just a bit of hiding behind one :)

Great engagement again this week. Keep it up!

Thank you very much guys! :D

Oooh top 20 the streak continues! Looks like @brittandjosie, @simplynike and @dreemsteem we’re busy little bees this week 😋 papa bear also wants a taste of the honey 🍯

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is dreamsteem me?

cuz i'm all E's ;) the best dreemsteem on Steemit hehehe

LOL damn my autocorrect :P

Well done on your finishing position this week @chekohler!

gahhhhhhhhhhhhh why does it always register a self vote for me???? LOLOLOL

i never vote for myself - but a curation trail always picks up ONE random vote LOLOL

oh well ;)

That is frustrating eh, sorry about that! Strange that you only get 1 vote each week, and hopefully you can find out where it is - if you want :)

Well yep! I want. Hahahaha cuz your prize is 1 steem...and my self-vote I think 0.00 hahahhahaa
No joke! I'm all delegated out to my welcome wagon loves. (Newbies need it more right now)

But if I can't find it.... It's fine hehehe this is a fun contest either way! I'm just glad that I engaged more this week and came back up in the ranks!!! Nice to see!!

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Doobeedooo.... Just dropping by to show off my shiny new tail! I've swapped the 2 out for a swanky new 3!

Feels good to be divisible by 3...

Hahahahahahhahaa I love your tail!!!!

I think I'm far away from joining you!!! I haven't checked lately but I was going slow for a bit there!

Congratulations!!!! 3's are oh-so-swanky hahahhahaha


Ohhhhhhhhh it's noticeable!!!! I say swing that thing around!!!! Make ALLLLLL the 62's jealous! hehehhehe


Congrats @karpediem for winning the Lucky number 25 prize. 1 Steembasicincome share has been sponsored. Enjoy the lifetime upvotes for the Steembasicincome program.

Last week we did have a surprising winner of the Engagement League. As least for me! @smithlabs for knocking @janton of the throne! Guess it will be a great fight next week for the top spot between the two of you, but don't underestimate @glenalbrethsen! A new victory for him is coming closer week by week!

For me personal a new negative record has been recorded! With only 13 action on the blockchain I should be ashamed!
Let's hope next week will be better. Should be easy. After commiting this comment, I almost did beat my last week record :)

@abh12345 thanks again for organizing the SBC league!


howdy sir fullcoverbetting! I didn't compete last week, that's why my numbers were so low. I've taken myself out of the competition for a few weeks to work on other things but I guess leaving my name on the charts is confusing, that's also why I am in white.

My personal situation has changed recently so I don't know when I'll be back but I won't be battling for first place for awhile. Thank you for helping so many people!

Without competing still a second place :)
I do hope that the change in your personal situation is a good one, if not much of strength with it!

oh yes it's all good, thank you sir!

Good to hear!
Have fun!

Hey, @fullcoverbetting:

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I'm in the middle of a full scale sneak attack. We need to keep this quiet. Slip under the radar so to speak.

Which means, I shouldn't mention it on the blockchain. Maybe if I line it out. Yeah, that's it.

Hey, thanks for the mention and good onya for the Lucky No. 25 sponsor again!

I'd say you could probably do better than 13 transactions, though. :)

I really should. Let me say that it was an stange week!
Almost passed the 13 transactions for this week 😁
So i am improving!

I am preparing up! Let me regenarate my nana and rc. I am coming!

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You are looking good for RCs and Mana and should have no issue putting out 150 comments and 50 votes each day :D

My rc is is good but mana is too low... Yes i csn comment a lot thanks to the delegation i got! ☺

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Nice! :D

I think you are safe to engage like crazy:

Yes i am 😉

Posted using Partiko Android

Good to see some juicy stuff on top.....the league is open👍

Posted using Partiko Android

Congrats to @smithlabs for finally knocking off the reigning champion! And I think its great that @janton and @glenalbrethsen have something new to target! I was starting to think those two were like the Lakers and Celtics back in the day. Or in these days the Cavs and Warriors. :P

Great job everyone and @abh12345, I know the feeling of the Steemmonsters side-tracking you a bit... I've had a bit of distraction myself ;)

Hey, @davemccoy.

Yeah right. Janton may be the Warriors or the Lakers, but I'm more like the Denver Nuggets, or maybe the New York Knicks. At this point, I settled for the Mavericks.

You know me. I'm always shooting for excellence, but whether I'm reaching that or not is a different story. Getting into the money is nothing to sneeze at, and while I'm still wanting to set some records here, I've not been able to fully commit myself to the time and effort required. So, I'm not achieving a balance, but I am seeking one, where I do well but also don't put in 14 hours or more to do it. I might be regretting that when STEEM hits $100 (okay, dreaming is still good, right?), but for now, there's some sanity at stake. :)

I think the sanity is good.. you will know when its time to roll up the sleeves and get more aggressive. I do have some optimism that you are right and we see steem take off, but until that happens we don't want to burn out either. I know a lot of the old-timers think that this technology will be huge coming out, and since they know more than me, I hope they're right! And if they are, then we will both be happy for each other and for our many friends!

and ps... I think you hit excellence a lot more than you are letting on... I have a hunch you're pretty good at everything you do!

re: you are right

Hoping, dreaming, wishing for things to be true isn't much of a prediction, but it would be sweet if it ever got there. Sweeter if it got beyond $100 too. :)

I'm not sure where my true thoughts lie here. I want to feel like I'm a part of something that will take off, but I don't want to be fooling myself, either. Too old for that. I need for it to be true, but not to the extent where I'm in big trouble if it all falls a part.

re: technology

I think there's a lot of hope there being placed on 'we can fix it'. That's what I got out of this last hard fork, and some previous problems with the blockchain. Apparently, this is the land of infinite chances. people will be patient no matter how many times we mess things up, because, by golly, we can fix it!

May it truly be so, kids. :)

re: excellence

Well, I can't really be the judge of that, now can I? I try for above average, with occasional flares of brilliance. :) It's impossible to be excellent in all you do, though. I'm probably a jack of several trades (not all, not many) and definitely a master of none. Including, it would seem, consistency. :)

lol on the jack of several trades! that is funny! (I know the feeling!)

I think if it ever hits $10, it will hit $100... Same forces will be needed to get in place in either situation. I am with you on your thoughts... I'm not counting on it, but it would be nice in many ways!

Thank you @abh12345

I was surprised to receive this gift, because I forgot to have joined this league.

During this time I made engagement without thinking about the league. Just do that to help new users stay motivated in Steemit

Yes I don't remember adding you recently, and so something has changed in your Steem experience :)

I notice that you have many similar comments to respond to tasteem users. Sadly, if comments require copy/paste for your 'job/task', then I'll have to penalize your score in future. Well done this week!

Congrats @anggreklestari terrific performance good to see a surprise package on top

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Thank you @steemflow It's really surprise for me!

Keep Steem On!

Congratulations @smithlabs for taking the top spot and well done to every one in the top 10.

Thank you for my spot prize @abh12345. As always it is very much appreciated. 😊

My pleasure Gillian, well done for sticking to the top 20 like glue this year :D

Oooh!!! Why would janton take himself out of the contest, even when he's not doing 100%, he's still number 2, which is a very respectable position.
Anyway, congrats to smithlabs the new champion of the engagement league :D.

2nd, for someone out in the garden or yard, is pretty impressive isn't it? I can see records being broken in the winter time :D

Thank you for all your work on this project, @abh12345. I appreciate this help so much. I try to engage as best I can here and still have work to do.

I'm wondering now about curation rewards. I had my auto-voting set to 27 minutes for 20 authors and my curation rewards tanked! So I recently moved to 16 minutes on all, but I do not know if that was the right move.

I'm also wondering if now some of us little guys can tag onto the big whopper people with our new paradigm. I know you are getting ready for steemfest but if sometime maybe you could do a post and ask for comments about what is working for everyone, that would be awesome. I have a feeling I could do much better with those curation rewards, but I do not yet have inspiration on how to do it.

Take care and I will continue to refer you, ever though our poor new minnows can barely function now.

My pleasure @fitinfun, I'm glad it's appreciated - almost a year complete in it's current form :)

Vote timing should now be between 10-15 mins - 15 being the absolute max if you are looking for rewards.

It depends, as always, on who has voted before you, and who will vote after.

If you are the biggest vote at 15 mins, then all good. If you need to sneak in prior to a bigger voter at 11 mins, because they vote at 12, then this is what you need to do. To really max your rewards, look at the incoming auto-votes for a particular account (on Steemworld or something), and see where your stake fits in best between 10-15 mins.

Ah! Got it. Thank you so much! I will make that a project to research some of my favorite big guys :)

Almost top60!!!💪
But also the same score of last week!🤔
But I am really happy for the good position in the Curation League, where I am behind two great Italian users like @jacksartori and @road2horizon!!!

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Very similar score :) The curation league 'scores' have looked good the past two weeks, I think smaller accounts are benefiting from the changes.

@abh12345, Great to see that my name is Listed in this Engagement League and for sure it's an Boosting aspect. And when we participate effectively in an Economy and for that we get the Recognition then it inspire us to continue with the same Enthusiasm and also inspire us to expand our work to the next level so that we can get more Exposure in the Economy. Keep up the boosting work.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Well done :D

I will certainly continue with this post for as long as people find it is adding value. Good luck next time, and have a lovely day :)

Thank you so much for your kind words. Have a great time ahead. 🙂