The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆 - STEEM prizes & steem-bounty available! 🎁

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Welcome to this weeks Engagement and Curation leagues, kindly sponsored by the awesome @curie!

News of sorts

  • The potential tweaks to the league scoring have not taken place, mainly because I'm happy enough with them and don't wish to break something that seems to be working!

  • @steemcommunity have picked a winner for the image header/thumbnail and will announce this tomorrow

To enter the leagues drop a comment below (for a lifetime membership - you need to ask to be removed)

The league tables are reset each week and so any time is a good time to join!

On your marks, get set, curate!

The Engagement League - Sponsored by @curie

This league is not based around financial rewards and relates to engagement.

Everyone currently on my master list has a chance here - including those powering down or dealing in delegations over the past couple of weeks.

I've used some metrics (which is the fancy way of saying that made up some numbers) relating to:

  • Posts (P)
  • Comments - number of (C)
  • Comments - replies to replies - depth > 2 (C R)
  • Comments - length in characters (C L)
  • Witness votes (W) (for those proxying witness votes, your total is always 30)
  • Upvotes to others (V)
  • Upvotes to different authors (U V)
  • Self-votes - a (getting smaller each week) minus score for this one sorry! (S V)

Firstly, if you are placed in the table above then you among the top 20% of the league entrants!

Congratulations to this weeks Engagement League winner, 7 in a row, you guessed it...... @janton! 🏆

@glenalbrethsen is a lot closer this week, but the sheer number of comments seems to have won the day over the chunkier responses. Well done both!

The lovely @lynncoyle1 moves up to 3rd place, and that's with Sundays off (at least that's what she tells me anyway!)

Excellent engagement levels also from @abh12345, @cicisaja, @themanwithnoname, @gillianpearce, @smithlabs, @teutonium, @hashcash, and @artgirl who will all be receiving some STEEM this week.

Those without a self-vote (from their main account at least! 😱) and placed in the top ranks will also receive a little STEEM. These people are: @mariannewest, @ecoinstant, @davemccoy, @bashadow, @denmarkguy, @veryspider, @headchange, and @mountainjewel.

Well done everyone!

The Curation League / Rewards based

The raw data has been collected from SteemSQL - @arcange's MS SQL Server copy of the Steem Blockchain.

The formula used for 'quality of financial curation skill' is:

Curation Rewards DIVIDED BY Steem Power MULTIPLIED BY 1000

This will return the amount of Curation rewards gained per 1000 Steem Power held

The rules (which will cause auto-filtering of your account if not met so just enter anyway and see what happens!) to appear in this league:

  • No programmed voting! Following a trail is OK, using a script to vote for you is not (but well done if you have done that!)

  • Must have voted at least once on a piece of content in the past 7 days

  • Must not have leased or delegated Steem Power in the last 14 days

  • Must not have Started a Power Down (withdrawal of Steem Power) in the last 15 days

The 2nd and 3rd points above are not 'bad' actions, but are required to reduce distortion of the figures.

And, as curation rewards for the past week are actually taken from votes made up to 14 days ago, we need a two week 'window' as mentioned above.

Don't let this put you off entering though - you will be automatically be excluded/appear each week, depending on the criteria above.

The end column is what I think is a genuine indicator of how well you are financially working the curation game with the tools, including vested Steem Power, that you have at your disposal.

Well done @steemitri, back at the top!

🎁 Prizes 🎁

The Engagement League

0 votes to self - Spot Prizes

Lucky number 25 in The Engagement League

A @steembasicincome share, courtesy of @fullcoverbetting, goes to @steevc!

Thanks Peter, and well done Steve!


  • If you have spotted any glaring errors in my post, please let me know so I can fix them

  • If you would like to be added or removed from the master list, give me a shout

  • If you have any other comments or suggestions, please enter them into the box below

Thank you everyone, have an awesome Sunday!



If you feel that The Engagement and Curation leagues are a worthwhile addition to the Steem blockchain, please consider a vote for our witness - @steemcommunity

Find out more about our project here

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Congrats @steevc for the lucky 25! Enjoy it! I did read that you are already having some share, which is just great! This one will give support the other shares :)
Here is the prove of the sponsorship!

After some slow weeks, I did manage to get back on the leaderboard, not at the top spots but rather in the middle of the peloton!
@janton again an amazing score, curious if you will be able to break 60K points. Here is a challenge for you :)
@glenalbrethsen, do you have it in you to take the crown back?
Great to see some new names at the top of the league!
Thanks @abh12345 for organizing this and thanks @curie for the sponsorship!
And thanks everybody to participate in this!


howdy @fullcoverbetting! thanks for the kind words and yes, I believe it wouldn't be hard to break 60K points because that week when I hit 59K I had quite a bit of downtime with my computer and I also could have pushed it alot harder. The problem that I found, at least for me because getting out posts is not easy for me, is that it was difficult to find time to post. that level of engagement I could literally spend all day and evening just engaging with people. Actually that would be fine with me because it's so much fun!
But I made a committment to post everyday.

But I don't think I should be the main story here, I consider the amazing @glenalbrethsen to be the true leader not only because he's such a prolific author, which I am not, but because he is doing in 5 or 6 days close to what I'm doing in 7 days!

And not only that, the beautiful @lynncoyle1 can take one or MORE days off and still come in 3rd place without trying hard so it's my belief that she could easily wipe me out but that would be a huge sacrifice for her and she doesn't need to prove anything so I hope she stays relaxed. I'm a very slow typer, she probably types 160 words a minute, I type about 30! lol.
then there's the amazing @gillianpearce and @themanwithnoname..all these people could take the top, in my opinion but the sacrifice in time probably isn't worth it to them, I hope!

So bottom line: Glen does indeed have MORE than what it takes to take back the lead but he is just limited on time.
thank you sir for your fine comment!

It's kind of funny for me to be considered limited on time, but I appreciate the thought. I was the one who was waving off prize money because I had more time than everyone else. That's no longer the case, but I still have more than most, and so I'm going to do whatever I can with the time I have and I'm good with that.

I choose to take Sundays off, too, so if anything, I'm limiting myself. I don't have to, so it's a choice, and I'm okay with that, too. It ends up being my time away from Steemit. We'll just keep doing what we have with our time and let the chips fall where they may, how's that? :)

uh...I don't know, that's sounds a little too logical to me. I'll have to think about it. I do take at least half a day off on Sunday for church, sometimes more but not a full day because I hit it hard in the afternoon or evening to try and catch up and throw some kind of generic post together!

Well, okay. So it's not that much more time than I would spend, then, so there isn't a 24 hour gap.

A little too logical. Okay, so we need to factor in some emotions and maybe some silliness. :)

well, or we could just ask @themanwithnoname for his opinion!

I'm good with that. @themanwithnoname can come up with logic and humor, so maybe we'd end up with some balance. :)

Thank you for that @janton! When push comes to shove, you're a real gentleman. I guess you save the razzing with me in those comments that are so far down in a thread or on the next page, that no sees it :)'re saying that my "public" reputation for being a "gentleman redneck" is safe? because I show up late and no one sees my silly comments anyway? whew! lol

Yep, that's it exactly! And you're secret is safe with me.

Until I need something from you lol

good, you got it!

You're right @janton! 😂

I don't hear that phrase often so feel free to tell me again!
lol, God bless you gillianpearce!

You could be right @janton :)

of course I'm right! lol.

You're right @janton! 😂

lol! 👍

All of you have something special and does bring a lot of good things to the blockchain and the league!
I am only the sponsor of a little prize, showing that everybody can win a reward!
Keep it going all!

thank you for the encouragement sir @fullcoverbetting!

Hey, @fullcoverbetting. Do I have what it takes to overtake janton?

I think all things are possible. Never say never. That said, he's burying me with comments and replies by factors of at least three. When I first started in the league, I had to increase what I was doing by a factor of five just to get here. I don't know if I can handle even a doubling of C/CR. We'll see, though. Need to widen my commenting field. There's no two ways about it. I'm apparently wasting way too much time trying to find conversations to be a part of. I could just stalk janton. Somehow, though, that seems rather unsporting. :)

Oh, and kudos for the Lucky Number 25 sponsorship again and middle of the pack is always better than the bottom.

Thanks for the kudos!
Let me help you a little bit with this reply so that you can get a level deeper :)
If anybody has a chance to beat him fair an square than it only could be you! And yes it is hard to find topics where you can write a decent and genuine comment on!
Both of you have different strategies, we will have to wait until a combination of the two of you arrives at this league!
I did tried it before my holiday to get into the top 3, I did gave everything I could but sometimes doing your best just isn't good enough!
If I do read these comments here on Monday, I already know how late it is and that all chances are gone again!
@crypto-econom1st you did want some questions about stats, well here is one! What % of the engagement of a person is done in the comment place of this post?

Crypto-e has already asked that question, I think. Someone who was database savvy did. I don't remember it being looked up, though. I said at the time that I didn't think it ended up being more than 10-15% of mine, which if true, would be much less for others due to sheer number of comments. Unless they managed to spend their entire time here. I have no numbers to back that up, though.

I appreciate the help. However, this is also helping you, too. :)

I don't think in any of our cases we've tried to do anything other than what comes naturally. If I could produce between 50-100% more comments, and keep a decent CL average, I could get back up there. It's just getting to the 80-100 comments a day that's the hard part. He's figured out how to do even more than that, though, so I just got to produce more.

It's true. Sometimes our best isn't good enough. Sometimes time is our enemy. That's just the way it is, and we do what we can with the time we have. I think you're doing better than most as it is.

As usual, thank you for adding this little extra spice to the Engagement League Peter. I think Steve is a new winner of the SBI, which is good to see.

A place in the peloton is alright isn't it? Can you bridge the gap to the leaders I wonder? :)

I am glad I am able and allowed to do this! Maybe my most impressive footprint on the blockchain :)
For sure not this week. Will be a strange one with some unpleasant things to do!
But I do feel happy in the pack :)

Thanks for that. I love the way this community helps each other

I do consider it an honor to be allowed to sponsor this great league! We all quickly forgot how dark it was in the early days and that all small things add up together!
Enjoy it!

Congrats to everyone! :0)

Finally, top 15 again - even though it was a rough week. If I could only combine both posting and commenting again, instead of focusing on only one out of two, I might be fine again.

I'd do my happy dance, but the pic is still on my old phone, and I can't find it again. Anyway, I'm not really in a dancing mood, but I'm glad to see I've still got it in me - although I still have a long way to go to get in that top 5 again. (Like in: at least triple my score....)

I do need to investigate that self-vote, though. I thought I had stopped doing that (once again).

As always, thanks for the time and effort to put this post up, Asher.

Congrats! I can really relate to having to choose a focus for each week. I struggle with that myself. Hope will will feel better and have happier weeks ahead.

The same thing happened to me, and I realized it was because I was following a curation trail which also upvoted my post, so it appears as though you are the one upvoting your own post.

Congratulations on hitting the top 15! That's huge all things considered :)

Yes, I suspect the @newbieresteemday curation trail of being guilty. I can't put them to trial yet, because I haven't taken the time to look into it, but it is the prime suspect. 😉
Not that it matters that much. Just two weeks ago I was self-voting on all my posts...

haha @simplymike, we do what we do!

Hey, @simplymike. Glad to see you back in the Top 15. I hope things are on the mend, heart, body and mind.

Triple your score? Pshhhh. No problem. :)

As long as it's only me and my phone, I don't see that happening very soon, hahaha.

Hey @simplymike

Yes, sorry about the self-vote, I presumed it was an accident and contacted you on the chat to see if you wished to remove it. In the end I had to put the post out, it was getting late :)

Welcome back to the top 15, is there more in the tank this week I wonder?!

Thanks, @abh12345, but I assume it was a curation trail vote. It's not that important, just glad to be near the top again.
Next Sunday won't be such a success, though, as I'm having a hard time coping with the loss - I haven't been real active yet.

On the brighter side: the laptop is out again today. So who knows for the week after that... Typing goes so much faster on the laptop than on the phone. 😀

The laptop is out, you must mean business :D

Those sneaky trail votes eh. Are you still removing them as you go?

I think I will be leaving them there. 1 or 2 upvotes a week is not such a big deal, lol.
I'm not in the leagues for the money. Believe it or not, it is more of an honour thing. ;0)

Well that's a very cool way to look at it, Engagement for honour!

Congratulations to the Top 3 specifically. @Janton, @glenalbrethsen, and @lynncoyle1, great job.

I'm thinking that we should probably just rename the Leagues into "The Janton prize fund." This was his "real week off" and he still put up ridiculously high numbers. Seriously, over 1,000 comment and over 200,000 CL? How is that a week off, man?! Well done.

Glen, you're going to have your work cut out for you if you want to catch him. Or you're going to need to petition @abh12345 to weight the scores based on the days that you're active. Since you're offline for 36 hours every week (from Saturday evening to Monday morning) your score should be adjusted accordingly. If that were to happen, you would have scored 51,500... only 400 points behind Janton. That means you're close.

Lynn, you're holding your own against the heavy hitters. I'm proud of you.

I slowed down a lot this past week. It felt good. I think I hit a much more sustainable place this week. I was online far too much last week and it was leaving me burned out. This week was nice in that I got time in the pool and got to see the outdoors a bit. Can't complain about that.

Asher, thank you for the prize money. As always, I immediately powered it up as I'm taking a long-term approach. Thanks for the boost!

howdy @themanwithnoname! you did darn good for slacking off this week like I did. Maybe we should use timeclocks? Did you see the CL number that Glen got? wow. isn't that the all time record? and like you said that wasn't 7 days. amazing.

Yep. CL record. Nope. No timeclocks. I'm keeping track of enough as it is, and now Asher is talking about another metric I'll have to figure how to track. :)

let me know when you figure it out, I love it when all the smart guys on here figure things out and let the rest of us know what's going on!

Well, for it to do any good, I would have to track it as it's happening. Which probably means writing down people's names and putting a tally mark beside how many times I interact with each individual. Problem is, the idea here is to meet people, not game the league list, so since I'm already trying to see where I'm at on a daily basis with C, CR, and CL, keeping track of something else takes me that much more away the engagement part. I become an engagement tracker, which isn't the same thing. :)

that's very true but you're a tracker so you are compelled to keep at least some data which is really practical, logical and savvy. I don't track anything and have no idea where I'm at! I have to ask YOU where I'M at! lol

No timekeeping for me. I go into the results post with no clue how I did. I posted like mad on Saturday evening to get caught up because I had some from Thursday and Friday that I hadn't gotten to. I feel bad about that.

you should sir, we were severely disappointed in you. lol, just teasing, lost of things slow down anyway on Friday through Sunday don't they? I have no clue about alot of things!

I would be disappointed, but I wanted to take time off, so I did. It was nice. It helps me recharge. I'm actually probably going to try to find other things to post on than just silver because I haven't had the money to be buying a lot more, and I want to keep things interesting for myself. We'll see what I come up with.

somehow I don' think it's going to be a problem for you to come up with something!

I came up with that frog thing, so I guess that's something!

ha! you make this stuff look easy.

Thank you @themanwithnoname! I too took more time off this week in search of a more "sustainable place" too :) It's too nice out to be on your computer all day anyway :)

It's gorgeous! Gotta take advantage of summer. It's sort of always summer where you're at, but still, it's very nice, so enjoy!

It is always summer here, but I know in Vancouver, if it was sunny, I got really grumpy if I couldn't make it outside to enjoy it. Summer is so short on the west coast!

Being inside when there are limited sunny days is the worst. And if you don't get out there quickly enough, you'll miss it. Then you'll walk out to your car and find this.


hahaha that's funny @themanwithnoname 😎

Yo, @themanwithnoname. Janton's time off is like me taking fifteen minutes to scarf down some food, so "real week off" is right. Probably needs more quotation marks for emphasis. He's got it wired, though. Great network of people who will comment back and he's built it in a very short period of time. It's all the real estate glad handing he used to do, and the Texas charm. :)

I'm alright with the time I have. Makes me more focused when I'm on. And, at whatever point I might manage to catch up (which is not looking so good right now), it will just be that much more meaningful, considering I was the guy who stopped accepting prize money because I had more time than anyone else in the league to dedicate to it. I got want I wanted (someone with time), so now I've got to stay in the game with the time I have. I really don't mind chasing. It's better than having my head on a swivel. :)

I can see that my C and especially my CR levels have to come up. There's no two ways about it.

By the way, congratulations on coasting into fifth place. :)

I have faith that you'll get it one of these days. With it being so hot in Texas right now, I think Janton is confined indoors, so he has a lot of time right now. Maybe once it cools down a bit he'll finally do that yard work and you'll be able to overtake him.

Thanks! I was surprised, but I'll take it. That's 1.5 more Steem for the pile. One day maybe it will be worth something and I'll be able to sell a bit and buy my wife something nice as a "thank you" for letting me spend more time than I should on here.

Well, it could happen. I don't need him to take off any time, though. I just need to come up with more comments. That's been the problem all along, and now it's come back to haunt me. Or something. That sounds way too dramatic. It's not that big of deal. Janton's putting in the time and he's doing it right, so that's the way it should be.

If/when I do manage to surpass him, I want it when he's at his best, not taking time off for yard work. So, I'll just keep going and see what happens. As it is, my wife has all kinds of plans for us tomorrow, even Plans B and C, so my attempt to push the CL further and/or overtake him will probably end up derailed.

That's a good attitude to have. Some people want to win. Others want to best their opponent when the other person is still at the top of their game. There are winner and conquerors, I guess.

Hopefully you still have time that you're able to make the rounds and get some CL going.

I'm behind on CL from last week but I'm going to be slightly ahead on comments. Not sure what that combination is going to help me with though. Both need to be higher I'm afraid. So, we'll see. I still need to try to get at least one post out. Managed two yesterday so I'm ahead of where I've been in past weeks.

Well, there always seems to be a mental asterisk placed against a win anytime one or the other competitors isn't quite at their best. Don't need that. It's either win or lose outright, even if though there always seems to be circumstances.

That's right, you keep track. I just do what I do and then see what happens, so I don't know where I'm at.

Can't tell you which combination is going to work best. Higher is better in terms of winning the contest, but it's not as easy to get there. Posts do help though. Those give people opportunities to talk with you about things that you want to discuss, so it's probably easier to get long replies out to them.

Even if someone isn't at their best, a win is a win, but there's something particularly sweet about overcoming them when they're at their peak.

Well, there's far more not keeping track than that are, so you're in good company. I'm just crazy. :) Actually, it's what helps me get out and doing things so I guess for as long as it works, I'll keep doing it.

Posts are important, as long as people see them and wantt to talk about whatever it is. I've been kind of engaging with a select few on my posts lately. I'll have to create a tag called, #whatglenlikes and then form a community around it. :)

Yeah. And then you have to do it again when they're still at their peak so you can prove it wasn't a fluke, and then you do it one more time just for good measure. Maybe one after that, just to make absolutely sure. :)

I'm thinking that we should probably just rename the Leagues into "The Janton prize fund."

Ha, seriously!

Grab the prizes while you can I say, I see most of the winners powering up like yourself, this is great :)

A slow-down this week huh, ready for a full attack this time around?

I have a few projects that I'm planning on working on this week. So it might be a "slower" week for me again. My normal activities on Steemit seem to keep me in a range where I can score well enough to get some kind of prize. I like the top 10 ones because it's a bit more than the no-self-vote prize. Every bit helps and it's been nice to see the progress since I hit 500. There really has been an increase in the speed for me.

I should run those numbers and see how I'm doing comparatively to my first 6 months.

Wow... that is simply amazing... All 3 of the top 3 did some fantastic work! Congrats to @janton for a record 7 in a row... Talk about stringing together some entries, you are the Jack Nicholas of the League of Excellence! And If Janton is the Nicholas, then @glenalbrethsen is the Arnold Palmer! Always in contention and the two of them running away from the field! And Lynn isn't doing too bad herself, especially for taking a day off for a Sunday siesta!

I waiting in anticipation for this week's results and you guys didn't disappoint!

Thanks again for an awesome week Asher and for having these games so that we can all focus on connecting just a little bit more! I'm appreciative of the no-vote prize and happy that I have something to donate to Friends of Gondor as a result :) And maybe one day soon I can get back in the top 10, who knows ;)

I see so many other familiar names its too many to list, but I would like to say that Glen was wondering how we stand with some more seasoned people joining the League and I would say that we are all doing pretty damn good :D

Great job to all! And let's all have a terrific week together!

Cheers Dave!

Yes the new entrants added from the list I produced the other day are present, perhaps after this settling in week the scores will be higher.

Glen and Janton, I can see this one getting personal, in the nicest possible way of course!

Have yourself a good week too.

Okay, so if I'm reading what you're saying correctly, it's getting nice and personal between janton and I, right? :)

Actually, that's the kind of rewording my wife likes to do. :)

Janton's got it figured out. I need to figure it out much better. Thanks for giving us all the opportunity for us to figure it out! :)

A pleasure, I've got my popcorn at the ready!

@abh12345 I'm glad they are in it and I think it will help put some more competition in here. Plus I think it will also give some of the regulars a good yardstick by which they can be measured! I hope your week is going well too... So far mine is a little tough as the market has been a bit rough! I'm not complaining though, as even things going down have silver linings ;)

Yes for sure, new blood to spice things up.

Blood on the streets... shame I'm lacking fiat because it seems the next few months are buying time.

@abh12345 I bought some and then spent it on Steem Monsters... I have to wait another week for my deposit to clear to get in again... I'm sure it will go up now, since I have no dry powder left! (its always how that works) ;)

howdy @davemccoy! thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement. I couldn't ask to be in with a better group of people and did you see Glens CL number? I think that's the all-time record and he did it in 5 or 6 days! lol.

Yes, as far as I can tell, I did reclaim the overall CL record, for now. And I did have six days, with some interruptions on those days, but not as bad as I was concerned it would be. Whatever you managed to do with your yard in addition to what you did here is amazing, that's all I know.

I think that record is pretty safe at least that's the way it looks now, could change in a week but not from me!

Well, we'll see. I'm not happy with it yet, so I do plan to try to push it up some more. I think I may have more time this week than last, though my wife is already telling me what I'm going to be doing tomorrow. :)

push it up some more? geez how high can it go?

High as anyone of us can make it. If managed a thousand comments a week and somehow kept up the CL average, we'd be talking between 600,000 to 800,000 CL in a week. That would be pretty hard to match.

However, I'm not going to make 1000 comments in a week, so I'd like to at least shoot for 300,000 CL to start, and then go from there. But do it legitimately, of course. The idea isn't CL for CL sake.

It will mean, though, that I do have to engage more, and hopefully end doing so, wind up with more CR, and whatever else Asher will be throwing at us for the list reveal on Sunday. :)

sir Glen..these numbers are flat out crazy! haha! I mean 600,00 to 800,000 CL in a week? and the record now is what..I forget, 250,000?
well if anyone can do it you can because you love to write and you have the almost supernatural ability to write long. lol.

yes, that's another thing is your writing isn't just words for writing's sake, it's well thought out opinions and such. so at least for you it wouldn't be CL just for CL sake. well me either.

@janton you're welcome and yes I did... @glenalbrethsen is amazing, and the biggest one I've ever seen! And you are setting a few yourself too! I love watching the both of you and how you compliment each other (dual meaning, but both ways are true) :)

thank you sir, coming from you that means a great deal!

@janton you are welcome! I hope you had a good week... Mine got distracted a little in the last few days, but trying to catch up now. Good luck on the result in the league coming very soon, I will be looking forward to it for sure :)

howdy sir davemccoy! haha. well sir, it's funny because Glen and I talk openly about how he can beat me and he's a great analyst and knows what he has to do and also keeps track of everything so he knows where he stands in comparison to last week and of course he is in better position so he will be closer to me or will have caught me.

It's only a matter of time because he is truly the king of commenting with that CL number he put up last week and I think he beat it this week, the guy is fantastic. He's a natural born writer and it just flows out and he enjoys it. If I had to write that much it would be difficult and it sure wouldn't be fun anymore!

I don't keep track of anything but I think I did about the same as last week so he should be closer or perhaps can take it and I couldn't lose to a finer man if that happens. so either way I stay joyful! lol.
God bless you sir!

I honestly don't think either of you can ever lose... You are both massive winners to me (and everyone else)... So while I don't know the results, I do think you are both amazing and I'm so glad you are both here and helping to make Steemit a much better place to be! One day I hope that you get massively rewarded, you are someone that is definitely engaging :)

yes sir, I mean no one actually loses here, it's just fun and games and the League is increasing engagement activity even when prices are down and people are more complacent so that's a win for everyone on the platform.
thank you for your kind words!

Hey @davemccoy. I'm not a golf historian, so I'll take your word for the Nicholas/Palmer dynamic we apparently have going here. :)

We did actually stack up pretty well against the "more seasoned people" as you put it, which I am both happy and surprised at, but probably shouldn't be surprised. Being members of the league where the list is ran every week helps, to whatever degree it use it as such. If nothing else, to focus are attention on engagement and others.

The question on my mind is, are you going to climb back into the Top 5 or what? :)

When he stops dreaming about being a pro league baseballer I think he'll be in with a shout :D

I'm not asking for more competition. I have to give him a hard time, though. It's kind of the way our relationship works. He calls me King Glen or Arnold Palmer and I give him a bad time for lagging in the league. :)

So, no shouting. Peace and quiet. :)

He's probably gained 100 new recruits to the league in his time, but yes, come on Dave pull your finger out! :D

@glenalbrethsen yes both were very good and had their legions of fans that thought one was better than the other. I was a Palmer fan (mainly bc my parents liked him) but it seemed like Nicholas won more than Palmer. They were clearly the 2 most dominant and both really good guys (at least from what we were shown).

And I hope one day. Right now I'm meandering a bit and haven't really focused on what I really want to do... Part of that is seeing how the price moves. I have 2 different things in my head depending on if steem breaks below $1 or goes back above $3... Right here its a bit in limbo land!

It's been treading water quite a bit, either like a lion circling, getting ready to pounce, or like a bunch of buzzards, take your pick. It's like the calm before the storm, but you don't know which way it's going to go.

Well, good luck with whatever you end up doing. You've got enough going that you don't need me giving you a hard time. :)

First @glenalbrethsen you can give me a hard time anytime... And sometimes when I don't know what to do (clearly in my mind), then I choose to "piddle" and keep learning in different areas. I usually find my way, but I like to be clear in my mind to have a lot of energy to do it right.

I'm going to sleep now, but I finally got caught up for the week! I did something right :D

Thanks Dave! I've been taking more than one day off, but man, you should see my fingers fly when I get on here :)

Be careful with the cacti!

haha nothing wrong with a little poke now and again 😎

@lynncoyle1 I can imagine... I think you are half my comments.... If i just get around to replying back to you sooner, you would probably be the champ since you ALWAYS reply back!

It would be rude not to Dave, especially to you 😅

@lynncoyle1 I know the feeling.. that's why with no chance of winning or even really placing, I still find it something I need to do on a saturday night before I can call it a week. I will show bad in the league this week, but still making sure I pay my respect to YOU 😎

aww thank you Dave❤️

@lynncoyle1 ... no thank you Lynne! :)

Congratulations @janton, @glenalbrethsen and as Asher said
The lovely @lynncoyle1. Your spots are safe from me, not sure on the remainder in the top 10. Tuesday, I go back to my normal way of business, and try and visit a few more new users, and old users, and be more active. Two weeks of trying to get a post out a day was kind of hard and tiring on me. The plus side though, was a got a small curie, someone really liked one of my steemmonster stories.

@gillianpearce,I have to hand it to you, I do not see how you do it day in and day out all the post and the engagement, you are simply amazing. Everyone else congratulations. If you have not see the top 100 post that Asher did, (I am sure you all did), congrats to everyone that made that list as well.

Thank you so much @bashadow! Congratulations to you as well :)

Thanks, @bashadow, for the shoutout. Congratulations on the curie, though I wouldn't call it small—that's as big as they get right now, considering where STEEM is at. I agree with you, it is hard to post and comment as much as you can. I'm experiencing it! I was doing it though, so need to get back in the swing of things.

I agree with you, I think Lynn and Gillian have both been finding that balance of on and off STEEM time, while I know for myself it's been full on as much as I can. At whatever point I start feeling like there's something that needs attending to off Steemit that I'm not doing, how about you kick me off or something? Gentle nudge. Something like that. :)

thank you sir @bashadow for the congrats, the whole list of people is pretty amazing and I see you all over as well so great job!

I agree Gillian amazes! She is retired though. But then I'm also retired and can't even nearly keep up LOL

Are you really?! You don't look anywhere close to retirement age!

LOL, seems you made a haiku. Yeah, I retired early, but my pic on here is also 2 years old. Still, it doesn't really feel all that much like I'm retired. I was self-employed before, so being home a lot is the same. And relocating to a place very different from where I was before has proven to be a lot of work.


That happens quite regularly, it's not planned!

Yes relocating is a big step, i know from experience too. I hope your new surroundings suit :)

Are you really?! You
Don't look anywhere close to
Retirement age!

                 - abh12345

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Likewise to the retirement part, so anyone that thinks it is because she is retired, don't know the half of it, that woman is amazing in her ability to post and comment, and I bet she even hangs in chat rooms to boot.

Ha, ha, ha. @bashadow. I don't actually hang in chat rooms. I can't follow the threads of conversations when more than one person is talking at once. It drives me nuts! 😂

I might be one up on you then, but it has been some time since I have been "active" in a chat room, I use to be able to chat 3 or 4 people in the same room on different topics when I was younger, like about 15 years ago. Times change though. I like the slower pace of discord.

Ha, ha, ha. @bashadow

I like the slower pace of discord.

That's way too fast for me. 😂

Actually I am not retired @indigoocean. I still run a drop shipping business, albeit way smaller than it used to be and I have coaching clients from time to time!

I've been working with clients all weekend, in fact, on a residential. 😊

🤪 good grief, how do you do it?! I know from your posts that you’re also finding time to get out there and enjoy this beautiful world. Kudos.

Thank you @indigoocean. I suppose some of the things get combined and that helps.

This afternoon I was helping a friend with a rental caravan, for example, and we ended up getting stuck there longer than planned as the people renting it got lost and were delayed. So I used the time to wander around and take some photographs.

Some of those will end up in contests and posts. 😁

It's an interesting journey, watching the ups and downs and trying to keep perspective and balance. 😍

The top two spots seem safe from everyone!

Congrats on the curie vote, I really need to do more curation for them - but there are not enough hours in the day it seems 😊

I hope to get back into more commenting and voting these upcoming weeks. After Monday I will be done chasing badges, and I guess I will have to settle on having just semi yearly badges from steemitboard.

Thank you so much @bashadow. Your kind words are always much appreciated. 😍

Congratulations on getting curied. That's an achievement worth celebrating!

Hi :D My son made me write this comment so I could join the fun

Alright then! You are added to the list!

Hi @abh12345 I wish to join the league!

Super! Added!


Great job guys!!! Keep it up!! @janton I'm thinkin at some point you must have kissed the Blarney Stone :) You have a gift!!

Lesson learned, even when someone tells you you're wrong go with your instinct. The past 2 weeks have been cut back due to my surgery last week and you can see the impact it made.

I placated my mom by not 'playing on the computer' and it bit me in the ass. Yes even when you get close to 50 parents still try to parent.

Hey @tryskele

It sounds like you have more important things to consider than the Engagement League. I hope you make a swift recovery and are back to 100% in no time :)

Why thank you very much. Recovery is going well. Just tired and still sore that is to be expected. I don't feel like I just had major surgery, I guess that's a good thing. At least I can start spending time getting caught up a little bit LOL

Good to hear on both counts!

I wouldn't mind joining your league, not sure I can keep up with everyone. I make a lot of comments, more so than post. The witness points may be problematic because every time I try to vote the thing just turns in circles endlessly and I give up. Someone told me to close out my browser, reopen it, hit refresh and try again....I've done that but it still won't work right for me.

Well there is no harm in trying, you might surprise yourself :) I've added you to the list.

With regards to witness voting, you need to use your active key to cast a vote. I had the spinning circle issue when I tried with my posting key. This could be why?

Maybe, it just pops up you have to sign in to vote, I just click on the pop up sign in...maybe I need to trade what it pops up with with a active key...I will give it a try later. Thank you.

Yes that's right. The sign-in pop-up appears and that's where you need your active key. At least it means your general navigation around the site is via your Posting key - good :)

You can add multiple sign-ins to the saved credentials, at least i can on chrome.

if you add /active to your username when you put the active key in, the next time you should be able to click on the password box when signing in and choose 'sunlit7' or 'sunlit7/active, and not need to find the key each time.

Doing that won't leave one's account open to compromise by having your active key handy like that?


Wow, didn't think I'd make it this week but there it is. Haha. Thanks for the prize! ♥

Yep there you are, well done! @curie are the sponsors - they like Engagement too 😁

Yes thanks to them too. Haha. 😁


H*ll yeah I am back in the contest :D

Did a stupid mistake of delegating power away... got it back, all good

I am back and I am in it to Curate :D

Good stuff, enjoy your new(old) found SP :D

Thank you so very much. It feels good to get some rewards :) Of course it does and I am very happy that curie decided to support your efforts to encourage engagement.
As you wrote in one of your posts - it takes a lot of time :)

It certainly does - well done on your prize this week!

thank you.

Congratulation to everyone!! Thank-you so much for putting this together Asher! Another great week in Steemland ❤🍅🌷🌺❤

Thank you Jill!

Congratulations again @janton (reusable comment right here) - some huge efforts all round from this weeks leaderboard toppers. How do you guys find the time to be so active???

howdy @sparkesy43! thank you and congrats to everyone on the list, it takes alot of time.

Having just half of Jantons comment length, I fear to imagine just how long he's typing away for each day!

Congratulations one and all and thanks to @curie and @abh12345 for my prize.

Apologies to everyone for the comments and posts I've missed these last few days but I have been away from home, and working in a place with very sporadic internet connection. So unlike my last retreat, I've not been able to dip in and out and keep up with replies.

I will probably be travelling back on Thursday although I haven't bought my return ticket yet.

Have a wonderful week everyone and may you all land in the tables where your heart desires. 😂 😍 💙