Nepal | Dolakha Bazaar | A walk to the clinic

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The walk down from team camp to the medical clinic Bridge2 & SAMU medics setup in Dolakha Bazaar, Nepal.

I managed to find all the footage from Nepal so I'll post some of the best stuff over the next few days.

More about the clinic here

You can find the other parts to this story below! I'm always open to feedback, actually I welcome it, so please feel free to comment on what you liked and didn't like.

Thanks for your support.

Nepal | Earthquake | Part 1
Nepal | Earthquake | Part 2
Nepal | Earthquake | Part 3
Nepal | Earthquake | Part 4
Nepal | Earthquake | Part 5
Nepal | Earthquake | Part 6
Nepal | Earthquake | Part 7
Nepal | Earthquake | Part 8

Other links
The Charity
More Photography

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