New @minnowhelper investment rules!!!

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@minnowhelper is looking for investors, who invest by delegating Steem Power and receiving Proportionally the weekly (monthly) profits on SBD of de Voting Bot. How minnowhelper works HERE


The New conditions of investment and reward.

  1. Minimum investment of 10 Steem Power.
  2. Delegations of Steem Power less than 10 SP will get rewards on SBD once a month. Weekly earnings will be accumulated in the @minnowhelperteam account and will be distributed at the end of the month.
  3. Delegations of Steem Power less than 10 SP will not get profits in SBD.
  4. Delegations of Steem Power more than 1000 SP will get profits weekly.
  5. All investments will be made by delegation. Any direct transaction in SBD or Steem will be considered a donation to @minnowhelper and its investors.
  6. @minnowhelper reserves 10% of the weekly earnings as compensation for the Robot management.
  7. The rewards of curation and author received, belong to @minnowhelper
  8. All bids acquired by @minnowhelper Bot will be distributed proportionally to the Steem Power investment received.
  9. The profit will be paid between Sunday and Monday of each week. Payouts will be made through the account @minnowhelperteam (NOT INVEST ACCOUNT only Payout). Investments of less than 1000 SP will be paid at the end of the month.
  10. To invest in minnowhelper, send 0.001 SBD to @minnowhelperteam with memo: "how much do you want to delegate to minnowhelper". for example.

    Within 24 hours you will receive 0.001 SDB with the address to do the delegation

    If you do not receive the Link within 24 Hours, contact @minnowhelperteam.

Then you must delegate the SP with the Link.

You will need to use your Active key to sign the transaction(warning)
You should see a success message like this:

You can verify that the SP delegated to @minnowhelper with the following Link

Some Extra Notes

  1. If you want to delegate more or less SP to @minnowhelper, just send 0.001 SBD to @minnowhelperteam with whatever the new amount is. (It does not add or subtract.) Then you will receive a transfer with the new link. To remove all delegated SP from @minnowhelper, just send 0.001 SBD to @minnowhelperteam with memo 0 or remove. Then you will receive a transfer with the remove link, it takes 7 days before you can use it again.
  2. You cannot delegate SP that is currently in the process of powering down. You also cannot start a power down with SP that is currently delegated to someone. If you power down from the UI, the only option is to power down 100%. I plan to post a guide on how to power down less than 100% SP soon, so users can still power down some of their SP while part of it is delegated.
  3. If you would like to learn more about how delegated SP works, check out this post from @liberosist.
  4. Official support for the tool is provided by the team. If you run into issues though, you can reply to this post and I'll do my best to help out. You can also ask for help in the #busy channel of

Thanks to everyone in the team for providing us with this awesome tool!

Thank you very much for reading and sharing, if you have any questions, do it in this Post.

Happy Investing & Have fun!
The @minnowhelper team.


I will invest as soon as i buy my sbd in a fw days :)

This post has received a 52.17 % upvote from @minnowhelper thanks to: @eutectico.
For more information, click here!

Delegate Steem Power and get weekly Profit with @minnowhelper
For more information, click here!

@minnowhelper cuanto SD enviaste a este post para recibir ese upvote de 52.17% Espero tu respuesta muchas gracias.

Depende de la ventana de votación, de la cantidad de Steem Dollar recibido y de la cantidad de usuarios por ventana. Por ejemplo si solo hay dos usuarios y cada uno envia 0.100, recibirá cada uno 50%. Si son 10 usuarios y cada uno envia 0.100 recibirá 10% cada uno.
Por eso es importante de controlar el estado del robot en y controlar con el nombre del Robot minnowhelper con esta herramienta puede ver aproximadamente cuando termina o empieza una ventana.

Gracias todo muy claro @minnowhelper

I am defnitely gonna be a investor...

Upvoted. Thank you for your help for the Minnows.

It's a great project. I'll help you as I can.

thank you very much

Another useful project to use the stock steem on your wallet to earn even your not hands on with your account.


I am not even a minnow yet...Just a small fry, but I can help by upvoting and resteeming. Perhaps when I grow I will be able to do more.

if i delgate for exemple 1000sp how much profit i get from you? have you a calculator ?

I have already Delegated to @minnowsupport @muxxybot
Wish you good luck
Thank for supporting

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i have asked for delegating to you! ;-) great project!

im in now ;-)

This great opportunity which i must invest soon, but you didnt specify return on investment! wish to know to get started asap? thanks

Hello udibekwe,
the returns are distributed proportionally to the daily earnings. You can see the distribution of the returns in the account of @minnowhelperteam. For example if Minnowhelper receives 40.232 SBD with 40,530.144 SP and you delegate 1,000 SP, you would receive 0.993 SBD.

thats great and well understood.. expect my action soon!

Note: Clause 2. & 3. contradict each other. please clarify. Less than 10 SP is paid once a month, or less than 10 SP there is no payment.? If the minimum is 10 SP why mention less than 10 SP it is confusing.

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