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If you need help with minnowhelper bids please contact me through Slack username minnowhelperteam, I really do not like going into comments looking for users with issues also do not send 0.001 SBD with message in the memo, so please make an account on Slack and contact me with issues do not send me random links to just upvote...

I have been getting many messages about @minnowhelper to better assist you please contact me at Slack. I hate going through every post to see if there are any questions and sometimes I miss them, So I found a better way if you have any questions that need to be answered please join Slack!.

Before contacting technical support, check to see if you have met the basic requirements for using minnowhelper.

Q: Why I don't get an upvote?

  1. Your post are older than 5 days (7200 minutes). Your bid will not be refunded. (keep in mind that the robot needs at least 3 hours to vote. So do not wait at the last minute.)

  2. Your Bid is less than the minimum of 0.100 SBD. Your bid will not be refunded.

  3. You sent Steem instead of SBD. Your bid will not be refunded.

  4. The URL must be correctly expressed in the memo alone. Malformed memos will not be refunded.

  5. Your post was already voted. Your bid will not be refunded.

If your Post does not meet these conditions, you already know where the problem is. So you do not need to contact Technical Support.

Important: If you use the services of minnowhelper you are accepting these conditions.

To have your questions answered Join Slack! is the best communication.

Join Slack!

You are shooting yourself in the foot with this "no refunds" politics. I didn't know that you are not voting on posts older than 5 days (by the way - why?) and I send you bid today for an older post - it will be lost. You just lost one person using your bot my friend. I hope there will be more people seeing that you are not completely honest with other users.

Dear imperfect-one,
Why 7,200 minutes (5 days). This avoids situations, for example, where someone bids 13 hours away from payout but the window is 11 hours away from payout, thus locked during the window.

These rules are for users to use the Bot correctly and do not overload the server with proposals that can not be voted on.

If your bid complies with the rules, but did not receive your vote, contact us by Slack to identify the problem and refund your investment.

We are aware that some users will stop using minnowhelper because of these conditions. But we also know that this way we will give a better service to users who use the Bot correctly.

Sorry that you have lost your bid. We write this post precisely to inform users of the Conditions of Use and to maintain transparency in communication. Similar conditions were written in the blog since the beginning of Minnowhelper, so no one can argue that he did not know this.

Best regards.

Thank you for your reply. I understand your arguments, but still - comparing to other voting bots, no refunds politics doesn't seem to be right and honest.

You do not have to thank me, I understand your point of view. We try to do what is best for everyone, even if not everyone agrees.
I wish you all the best and maybe you will meet us again sometime.

I strongly believe you do. We will see what future will bring ;)


Hello good afternoon.
I present a problem, I made the transfer and I have not yet been accredited the respective vote, I did for 0.2 SBD and nothing that I vote.

I already made your refund.
Please use the Slack channel next time.

Why is it wrong to be voting 10 days (For example) after a post has been posted?

All Posts are paid on the seventh day. If someone votes an older publication, their money will be thrown in the trash. Minnowhelper receives bids of publications less than 7200 minutes (5 days) To avoid that for any inconvenience the limit of 7 days.

Well, I used it the last time, at least other bots return the money when they fail to make the user manual clear or can or will not perform service paid for.
Probably also why the other bots are so much bigger than you, honesty in business pays off.
One ribbed off customer will tell at least 5 friends that again will tell 5 friends and so on, some even got many friends, not easy to lose that mark again.

Very adult and professional indeed

Just send me back the money that you scammed me off, is that really too much to ask?

Just the money for this last time, just forget the two others it is weeks ago, just 1 sbd you do not have or it is against company policy

I am very sorry that you have not read the Terms of Use of the Bot.
If you are an intelligent person you should know that offending others for their own mistakes will not get you anywhere.

Please do not reuse our services if you do not agree with the Usage Policies.

We've opened the Slack channel to troubleshoot Minnowhelper issues. The comments you make in our Post are considered Spam.So I kindly ask you to stop typing in the Post. If you want a solution, Use the Slack Channel.

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