Nepal | Earthquake | Part 1

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So I haven't written much in the past, generally, but I've always thought about it. Sure, I've got instagram, I write the odd caption for a post which is longer than usual but that's about the extent of it. It's good to share experiences and make connections - not just me to you guys but perhaps to the other people I've met or worked with. Perhaps brings some traffic to Steemit too! Who knows.

I've decided I'll give it a go, and you poor buggers can stand to be the audience...or not. Sink or swim, and in my brief knowledge of Steemit that seems perfectly apt, so I'll get my minnow fins flappin'.

In the interest of...err...interest I'll set some guidelines for my posts.

  • Each post limited to 500 words (except this post!)
  • Some or most stories will have multiple parts (I say some, maybe it’s all of them, I don’t know yet.)
  • All formats will be the same - titled with LOCATION | CAUSE | PART #

Now I hope I actually fulfil this and write some decent content...

Nepal | Earthquake | Part 1

In 2015, Nepal was devastated by two earthquakes registering first at 7.8M and then 7.3M followed by multiple strong aftershocks over a long period of time.

2015 | 05 | Nepal Rubble.jpg

At the time I was working as a Project Manager at an ad agency in London called AKQA. The office had just been decadently redesigned, to inspire both the employee and the client. Expensive furniture, wooden decor, an iPad which made coffee, the list goes on.


It was really, really nice…if you like that kind of thing.

As time went on, I found myself troubled with all this stuff. A large part of that was due to the fact my mother has been running her charity for so many years. She’s been to many places providing aid after natural disasters, so for sure the influence was always there.

Bridge2 logo.jpg
(I’ve tried to change her logo for a long time by the way. Amazingly, someone made it in Word Art)

So one day, I’m sitting at my desk and I look at the news. It’s a picture of a little kid being pulled out of the rubble after the first earthquake in Nepal. Absolutely shocked, I run to the iPad coffee machine to make a cappuccino and add extra Monin syrup. Wait. Did I just do that?

Don’t get me wrong, I left school at 16, had a lot of different jobs, different “professions”, I didn’t expect this lifestyle, or feel comfortable with it anyway.

What I meant was more than just the job. It was me. What I spent my money on, how I lived my life, my priorities.

And I’m sure you might then think “so you went to help, to help yourself”. My answer would be, perhaps yes. But that wasn’t the only cause. Either way, it’s ok to do something for yourself, we do that everyday, the difference is whether you do something that helps others.

So I booked a flight…(to be continued).


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oh man so good start and absolutely agree with you in your thoughts
i late a little bit but going to read all the parts right now !