DTube Gaming | Bloons TD5 #5 | Express Shipping [Hard Mode, No Lives Lost]

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Hey, awesome @DTube people!

Let me present to you a great map which made me lose. Twice. Just because I wanted to try out weird strategies. Serves me right to experiment when everything is at stake!


Lost Castle.png

Episode 1: Why exploring old castles is a good thing
Episode 2: Carefully planning my revenge
Episode 3: Bramble courtyard is code for spiders
Episode 4: Some bosses fall harder than others

Bloons TD5.png

Episode 1: Present Delivery [Hard Mode, No Lives Lost]
Episode 2: Rabbit Holes [Hard Mode, No Lives Lost]
Episode 3: Snowy Backyard [Hard Mode, No Lives Lost]
Episode 4: Sprint Track [Hard Mode, No Lives Lost]

Crash team Racing.png

Episode 1: The greatest karting game ever?
Episode 2: Why staying optimistic is key!
Episode 3: Winter tracks are the best
Episode 4: Knocking on the door of the end boss


Episode 1: My first EVER horror game
Episode 2: My first horror game EVER strikes again!
Episode 3: My progress so far

Adventure Pals.png

Episode 1: My first wild, crazy game
Episode 2: Exploding monsters? Yes, please!
Episode 3: My first pet rock experience

Secrets of Grindea2.png

Episode 1: Slimes shall be slain
Episode 2: Summoning skills are OP
Episode 3: Giant slimes are amazing

Juicy Realm.png

Episode 1: Fruit salad anyone?
Episode 2: Grrr...a huge watermelon!
Episode 3: The next area unveiled


Episode 1: Is this the hardest platformer ever?
Episode 2: Flying around killing Bosses
Episode 3: Best game on DTube


Episode 1: Why are slimes attracted to me?
Episode 2: Cacti army
Episode 3: Flying enemies challenge!

Rogue Legacy.png

Episode 1: Exploring dark castles
Episode 2: Shinobis are OP
Episode 3: 1000 gold per run, why yes, thank you


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Sometimes it is better to play it safe.


I know, I know, but I like a good challenge sometimes! ;)