Running on STEEM Episode#39 - Thank You STEEMIT! | Content Direction Update

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Hey, guys!

As some of you may or may not know, @siren87 and I will be on a 10 day trip to Japan starting on Thursday morning. EARLY morning(2am).

It's been a long and trying time and this will basically be our break and reset button so I just really wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who's helped me out of the rut that I was in and that would be , @siren87, @zord189, @bitrocker2020, #teammalaysia, @dsound, @crazymum, @howtostartablog, @dlive, @dtube, and a whole lot more that I'm probably missing. It's been a crazy ride going full time on steemit but I'm proof that it's possible.

Also, just a little update on what I want to do with the show(running on steem)and what I intend to do with video and blogging when I get back.

Also a big thank you to friends in steemit who have been nothing but great and supportive to me even though we've never met like @mathuselah and @kawaiicrush!

Apologies to anyone I may have missed out but just know that I am grateful!

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Thanks a lot for your kind words about DSound! Really appreciated, because you guys do an awesome work! You deserve every single upvote that go in your direction...
As the creator of DSound, I cannot be more thankful to the absolutely great community that we are building together, and you guys helped a lot in it as well! :)
Wish you guys a great trip to Japan. Enjoy the Zen gardens, the good vibes, the awesome food and the thousands of years of history, and come back with loads of positive energy to share with us! :D
Keep it up guys and DSound tribe is with you...

I'll let you in on a little secret - one of the main things I am saving my earnings towards is for a second trip to Japan with the missus!

I hope you guys have a lovely time! You sure deserve it!

Here's a pic from my personal collection to get you guys in the mood:

Hey, man! It's our second trip as well! Steemit buddies or what! :D
Very awesome picture! Where did you take that one?

By the Kinkaku-ji, in Kyoto. It looks very peaceful - but it was very crowded with tourists

Kyoto is amazing - I strongly advise a visit if you haven't already. There are so many cool temples to visit - and it is a paradise if you like hiking.

We really had a great time on the first trip. Unfortunately we've lost a great deal of the things we bought there as "souvenirs" in an house fire.

So I guess that's a great excuse to go back, eventually ;)

Ah ok. My wife says we're not going there this time cos it's out of the way of our plans.

Oh, man. A house fire? So sorry to hear that. Must have been quite devastating.
But you're right though. Perfect excuse to go back with a vengeance! :D

Oh well - don't upset the "tour guide"! ;)

Guess you'll have an excuse to go back a third time!

Enjoy your trip!

Ah, damn it! Forgot to thank you in the post for being one of the super supportive steemians! Sorry!

Thanks, man! We will!

Mana ada supportive haha

Ada laaaaaaaa :D

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have a great trip man! thanks for being ever so supportive. keeping it real! catch you when you're back :)

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