My First Acroyoga Class!

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Acroyoga is one of the most fun activity I've ever engaged in. Acroyoga is about people playfully coming together and pushing back their limits.

It's all about having fun all the while strengthening and massaging each other, physically and mentally. I can't talk highly enough of acroyoga.

The class was 2 or 3 hours after @karensuestudios and I landed in Sacramento. And so, not long after I meet @acromott at @karensuestudios' place, we headed there for some acrofun!

I was stoked by how many cool tricks I was able to perform. And there's so many more I haven't even tried yet. The possibility seems endless.

People interested in trying acroyoga should search acroyoga and the name of their town on Facebook or Google.

I'm very grateful toward @karensuestudios, @acromott, @threebagsfull, Wasana and everyone there! Thank you!

Some Crazy Acroyoga Poses!

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When I saw the brewery at the start, what came to my mind was "drunken master" movie by Jackie Chan. 😁😀😁.

I was expecting to see some people staggering while doing acroyoga because of some wine, but I was wrong. I really love the cooperation and the willingness of people there to assist each other get on their foot during practice. That's Awesome.

BTW, I believe @karensuestudios statement:

acroyoya is for everyone.

I saw a great improvement in your acroyoga skill @teamsteem, and I noticed some excitements from your disposition too. I am sure you missed that.

I hope you will make out time to find some acroyoga team back home.

Stay Awesome.


Awww emjoe!! You have to try it out and share your experience on Steemit! It would totally make my day ❤️


I will work towards that :)

It's good yoga , it's help to increase concertation and give strength to our body .

This kind of yoga looks so awesome, I would like to try it...some day!!...regards!!


Most welcome@gentlebot sir..

Hehee im so happy you love Acro as much as @acromott and I do! Sharing is caring!

the physical activities are quite relaxing and super beneficial, I love the ones that involve a little dance, with the zumba, I had the opportunity to do yoga for a while and I loved the physical-mental benefit that it provided, each session was a revitalization for me, the acroyoga should be great, I will have to look to see if in my locality I have any chance to practice it.

Acroyoga is a lot of fun, but it is definitely teamwork. I don't make a good base and I don't have the strength, but I don't make a good flyer either because I'm afraid of heights. I like practicing handstands and contortion on my own though.

Great work out!

Thanks for message us that don't try this when you are not expert about this.


Do you remember this moment? How shivering You, Ha ha ha




Omg! 😂😂😂😂


LOL! 👌💪 but you did it!

Great Dlive class in this method

Acro really is so much fun! 👍

And this is class 1?!



Why do you think he loves Acro? 😂

Haha don’t forget to grab your partner


He looks like a natural to me! :D

And yeah, I need to locate one of those!


Hell ya! @teamsteem is a strong dude!!! 💪😊


He's a natural, supported by another strong dude!


Oh I thought you were talking about the "supportive" hand in front of the photo! LOL


ohh! haha

That's what you are talking about, not me! :D Yes I can see other reasons to love Acroyoga now :D


thats incredible for class one. so much so that i dont believe that. hand to hand first day?

yeah, it also seems funny to me but it is kind of hard to do acroyoga.


its hard, but there is entry level skills that almost anyone can fly or base. Go try it out if you havent!


Here is an example of a skill that is accessible to many. It is called "throne" or in some places, "chair"

nice strength!

Great one @teamsteem. This looks so intense!

great fun

I have never tried yoga class either even though I am very active.
Congratulations on your first yoga class. You did great.
I love the look on your face.

wuao that I like friend you see that you enjoyed the acroyoga, how important the teamwork well everyone looks great bravo @teamsteem

This so impressive @teamsteem, i have only seen this in movies and documentaries. Good to know this is possible. Kindly help check this post and make a difference in someone's life,help is needed;

Thanks for your time.

Too acrobatics sir. Please be careful. Thank you

You guys are the best STEEMIANS around 😎


Awww ❤️❤️❤️❤️

you people are awesome ...really really like your couple ,,,I wanna sketch both of you if i had you picture

Wooow, Full the couple, I Like that, i want do to..

Excelente, un ejercicio bastante completo, contribuye al equilibrio, saludos, @teamsteem.

Acroyoga is not just yoga and it seems like yoga added with stamina and strength and the yoga postures as given in this article requires great strength. But one thing is quite certain which is if one do yoga on daily basis it gives a right balance between body, mind and soul. Thank you.

Interestingly, being fit and in a group is the most dynamic form of competition in initiating activities, and it seems very hard that it takes a lot of resistance.

Your pictures will become viral on the social media called steemit.

Osam boss.The pictures will get the title of this year's best picture.

Kalau boleh tau senam apa nama ya?

My cat

Man that looks awesome and @teamsteem you've found your exercise niche! You're a natural!! :) I tell you what and I've said it before but you guys are a testament to the fact that life is worth living .. and you seem to be living every minute to it's absolute maximum! I need a holiday like yours asap. :)

Acro Yoga is great because so many different people and body types can do it. I am a 300 lb man that actively participates in Acro 2-3 times a week here in Ann Arbor Michigan. Thanks for giving it a bit more coverage on here!

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I totally love you guys.Been watching ur posts in last few days.So adorable

I wanna try yoga then!

Great post!
The video is just class, I liked it ...
Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and stretch muscles ..
And it's fun, good :)) ..
Thank you for sharing with us.

that's very interesting and I love it. keep it up

I love the idea of yoga couples or any 2 people can do together. Not just in the same room, but physically with one another. That communal presence and focus along with the exchange of energy could be powerful.

OMG LOOOOOOL I looove your FACE :D You look like... comme si t'étais constipé :D


Haha! I was giving everything I had!