Petunia's Pie And Pastries

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@karensuestudios, @muffintuesday and I put Portland's good food reputation to the test by visiting a pretty popular pastries called Petunia!

We had a great experience there and the food turned out to be a real delight. Petunia's Pie and Pastries clearly honors Portland's reputation for great food.

Portland is renowned to have one of the highest vegan restaurants per capita which is one of the reasons why Portland has me very enthused, yet after visiting many vegan places, I realize that many don't openly advertise as such and I feel like this makes it even better.

Portland is such an awesome city. It feels like the whole place is permeated by peaceful and rejuvenating vibes. I whole heartily love it.

So far, my trip has had a huge positive impact on me. Ironically, I came close to never going on that trip in large part due to human nature's tendency to stick to our habits and routine.

Nowadays, I increasingly challenge myself and it's definitely paying off!

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People ask me are you vegan and I reply I’m an animal lover and I don’t associate with killing animals any way shape of form.

“Animal Lover” is more powerful than vegan because Loving is caring. And I fucking care about all the animals including human animals.

Thank you! I might adopt it. I always try to go with plant-based diet. I made a whole post about veganism without ever mentioning the term vegan.

mh that looks good!!! It's great that it isn't much advertised as being vegan, and that may be good because it will attract non-vegans too! It¡'s such a great business model. At the end of the day, what matters is that the money these places make comes from 100% cruelty free sources, no matter who their clientele is. It's my plan to open a small vegan eatery/cafe here in Bocas del Toro. We would be pretty much the only one (for now). But for now it's only a dream ahaha. Thanks for posting!

Great post .. well done on the pictures
Your breakfast looks delicious .. good for you
Thank you for your words‏..

Looks yummy, you know even if it’s a bad food. Having a beautiful companion like Karen would definitely compliment the bad food . Seeing you two together is a beautiful thing . What wonderful companions you are to each other . Have a wonderful day and life ahead .

Pastries and pie is very delicious with hot chocolate :)

Love the video. Interesting to see vegan restaurants that don't announce they are vegan on the menu or otherwise. I've heard of other places doing that.

I dream of the day when no restaurant will say it's "vegan" because that is the way ALL restaurants will be. I think we are at a tipping point, maybe 20 years from this all-vegan, no-cruelty reality.

I think the brownie was called "thin mint" brownie because it was made with the tastes of "thin mints," not because it was thin. :-)

I'll put it on my list of places to visit in Portland.

Glad to know fellow vegans on DLive!

I'm new to DLive. I thought that videos here were always live. This one was clearly edited. I'm confused.

Those dessert looks delicious. I'm from Venezuelan, although here some we can't eat these delight because are so expensive and our salary not cover it we ever take good ideas to enjoy a good piece of sugar in our life with more cheaps ingredients. I invite you to read about "coconut kisses (besos de coco)" you'll wish come here and eat a lot. Regards

Which country is Portland situated, I come to start loving veegans here on steemit, I use to feel before that there is a mystic behind being one, but when I interacted with nice persons like @evacab and the likes, I come to believe they are loving individuals who believes in love for all creatures. I wish I could be one, maybe in the future.

Nice one @teamsteem , glad youre enjoying yourself.

Vegan pastries ? First time im actually hearing bout it. You should try out some african food once you get the chance, especially something called "egusi", yould love it.

We ate at an Ethiopian restaurant the other day. It was really good. I'll eventually post about it.

I've never heard of DLive but now it looks like I will head that way. Not a vegan myself, but I do love a great salad!

Great teamwork from the best steemit [email protected] traveling is fun. Enjoy your stay guys

wow it's so cool @teamsteem, it's amazing, you are so lucky, have a life that is very happy and luxurious, and can enjoy it all with the people you love. I really salute you, my life has never felt such beauty, because I have a life that many shortcomings and poor. It seems that the cake is so delicious, I've never seen a cake like that. Thanks for sharing, and wish you a wonderful day... :)

Portland? Wow I never knew it could totally boast of restaurants with vegan food, well the irony sometimes we do not really want to do something and when we turn out doing it, it turns out to be much more fun.
I've never seen such food maybe it's because of my location In this part of the world, so what will your next stop be after the restaurant? A spa maybe?

It's a surprise!

great comment.I have followed you.
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I hopefully that you will do it.

Having a jolly time with friends I see,
It is important to take some time to live life.

Kinda funny seeing @teamsteem fighting @muffintuesday for a bite of the brownies lol.

Its nice for them to have conceal that they are all vegan pastries.
I would have been reluctant eating there if I had seen vegan signals everywhere.

Nice video @karensustudios
Keep flexing boss!!!

Yum, I wish I heard of this place during my visit to Portland. Def stop in voodoo donuts, salt n straw ice cream and Stumpton. They have such a great food scene and beautiful town, you just can’t go wrong!

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Wow.. So good to know you enjoyed yourself at Petunia. I hope you will come to nigeria soon. Our promises on delivery of a great meal holds. We have varieties and you can't beat it. I agree with @destinysaid on the "egusi" coupled with pounded yam meal. Hmmmm, yummy!!!

There is another I will like you to have when you are around, it's "Banga soup" rolled in with "starch". Thanks for sharing such a beautiful experience.

that's Interesting place!!

this place is really very nice

I can only imagine being able to visit there.

Cool all of you

looks so yummy and delicious @teamsteem

Wow ! Everything looks mouthgasmic !

To my view steem is a coin that is use in steemit. And can be use to get our daily needs or is a decentralize digital currency, and can be use to exchange hard currencies such as pounds, dollars, naira e.t.c.

wow this is really amazing
delicious food and nice photo, good place

I hope I can taste that kind of yummy delicious food sir @teamsteem. Love to read your post and learned also some information

Awesome outing experience I must say. For sometime now, it's been all about your traveling and happy moments. I am happy for you. @kerensuestudios must have been a great company. Kudos sir.

@eurogee of @euronation community

yh portland is a eat place to visit.

Wow it is delicious food .this food healthy for our body. Thanks dear sharing your post resteemit done dear.

Portland is definitely an awesome place, with the video, you had a taste of almost everything. The food must have been very delicious since you said its one of the best you have. Petunia's Pie And Pastries should be a place to visit when one happens to be in portland.
Really good for one to challenge him/herself.
One may not possibly know things he/she can do nor until that person tries sometime new. Quite an exploration and fun trip for you. A tour is successful when the people ends up smiling at the end.

@karensuestudios @muffintuesday looks very beautiful

very good
thank you for good post

The food looks great,portland has some great [email protected] and @karensuestydios
I wish one could do a livestream on @dlive without an obs just like livestreaming on Facebook.

Thanks for sharing.

I feel weak when I see sweets :) It it nice to have vegan restaurants as many people are becoming health conscious.
Lovely photos and nice to see you together guys :)

The restaurant was so beautiful!
Done with plenty of fun to eat
The lady had two funnels
Seeing your fun, I remember the day when I and some of my friends made fun of this.
Everyone is away today @teamsteem

So great that you guys have kept the momentum, seized the moment and continued travelling .. life is for living my friend and your last few weeks are very much a testament to that fact! The literal icing on the cake is that food .. it looks absolutely delicious. My hometown has a myriad of amazing vegetarian and vegan restaurants .. it's both an ethos and a lifeblood of the whole area! Now I'm miles away in the countryside I seldom get to eat out and taste all these ingenious new dishes .. hence I very much appreciate this post!! Although I will admit .. I'm now starving hungry!! :D

Yummy, tasting a whole lots of food in one restaurant? They will look forward to your coming back to Portland next time.

Have you seen similar plsce in the United states?

Damn it you have made me hungry...I checked the fridge and there is nothing to eat.😭😭😭
OK. I am ordering vegan pizza now...and guess what they deliver with complimentary chocolate chip cookies.😆😆😆

Everything seems delicious there, vegan food has not yet come into my life, I even have very little information about it, so I really need to investigate what it's all about and what the most outstanding benefits are, happy night.

@teamsteem you are making me jealous because I have been wanting to visit Portland for a long time. But just haven't had the opportunity to do it.

Sounds like you are having a blast :) Looks like great pastries at that Petunias

Their videos are getting better, they steal my heart, they do not disappear too much, because I miss them. By the way, those candies look great

uhummmm... You guys making me hungry!!. I love pies. But I do not like sweet pies. I followed you on dlive too. and upvoted too.

uhummmm... You guys making me hungry!!. I love pies. But I do not like sweet pies. I followed you on dlive too. and upvoted too.

Congrats for going out of your comfort zone to experience new places, people, and experiences!

It looks yummy,cute couple

i look yummy so cute

Really Enjoy your lifestyle video = ) . Really want to try the pastries ~~~ Me also just start to making video in DLive Please come to have a look and give me some comments =) Wish you two all the best~~

Petunia's Pie And Pastries I enjoyed it a lot

Mushroom gravy is where it's at! Vegan and gluten-looks amazing, dang! I didn't get to go to Petunia's when I was there. I'm missing out :0

wow boss you enjoy your life i love you thoat i wish you happy journey of your life take care yourself vote for me