I've Arrived In America!

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The whole trip as been a blast so far. I really enjoyed reconnecting with @karensuestudios as well as meeting two of Karen's friends, @muffintuesday and Wasana.

The first thing we did in Portland was to hang out at Saturday's Market, which are now ironically held on Sunday. I love Portland so much!

There's so much I could say about this trip, yet the only thing I feel like mentioning is that Steem is always on my mind no matter where I am or what I do.

Steem is definitely a great tool to better the world and that why I'm always promoting and improving it!

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The video makes me feel like I was there! Oh wait...

I'll set you up with the best smoothie you ever had for a Bitcoin! ;)

giphy (11).gif


Wow guys had disappeared but it was definitely worth the wait to see them in America, they are great, we already missed it, watching their videos makes me feel like I was traveling with you, they are the best, I do not get tired of watching this video

Hahaha so I'm guessing that you definitely went shopping first before eating, because when you first got to the market, you're like "ok I'll pay $3 for a smoothie."

Afterward, you're like "ok, fine, 1 bitcoin, for the love, someone get me a dang smoothie!" I know steem's always on your mind...but tell me the truth...you were more into smoothies right then, weren't you?

Haha it makes me SO happy to see you guys having fun in Portland!!!

Aren't you hella impressed with that lil' piano boy? Every time I see him, I'm like "If only I had Asian parents who pushed me to be successful when I was 8 years old."

I'm always curious to know... but I bet he makes more $$ than some regular 9-5 people.

Good job making his music last throughout the video. I guess that makes you talented, too. And I can't even blame the Asian parents thing for that one lol.

Remember to update us with the picture of the 1 BTC smoothie. Got no chance to see how the 10k BTC pizza looks like but 1 BTC smoothie will very much in satisfying my vanity in showing it off to my friend.

"Hey, do you know how a smoothie looks like if it cost 1 Bitcoin?"

You look so tired @teamsteem! Haha
I know hanging out with @karensuestudios sometimes it's too much, isn't it? Hahaha I love you Karen ;)


Yeah! But she chose the thumbnail so that explains part of it!


Not only the thumbnail all along you look tired.
@karensuestudios is very friendly but Let's not make Steemit like Facebook.
Great to see you in America.

i was in america 10 years ago it was really great time

The first thing we did in Portland was to hang out at Saturday's Market, which are now ironically held on Sunday. I love Portland so much!

Hehe.. I find this very funny. Saturday market held on a Sunday, thats some funny confusion.

Steem is definitely a great tool to better the world and that why I'm always promoting and improving it!

I agree with you 105% sir, Steem has been a life changer to me and my education. I cannot forget how your upvotes helped me buy a laptop that has saved me more than 20$ weekly in expenses.

I'll give a 100% upvote on the best comment done on this post

It will be a dream come true to win this, I might not deserve it but it will go a long way in funding my final year project and I will forever be grateful as always.

God bless and increase you @teamsteem and @karensuestudios

Welcome to the USA! How long are you here for?

Best of luck for achieving to your want

have great time there @teamsteem

Come to New York 🤣🤣🤣

Once I was very hungry. Then I spent 1 bitcoin and all BTC spent for food. What could be the price of Bitcoin?(in 2015).

i enjoy your article. thanks @teamsteem

So..wellcome to america sir

Looking so excited both of you and this is the main advantage of travelling that it can show the beauty of life and also show that how much our life is important. By the way I am inspiring from those people who give good ideas to people for inspiration.

I want to follow your footstep and promote good Steemit citizens and I've purchased additional Steem power today with that intention.

Crypto is always on my mind too no matter where I am or what I do.

My goodness what's that? You were making that Indian accent, when you said you wanted to eat, hahsha obviously Karen believes you don't need to eat, it cant be even better, I mean you're getting to see a Saturday market that actually holds on Sunday, I'm betting it's your first time in the U.S obviously you're bound to see even Chinatown In the U.S as well lol you're in for surprises @teamsteem.

Well it's great to know you have STEEM at the back of your mind I mean I do too, so many thing have been made possible by steem, you're definitely Mr STEEM.

Have fun though, I'm guessing the travel videos will flicker in soon.



In my mind, too, there is always a Steemit. It's something special that's become a part of me. Ideas are wandering in my head, new solutions. I became bolder, more confident, my life really lit up with new colors with the advent of this platform. Well, it's not even about the profits we sometimes get. And it is in the spirit of this place, in communication, in recognition of my work, my creativity, my life attitudes and values. That's cool. And Yes, I even see Steemit during sleep.

Wow! Happy journey....

Hahahahaha shopping in Saturday Market on Sunday

LOL you mean you are willing to pay one bitcoin for a cup smoothie?

That is like a month salary for 327 people here in Africa.
Some of us receive 28 USD as our monthly salary lol.

But I can see you and @karensustudios had a jolly time.

You seem always happy together, I still have your Dance your way to happiness video where you both look super excited displaying your killer dance steps.

I hope to find my "Karensustudios" on steemit soon 😊

Welcome to the USA!
Enjoy your stay!

America beautiful country best place .. I love traveling .. thanks for share this post

love it!!


You are so tired that I think.......

So cute smile

I think you should watch Coming To America by Eddie Murphy for your 'welcome to America'. Haha.

Meanwhile, you guys went to a Saturday Market on a Sunday? The place really looks cool.

Enjoy your stay in the States.

You are really having a wonderful time @teamsteem, steemit is of great tools that have you make a good connection with a sound mind and loving fellow @karensuestudios.
Have a wonderful time and don't be in a hurry to leave.

Massive scenary from the best team in steemit community @teamsteem always representing the blockchain in grand style @karensuestudios always there to ice the cake. You guys should have a nice time in America the country of my dreams. .

Amazing trip to America. looking tried but curious. Have a great time in America. Fun and enjoy.

I love the video! It's light and fun. You also really look good together! I hope you enjoy your every trip.

Hello @teamsteam

I wish you the best of stay in America. Let me head over to the post you are requesting us to comment on. Thanks and have a nice week.

@eurogee of @euronation community

Enjoy your trip...

Your timeline was occupied by @karensuestudios! That's happy time(^^)v

1 Bitcoin that's fine

I was looking closely for the gold tooth in that smile after you said that @teamsteem! haha

Nice choice to roll the ace pianist music into the next 30 seconds of video footage, skills!

Enjoy your trip, hi Karen!

Hahah, when your hungry and agree to pay a full bitcoin for a smoothie 🤦🏽‍♂️

I think portland is my favourite city in usa. so green and the people are open minded but not superficial or too crazy...

Check out the New Renaissance Bookshop if u are into alternative stuff.. give portland a hug from me :)

Welcome to America and say hi to @karensuestudios and her friends. She is really beautiful.
The hat looks cool her and you ready to pay one Bitcoin for whatever. Portland is beautiful and the keyboardist is really good

hey sir i think you look like very tired..you should take rest..

We are waiting you in Indonesia @teamsteem

1 bitcoin for a smoothie?! Hahaha, well that must be an extraordinary smoothie! I love those kinds of artisanal markets and food markets, they're the best! Enjoy your stay in Oregon @teamsteem

Portland: a city where young people go to retire.

Thanks for creating the list. I'm new at learning about crypto and your compilation will help me get to the point quickly. I appreciate what you've done. Also, I need to learn more about how steem works. I'm still a bit confused about up-voting for myself. I will follow you and resteem. Thanks.

Are they in America? how great, although I had the impression of seeing you tired it must be because of the thousand ocipations that a trip like this should bring, you can see that they have a good time and the fun is often exhausting! I hope you can rest soon, greetings

You are tried but still working.Take a rest and then start again

I wish, soon, to meet all the folk I've come to know here on Steemit. This truly is a wonderful community to get to know new things...more like "Facebook with Benefits"😁

The first time i ever heard of portland was in a movie, Grimm.. The place is beautiful.. Have fun!

You should have bought a Shell with succulents growing in them! It was cloudy there like the time I went there and got Chupacabra flu.

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free resteem to 1000 followers

Welcome to the US @teamsteem :) And yes I hear Portland is a great city. My wife and I have always talked about visiting it . Along with Seattle which is another great US city.

Have a great time and enjoy yourself :)

Btw, left a Comment on that 'Steem A-Z' Post of yours

Judging by the cover image you look upset about it XD

Home you enjoy your trip in America. It is nice to "follow" wherever you go though. Keep updating your post ya

you two really make a perfect match!! I love watching your videos! ❤

What to do in the United States?

good Dlive

Nice post..
Follow and help me

Haha. The contrast in the happiness level in that first photo on the dlive thumbnail.... But i bet she was able to lift your spirits, she does seem to be booming with positive energy. :D

Hi! I'm tarokichi in Japan. Nice to meet you !
it's good video. I also want to go America!

Hello I come from Poland and I am planning a trip to the United States.
Which places do you recommend to explore.
Forgive my weak English I still learn it.

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Please come up with more videos... this is the first one i have watched of You and never imagined you to be this fun. (Sorry lololol) loved it. We want more for sure. 1 bitcoin dinner???? Lol wow

Is there anyway one can get in touch with you guys please?

"It's called Saturday market but it's actually on Sunday" LOLOL somehow that one got me LOL

Dominating that video trending feed bruh!! Good work :)

Heya @teamsteem!

I like @karensuestudios hat :3 Food is very good. One bitcoin lmao! I also like the contest you're holding. I found myself explaining Steemit in full to one of my friends today who only asked me how I was doing. There's so many ways to explain this platform to others, and I admire the creative comments that will transpire!~

With love,

Wow, really enjoyed the video. And the little boy playing that piano... the music background to your video is still lingering in my mind. Those smoothie stalls have the best smoothies ever! I visited family last year in New York. In front of the Natural History museum I bought a smoothie from a small stall, the best I ever had. So fresh! Delicious! Went back the next day for the same smoothie. Couln't help it. Hope yours tasted good!