The Joy Of Biking!

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While in Portland, @karensuestudios, @muffintuesday and I had the chance to make a couple bike rides. It had been years since I had ridden a bike. It reminded me good memories of my youth where we and me friends would bike pretty much every day.

In July 2016, Portland launched BIKETOWN a bike sharing program with 1,000 bikes at over 100 stations across downtown and several neighborhoods. They cost 12$ for a whole 24 hours.

I love biking so much! I only got a car 3-4 years ago so I was biking everywhere I needed to go.

Those bikes gave us a couple good laughs. 2 codes need to be entered to unlock the bikes. One is a 6 digit account number and the other one is a 4 digit pin.

It should take around 10 seconds to enter those 2 codes except the keyboard makes this very tricky. When pressing the keys, if it's not pressed or released at a certain speed the key won't work.

I'd be very surprised if I had a 25% success rate with these keys. Very often, when the key would work, it would enter the same digit twice.

To top it off, if the last digit you entered isn't the correct one, you'd have to restart all over again which would happen more often than not due to the double entry the keys were prone to.

I guess one gets used to them and get better at it but still, I'm pretty sure anyone who used them once know exactly what I mean.

Once I finally unlocked my bike that's when I realized how ridiculously heavy those Nike bikes are. They have probably been build out of recycled tanks or something.

A disproportionately huge part of this weight comes from the basket located right at the front of the bike which definitely helped this bike receive the prize for the worst bike I've ever ridden.

If I were to go back to Portland, I might avoid the Nike bikes and instead try to buy a used bike at around 50$ and resell it when done.

Nonetheless, they were a lot of fun, kept us healthy and helped the environment.

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This got me cracked up

They have probably been build out of recycled tanks or something.

The heavier the better. 👅.
MEanwhile, you guys wore Nike Jacket, rode nike bike, and even visited NIKEE headquarters. That is a wonderful religion 😀😁😀


I think their heavy weight is some sort of safety measure from frequent thefts. Lighter and costly bikes are always preferred by thieves. Who wants the worst product, not even a thief ...LOL!


:) That's funny

Haha beautiful work my friend ..
Wonderful video from you
Thanks for sharing..

Fun! Riding a bike was pretty much my primary transportation when I lived in the city... not only because of traffic, but also for he cost of parking. Portland is a pretty bike-friendly town, motorists are pretty used to bikes on the road. In the southeast and Texas and places down there, not so much.

I love biking, this is my Electra Ghostrider :-)

I love a spot of cycling. But only on bikes that weigh less than me. I love how many countries are now really adopting bikes as a form of transport. Less cars, more exercise, safer roads!

Bike riding is good for health , you and yours friends realy enjoyed bike riding .

Here in Madona university Nigeria biking is just a lifestyle, we do it as sport and for fun

I can see you really enjoyed yourday and time I am feeling already as if m the one riding @teamsteem

its memorable experience, so amazing

The bikes are good for the couples it create more bond to you guys.
I also like your idea of getting a bike for $50 than getting a brand new one which is more expensive, because you guys will not be using it for long time

Happy people, it interesting following all your post on steemit it is commendable @teeamsteem best of regards guys!

Every time we look at the news, there are good news that many give like to the writings that are produced, because why, they are very much influenced by the writings in the reading whether it is information or news that is going on, such as the article that informs about (the Joy of biking) for me very useful and add insight in the far outside world with where I live thanks @teamsteem

We have a common hobby. Lol. I like to ride bikes and I have a couple of bikes while growing up. This posts reminds me of those days..


I love it when there is access to good hire bikes when I travel to new cities. The quality of bikes and the cost and convenience (or hideous bureaucracy) varies so much though.

Nice to see you and I Upvoted you :) !
Know which side your bread is buttered on.


I know what you mean. I love biking as well. It's healthy it's fun it's make you fit.

I love riding a bicycle, i feel this kind of ease and peace when on top of a bike. They say life is like a bicycle if you stop peddling you fall. To keep moving you must keep riding. I learnt bike riding with chinnes bike, it was tough but it was the best to learn with. I hope you had a great fun.

Ride of bike is really amazing experience 😇

Wow. Such a reminder. Then it was a norm that after you learnt to ride a bike you graduate to motorcycles... hahaha. My worse nightmare was riding motorcycles. Up to this moment I have not tried it- scares me like hell.

But ride was easy and jolly; fun with friends and singing while riding - smooth! I enjoyed myself then and still would give anything to ride a bike now.

Thank you @teamsteam for this post. It was indeed a beautiful memory lane you took me back.

you has nice memories!

Ahaan its too much enjoying. Its look a like better when there is two bikes and a couple.

great !!

can i ask what is live mark in yr tshirt?

Wowww... So much fun mehn!

The quality of bikes and the cost and convenience (or hideous bureaucracy) varies so much though.

Imagine if you have to unlock one of those bikes before a horde of zombies catch you hahahahahaah.

Feels like forever since the last time I sat on a bike. People say that you can't unlearn that skill, but I am actually sceptical about that.

You seemed to do outright though, so all hope may not be lost for me either!

awesome content,,,I enjoyed all !!!
Thanks for sharing @teamsteem

Ha this made me laugh :D .. it's a small world as I was cycling on one of these last weekend in Brighton, although I will admit I lacked the style and grace of you guys .. and I have the grazed knee to prove it .. don't ask lol


I have to ask are you kidding? Were you drunk? What happen :P


Ha no I'm painfully serious :) I wasn't drunk but I will admit to being hungover from the wedding the previous day .. we decided to hire the bikes and have a cycle around Brighton and along the coastline. My friend was in front of me and sadly I was more interested in the coastal view than what was happening in front of me .. he braked I didn't notice, crashed into his bike and sent us both flying .. not my finest hour! :D

The Joy Of Biking! This post has been steemed by the wondrous @resteemmuse!!!

Thats really cool. But, i guess 12$ for 24 hrs is still little expensive. Here in South Korea it is about 3$ a day. The biking should be promoted as much as possible :) and that truck at your back at 1:38 had a banana sign, i thought its @siditech (he is an upvote bot) sign lolzz

Nothing like a good bike ride. Thanks for sharing @teamsteem. Looks like you guys are having a blast :)

Portland must have a lot hills though, but probably not like Seattle. In fact, and in Seattle, a lot of cyclists tend to use hyrbird-electric-powered bikes instead.

I also see the health benefits of riding a bike, but in America where it takes 20 minutes to get to the nearest place of commerce, using a car is a more pragmatic option.

I love biking, too!! That's one of the reasons I love traveling so much! There are a lot of places around the world that are more bike friendly than most places in the US. Portland is obviously the exception.

If you ever go to Vietnam, you should go to Da Nang! It's super walkable, bikeable and has a perfect combo of beach, city, AND mountains. There are caves nearby, too. And plenty of vegan/ vegetarian restaurants for you.

It's seriously a hidden gem.

Lol I'm imagining the basket being so heavy that it tips over and keeps falling flat on its face haha

Sepeda yang unik dan bagus, saya juga ingin memilikinya😁👍👌

I wish they had some sort of Bike sharing program here in my neck of the woods. Most places in Texas are not very bike friendly. Trails are disjointed, few, and far between. We are lucky enough to have a trail that goes from our town to the next one, about 20 miles or so. It was reclaimed from an old rail rout. All of it in our town is paved, and it's a safe way to get around, with a few strip centers along the way as well as a few places to have a meal. This video makes me want to get my Mountain bike cleaned up and ride some :) thanks for this

Hahaha I love this post, they are so cute guys, If you're worried about falling off the bike, you'll never get on. Surely the bike will always be the vehicle for novelists and poets