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Upvotes of the Week is a weekly curation post - presenting Sndbox fellow content and highlighting creative / impactful work by the greater Steemit community. (Part of the SBD earned from this post will be split among the authors featured below.)


Urban jungle: Architectural photography in Hong Kong

@osm0sis: Hong Kong is a city packed with architectural landmarks. Come and discover some of its most iconic and sometimes controversial skyscrapers.

5 more sketches and how I changed my mind about what an artist should do

@paolobeneforti: Today's drawing session has been quite satisfying - and I don't say it often! I did a lot of drawings and little paintings in the last months. Somehow it happened also thanks to Steem.

Peering into Space : Finding Inspiration in Satellite Imagery (I)

@erb: I have always been fascinated by satellite images of our solar system. The textures and terrains of the planets, moons and asteroids around us (and beneath us) have often found their way into my drawings, and flipping through the images often sparks new ideas for my collection of short stories. In each post in this series, I will present one of my original drawings alongside a resource for incredible satellite images.

Retro Style Poster for @familydoctor & @gochuchamchi // (근)로메 브라더스 3화 축전----!!!(성)

@carrotcake: I made a retro-style movie poster for Law-Me Brothers created by @familydoctor and @gochuchamchi. Law-Me Brothers is a visual narrative that they re-created based on true stories and shared on Steemit. The design of the poster is inspired by movie posters from the 80's which were often hand-painted by graphic artists.

Steem Push Notifications

@dunsky: Pushing any Steem notifications to your mobile is easy with the help of @eSteemapp. Here is nice introduction post about it with beautiful illustrations by Fil Dunsky. You can find some sketches there as well.

[How Painter Enjoys the Weekend #3]휴일날 소요는 뭐하고 노는가? #3

@soyo: I painted Young-mi Kim, the lead of the Korea national curling team, in commemoration of this winter Olympic Games. There was a lot of trouble in the painting process. I will introduce the process of approaching the problem and solving it.



SteemSports : Our 2nd Week Basketball Game for Steemians this Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon at Bayswater | See you Steemians!

@jassennessaj: We had a great meetup and game last time. It was great and all of them had fun. This time, we want to make it big again this Sunday (2 days from now). With that, we encourage Steemians to be present this Sunday for our 2nd Basketball event. Here are the details for the Sunday's activity.

Musicians Community Workshop: Steemit & Musicoin

@djlethalskillz: Musicians On The Blockchain: Steemit & Musicoin Workshop | Weekend Recap w/ DJ Lethal Skillz.


@Leaky20: With high rates of mental health issues being prevalent among youth demographics in society today, it is important to identify and bring awareness to some of the barriers that youth face when trying to access mental health services. This article discusses some of the barriers that youth face when trying to access services.

A tribute to Friendship - Or how Steemit and SteemFest bring people together!

@meanmommy33: This post is about the first @steemsugars meet up in London that I finally managed to join as the leader of the group! It was simply amazing, interactive live with my favorite girls and meeting some I didn't know in person! It is also a tribute to friendship and how it grows through the platform, having started at @steemfest! Steem On!

Musician's Guide Presents: The First Draft of Our Upcoming eBook: "From Good to Great on Steemit; Getting Your First 1,000 Followers" -- [SNDBOX]

@heymattsokol: We're stoked to announce the release of the first draft of this book. It's one of the most useful resources ANYWHER for gaining more followers on Steem the right way. In this book you learn how to grab attention, engage with your audience, and build your own steem community project.

Why is teaching the hardest job ever?

@teachblogger: As a teacher, I can say that teaching is the hardest job ever. We have to deal with students as well as parents. Teaching is not getting enough attention in society, so we have to think about many things at the same time. If want to know how hard teaching is, you are welcome to read my post!

When it rains, it pollutes

@mintvilla: Climate change has impacted different regions in different ways but where I live, in East Coast, we definitely have been experiencing more precipitation each year. The problem with rainfall is not only about the weathering event itself but non-point source pollution exacerbates with more rainfall.

Meetup Bereh KSI Chapter East Aceh: Beatbox, Grilled fish, and Community Strengthening

@ayijufridar: Meetup Bereh KSI East Aceh, increasingly strengthens the cohesion of Steemit Indonesia Community. However, this does not mean boring meetup this time. In fact, it can be said a lot of constructive criticism in it, as one participant expressed about the licking behavior of some Steemians, paid upvote, and plagiarism of many Steemians from Indonesia. The Steemians are also advised to develop creativity to achieve success in Steemit is sometimes easy, but not infrequently should be bloody. No pain, no gain.

My Steem Journey #1 – How I got here

@GuyFawkes4-20: I am not a whale, not even a dolphin, nor do I have the most significant accomplishments on this platform but I do think that what I built so far here is solid and that the projects I work on have and will have an enormous impact on the community. I am here for a while, and I was able to meet many amazing people with different views, and I got a good understanding of how things work, and hopefully, the advice shared in this series will give you a hand.

Meet and Greet Party at the Valkyrie

@luvabi: @luvabi together with @grazz, @bearone and witness, cloh76 bring our discord single-and-mingling to life by having our first Single Meet and Greet on March17 at the hottest place in Metro Manila right in the heart of Bonifacio Global City! Free tickets to this sizzling meet will be given away, just watch out for announcements on discord or on our walls. Couples are welcome to join @luvabi and @greymonolith as we are designated chaperones. Contact @grazz for party details and tickets!


What Could a Steem University Look Like?

@jeffbernst: I saw an interesting post on DTube last month called “What Would A Steemit School Look Like?” I want to talk about what a Steem university could look like and how I think it could be completely different from our current system. I'm actually working on a site similar to the one I describe in this video — I'd love your feedback!

[오늘의 English 단어] #50. 옷장 속의 아이언 맨? - Skeleton in the Closet

@bree1042: From now on I'd like to start a new series of English words: Body Worlds. Don't worry. I won't show you any mummified human body here. In this series, I'll teach English words and expressions that have body parts in it, such as skeleton in the closet, neck and neck, from hand to mouth, etc. Today I'd like to teach "skeleton in the closet". What does that mean? It means "embarrassing fact that you wish to keep secret."

Tips to convince people easily

@kenan1989: Sometimes it's really hard to convince to someone. I believe sales people has some skills to convince to people. Reciprocity or superstition might play important role on to convince people. I gave some tips about it. I hope you like it.

steem-python tips #1 - Calculating power-ups!

@emrebeyler: Powering up is a process on steem blockchain where you convert your liquid STEEMs to Steem Power. Every time an account powers up, it broadcast a "transfer_to_vesting" operation to the network.

Blockchain Bachelor’s Thesis – Information Overflow and How to Deal with It

@fingersik: This year (actually in about 4 months) I’ll have to present my Bachelor’s thesis. What does that mean for me? It means that I will have to spend hundreds of hours doing research, summing the knowledge up and finally writing down the outcome. What will I receive for it? The biggest advantage is that I’ll have deeper understanding of how to deal with information overflow, thus making myself a more efficient human being. What about Blockchanizing the Bachelor’s thesis through Steemit though?


Everything You Need To Know About Niches - Level Up Your Blog Podcast

@jrswab: In this weeks' episode of the Level Up Your Blog podcast we dive deep into the art of the niche. The episode was recorded live on the @minnowsupport's MSP Waves Radio this past Wednesday at 12 am UTC (Tuesday for everyone behind UTC like myself). The next show will be Wednesday, March 7th at the same time (Tuesday, March 6th for the US).

Travel Pro Tip #28: How to Live Travel Pro! Inspired by @jedau. Part Two, Work for Your Money or Have Your Money Work for You!

@world-travel-pro: In this ongoing series our very own "World Travel Pro" explains in detail how to live the life of a long term budget traveler. Here in part two he goes into further discussion of the kind of investments which lead to free time to live life how you want to. He also talks about the difference of living life "Travel Pro" compared to living the life of a "Digital Nomad".

Create A Digital Marketing Plan That Can Help Your Business Grow

@jaff8: A digital marketing plan is much more like a road map that one needs from time to time. Plans are so invaluable, anyone who wants to succeed definitely needs to take some time to plan. A good marketing plan will help in increasing your business' search engine optimisation, and also the web traffic.

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