Curangel curation compilation March 10, 2020

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Curator @anggreklestari

no preview
THE LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS: The Carnot Cycle, Diesel Engine, Refrigerators and Heat Pumps.
The CookWithUs Contest, Food photography: Alternative birthday cake
How to make a dress for a baby born doll
A garden of 3000 plums built by a Japanese general
Farmers Market Lo Mein with Tempeh {Vegan}
Acai Maca Rice cream with fruits (ENG/ PT/ DE)
Mindful Monday - Peace of Mind
Handcrafted Ghost Pepper Liquor
My Sneaky Reapers!
In the land of elephants
no preview
Sri Lanka Sehenswürdigkeiten Top 10 Unsere Erfahrung Sri Lanka Reisetipps Teeplantagen - Wasserfall

Curator @ewkaw

Sweet Dream Little Red. - Art illustration
Emergency Room Visit After Periwinkle Poisoning
Everything Is Cool In The Countryside
Die Wisente des Donaumooses Teil 14: Der Kampf / The European Bison of the Danube Moss Part 14: The fight
Crashing Financials, Oil Prices and... I Need Gas for my Lawnmower!
Arcilla roja y castañas -España
📷 DIY Slide Project / Gallery : Slide #13 /
A P-word Collection
(english) drawing a beautiful mermaid with photoshop (on video too)
Mis inicios en el cuidado de Orquídea - Dendrobium Crumenatum

Curator @fmbs25

Crazy Ideas| A WeekEndFreeWrite
Selección random de fotos

Curator @galenkp

Corona Virus Interactive Map
I Wish I Had As Much Luck Fishing As The Osprey
Lego Collection Post #1
YouTube of the 2000's - a Magnificent Era of Video Creation

Curator @jasonrussell

Many Edges

Curator @m31

12 Grasses for that Meadow Garden Look in Zone 5 or 6
5 More Curb-Salvaged Items Sold For $623 In The Last 24 Hours! (31 Pounds Saved)
The great bullfrog

Curator @nikv

My New Adventure Making An "Aeroponics System" by Sunscape
Insect Day in Insect Pub
Welcome to part 3. A sketchy little cottage the penultimate penultimate stop on this road trip round North Wales
Needlework Monday - Granny Squares Afghan
The Pillowcase-Quilted Bag
Knitting Planting Flooding Ulog
Fun with Felt
[Prague] Charles Bridge and River Vltava
Full Moon with Tealc and the orb.
"Arting with the Grandkid" by Richard F. Yates
Romanesque art and the legend of Alexander the Great
Ink sketch of Edrio “Two Tubes” from Rogue One

Curator @ritch

The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 71) -
[Digital Art] Covered Face / [Arte Digital] Cara cubierta
La música en sus ojos

Curator @ritxi

Ve zdravém těle zdravý duch
Akihabara - Tokyo's favorite district among fans of manga, anime and computer games.
Sculpture In Barcelona
Hike #66: Windows Loop And Turret Arch Moab

Curator @tarazkp

figure of speech, March

Curator @tazi

LANZAROTE PART 3-Grand Tour (Green Lagoon,Camels & VOLCANO land Timanfaya)
I haven't stopped all day, so much shopping, now i can start on planting seeds for my garden.🌼🌺
My travel journal - Italy

Curator @the01crow

Retro Review - Tobal 2
How to spend 2 steem wisely?
A Witch in my Garden: A beautiful butterfly Ostrinotes Haltions // Una Bruja en mi Jardín: Una hermosa mariposa Ostrinotes Halciones [EN][ES]
no preview
Night and Daytime Monochromatic Captures. - Photo gallery

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Thank you @curangle for your continued support and thanks @galenkp for curating this post.

Hey Sweed, you're very welcome.

I hope things are going ok for you guys at this troubled time. It's a little crazy around the world huh?

Be well.

G-dog. 🙂


A little crazy for sure my friend. Being up here in the mountains with people far a few between I feel like we are safer then most. Our concern is for our children and grand children. Having a daughter and a son who both work in the medical field, and are on the front line as this plays out, adds a little more trepidation to this situation. Many people thought that I was a little nuts when I purchased 600 meals about a year ago from a company Food4Patriots. This purchase doesn't seem so crazy anymore. My kids are telling me about some of the crazy shit going on back in Jersey. Super market shelves are already void of many of the essentials as people are starting to panic. They have all been told that if things get out of hand they are all welcomed to come and stay with us as long as necessary, I guess it is a good thing that along with the main house, I built each one of them their own cabin.
One of my daughter-inlaws is a teacher and her school was closed down yesterday. My son is already thinking about coming up early next week after he gets some things in order. They have 3 children.
I understand that it's not time to panic, but it gives both Robin and I a lot of comfort knowing that we have a safe haven for all of them if the situation worsens. Thanks for your concern @galenkp and thanks once again for the engage tokens, your generosity is very humbling.

It's a crazy time and yet to get crazier I think. It is a good reminder of how a little preparation can be beneficial. I think things will get worse before they get better and then the fallout will endure for some time to come.

I hope you guys stay safe.

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Thanks for the curation and support! 🌺 🌺 🌺

Thank you so much for the support! :)

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