I Wish I Had As Much Luck Fishing As The Osprey

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Ospreys can be found around: salt-marshes, rivers, ponds, reservoirs, estuaries. Their nests are placed in the open on poles, channel markers, and dead trees, often over water.
The Osprey can have a wing span up to 71 inches.


This is the only picture that I did not capture, all of the other photos were taken while vacationing in Florida, The relevance of this photo is the nesting pole which was man made. With dwindling habitat, 80% of all nesting perches have been constructed by man. Platforms built like this one have helped to reestablish Ospreys in areas where they had disappeared. Ospreys add to their nest every year and nests 10–13 feet deep and 3–6 feet in diameter are common and are big enough for a human to sit in.


This North American raptor thrives almost exclusively on a diet of fish. They have a unique ability to dive into the water feet first to catch their prey with their huge talons. Menhaden are one of the Osprey's most common fish they will stalk. Menhaden are commercially harvested for lobster bait, vitamins, fertilizer, and more. Over 80% of commercially caught Menhaden are caught because of the abundance of omega 3 fish oil found in them. Due to the ever growing popularity of vitamins containing fish oil, the Menhaden population has been steadily declining. With this particular fish on the decline, the next hurdle for the Osprey will be a lack of food.


The Osprey has rebounded to an estimated breeding population of 500,000 world wide. Their comeback can be attributed to the building of nesting poles and the ban on the pesticide DDT. DDT was banned in the US in 1972.
Pesticides poisoned the birds and thinned their eggshells

IMG_0838 (2).JPG

During its 15-to-20-year lifetime, an Osprey may fly more than 160,000 miles.


The name "Osprey" is a Latin phrase for "bird of prey" (avis prede).


These last two pictures were taken earlier on during our vacation in Florida. I was hoping to get some more photos of this magnificent bird while we were in Fort Meyers, Florida.


I had to wait several weeks until I was lucky enough to spot another Osprey. The pictures of the Osprey feasting on his most recent catch were taken after we crossed the state of Florida while we were in Daytona Beach, which is located on the Atlantic Ocean side of the state. I was sitting on our balcony when I spotted another Osprey, off in the distance.
After grabbing my camera, and zooming in, this beautiful raptor ate part of his meal before flying off with the partially eaten bird in its talons. After capturing these pictures, I excitedly shared them with @farm-mom, and we both basked in the glory of some #amazingnature.


#farm-mom just recently turned me onto this amazing contest run by @adalger, and I'm so glad she did. I would also like to thank @melinda010100 for her continued efforts with #featheredfriends.


Bah!!! Had a long post and poof! It's gone. Long story short now, nice pics. If I could be any animal it'd be a peregrine falcon. They are some bad ass birds. Hope you guys enjoyed your time in the warm weather.

This is the second time I put this post together. Worked on it last night and was almost done. woke up this morning and went to finish it, and poof it was gone, frustrating as ever, I hear your pain. Thanks for stopping by @intothewild. Peregrine falcons are definitely bad ass, good choice.

Wow, an amazing picture series ! You caught them on picture in the exactly right moments ;) .. that's a great post ^^

Thanks @adalger. Right place at the right time, got a little lucky. The osprey had to sit there for several minutes, at times I thought he knew his picture was being taken. thank you for stopping by.


Beautiful bird! They do appear in my country as well, but don't think I ever saw one that close!

Happy to see you enter @adalger 's
Wonderful contest! ❤️
Your photos are fantastic! !Tip

Good morning @melinda010100. The amazing nature contest run bbeauty. @adalger is right up my alley. So much of what we do on the farm is centered around nature and all of its Thanks for the tip. your support and kind words are never taken for granted, Have a wonderful day!

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