"Arting with the Grandkid" by Richard F. Yates

in #art4 years ago (edited)

Today was another babysitting day, and I thought I'd try making some drawings...with the eight month old. It turns out, she was far more interested in TASTING the pens and cardboard than in putting the ink from the one onto the surface of the other.





I think, even if she didn't QUITE get what we were doing, just getting her exposed to and comfortable with making stuff is good. To teach her that she CAN make things (when she's old enough.) I always made things with my own kids (when they were still kids!), and they grew up confident and creative. (Coincidence???) Now'o'days, I only have my granddaughter two or three times per week, but I'll still try to get her into reading, music, and art, as much as I can while she's here.

Anywho, these are the pieces we made today. (They are all marker on found cardboard with digital embellishments and color.)


"Thunder and Lightning Storm"

"Saint-Like Monstrosity"

"Jellyfish Ghost"

And there you have it! Some fun, slobbery, wrinkled, digitally manipulated artwork and a handful of "performance" photos of the two of us...four, technically, counting the kittens...making these bits. I had fun! Hopefully, the kid did, too. I'm sure the little kid will get a little more out of these types of activities as she gets older! Still fun for me, now, though!

See you folks later!

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)


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