Announcing the Curangel Project - Curation Serving Everyone

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Happy #newsteem everyone!

Now that the blockchain is (hopefully) stable, and our own code is feature complete, we're happy to announce our official launch!

Curangel was born from the idea to provide an alternative to bid bots or vote automation for stakeholders which are not interested in curating themselves, but don't want to watch inflation eating up their stake either. We engage a motivated team of experienced curators to find undervalued deserving content, and share the received rewards 80/20 between delegators and curators.

For delegators, that means they will receive ~40% of their vote value paid out daily without having to do any work and still supporting the concept of proof-of-brain and a wide range of authors. In addition to that, they can use our website to propose overrated posts to downvote, lowering the rewards for those posts without having to be afraid of direct retaliation.

Our curation team has a lot more freedom than with other projects. We don't enforce certain formatting rules, arbitrary quality standards, or focussing on new accounts. We are aware that every curator has a different understanding of what an underrated post is, and trust their common sense. That does not mean that we will turn a blind eye on abuse or circle voting though, the suggestions are watched and we will regularly evaluate the work of our team members.

To fully support the consciousness change in the community that the changes in HF21 are intended to bring, content creators who used bidbots in the last 7 days can not be curated. So if you hope to get a vote from us, make sure you do not buy votes elsewhere!

If the concept appeals to you and you decide to delegate, register on our website to get access to the downvote tool.
Should you be interested in curation, or just want to hang out with a bunch of enthusiastic steemians, join our Discord

Let's all make steem great again!

The Curangel project is brought to you by witness @pharesim
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It sounds a great project and I will take a second read to take it more clear in my mind.. thank you for your very informative publication..!!

Interesting approach!

This is shiny. I had a strong feeling I'd be seeing services like this pop up. Also looks like a safe project to delegate to, when I need to take a break or be away for awhile. Nobody here could convince me to vote blindly or provide the funds to do so, no matter how well it paid, for nearly three years. At least with something like this I know I can turn my back for awhile and not come home to a frikkin' disaster. I'm rambling, whatever, good job!

Ideal if you plan to take a long walk in the hills and may not return for a little while 🏔🏕🗻

Yes indeed. And I appreciate the reference/inside joke thing you just did there.

😀 Define long, please.

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Ahahhahahhh! 😀

!giphy UMT

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" I had a strong feeling I'd be seeing services like this pop up."
You didn't see them popping up here over the past 3 years, and the incremental destruction of the community that came along with them?

You feel actual curation will destroy a community?

No, I don't think actual curation destroys the Steem community.

Could you please read the comment you left for me again, then explain exactly what you mean, in a way that actually makes sense?

I don't understand why you don't understand, but I don't need to, so don't worry about it.

Just so you know: I can tell you didn't understand the post. I can see that you've made a huge mistake. At this point I'm just messing with you to see how far you'll take it.

This isn't a bid bot or a paid vote service. I don't support those and know they've been nothing but a menace for quite some time. The intention here is honest curation. No different than if I went over to a post and upvoted, for free, because I saw something I liked.

You should check yourself before you wreck yourself. I can see what you're doing in the comment section here. Playing the role of doom and gloom extraordinaire all while spreading misinformation helps destroy communities.

Just honest curation, nothing more. Okay. So why did they make a post to announce that they were going to curate honestly, nothing more? What's the big announcement here? Why are people lining up to give them money? Are they not expecting some kind of monetary return for that?
Thanks for admitting you're just messing with the comment section though. I'll mute you so I don't have to misunderstand you again.

I don't understand why you don't understand what I don't understand.

I don't understand
Why you don't understand what
I don't understand.

                 - nonameslefttouse

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This is a simple curate trail where the operators take a 20% cut. lol

The content producers still see their full cut, which beats any bot or paid vote service in existence, by far, plus someone actually looked, instead of voting blindly, therefore deceasing the odds the system could be abused and shit content gets pushed to the top.

Why is it funny though, to give people a cut of the profits for curating, when that's what happens every time someone votes?

I run a delegation to upvote service that still pays out plus 16% per year to delegators.(not this account) This is the real alternative to bidding bots.

This curation trail going by steemworld stats has an avg efficiency and weighted avg of 50%, which is avg at best to be honest. Further more, it is projected to make around 90 STEEM per day in curation rewards which is a miserable 6.5% per year on a half million SP balance and that's before operators take their 1-2% cut as well. My true alternative earns 25 STEEM per day in curation from a 50k SP balance and use's 90% of the curation rewards to power up the bot through leasing extra SP to ensure members/delegators get the best ROI possible.
2 minutes on steemworld and shows a wealth of information. I was very interested when i first seen this project as it was featured so i thought it was something special and new. That lasted about 30 seconds, its pretty easy to see it's an old idea with some........

Your service supports content producers? Could you share a few links to this content or direct me to the account doing the upvoting please.

Also. Could I see some proof of 16%? Could you show me last year's results?


A 1000 SP delegation gets a daily 33% upvote from CryptoSicko. This is currently worth 0.20 STU.

0.20 STU converts to 0.49 in STEEM rewards. If a delegator were to post everyday for 1 year, they would earn 178.85 STEEM on a non leap year which is 17.8% per year plus an additional 22.5 STEEM for 1 years STEEM inflation. Last time i worked out 30 days then 12 months which is only 360 days. Here's my avg's.

Not trying to be a hater are anything, i just dont like that is being branded as an alternative bidding bot when it clearly a curation trail. I use all members delegated SP plus 90% of curation rewards to fund extra SP through leases. This is the true alternative to bidding bots.

Like I had stated already. In three years, nobody here could convince me to vote blindly or provide the funding to do so. A had stated I'd feel comfortable delegating to curangel, while away (meaning I'm not posting and most likely far away from an internet connection) because they're offering actual curation. I can trust they wouldn't be applying my name or funds to garbage and there's a better chance someone who's producing quality will also power up and hold some, meaning I'm not contributing to selling pressure. A lot of folks who sign up to these voting pyramids like you're offering often do it and ditch those rewards once received, but not always.

Also, by the sounds of it, your operation can't scale. That's only 30 votes per day, roughly; the voting power must have time to charge. How would you manage those numbers if you had more than the current 45? As it stands now you can't keep up with demand offering a 33% vote daily. The more who come, the less they'll get.

What you're attempting isn't anything new. You're offering a simple handout after receiving delegation. These things are often abused, much like bid bots.
Soon enough those recipients will shit post, since the money is guaranteed, some may get downvoted. You lose again, simply because there's nobody monitoring it. There's no guarantee on those leases either.

I'm more interested in something that would encourage content producers to perform well, especially when it's my money involved. I'm looking at your list and already see one name that was once busted for art fraud (I was the one who busted him), well known bidbot abuser and copy/paster. Offering "easy money" often attracts scum, but not always. If I'm delegating, I'm doing it because I'm away, and I want to ensure that money goes to someone who deserves it, since it's called a "reward." I'm not interested at all in finding ways to extract tokens out of the "reward" pool as if we're mining. A lot of folks here frown upon that behavior (not all) and if it's deemed to be abusive, in come the free downvotes, since we now have a method to take care of these things.

I'm not saying what you're doing is shit, I'm simply not interested. It wouldn't make sense for me, at all. My solo efforts brought in 370 STEEM this past week, plus many more Steem Engine tokens. Posting quality and curating manually with my own SP gained from posting quality beats these little get rich quick schemes every time. All I invested was time and don't have to place my trust in a middleman. And I'm not bragging. Half the time I'm dead tired, burnt out, like now. Sorry if I've repeated myself. Yours won't appeal to me ever though simply because I'd be looking for something trustworthy while I'm away, and not able to post daily. Leaving it up to curators instead of voting blindly is much like having a house sitter. I wouldn't have to worry about coming home and having my name plastered all over shit posts that got downvoted to nothing. I'm sure your service might appeal to some but keep in mind: There's all types here and we have different needs.

You make alot of fair points and i guess we each have our own steemit experience's dependent on whats happening in life.

CryptoSicko does not vote on people equally and scaling is not a problem. A 33% upvote is what someone that has 1000SP delegated receives. I have been running it almost a year now with most members upping levels. It's an upvoting bot and curation rewards are used to pay for extra SP leases. That's the difference and why ROI is so good for people that upload content everyday are at least 4 time per week.

This project maybe better fits your needs but i can you tell you there is better paying delegation projects out there. If you into it cause of a trust thing are you really wonna help support underrated project, than more power to you :)

It's my bedtime, 5am, haha. I have work tomorrow, there no get rich quick here my friend

It is (for now) the only alternative for those stakeholders who don't want to vote indifferently on content just for the ROI, those who want to support real content creators, those who realize that a 10%+ return on a token with an inflation rate <10% is not sustainable.
Your project isn't much different from bid bots. Stakeholders extract the value, while new users who provide the actual interesting content to the platform are left with scraps and thus do not have a reason to stay around. In the end it costs everyone, as those extractors create constant downward pressure on the price. If you have 5 or 50% ROI, when your token drops by 90% in value per year, you lose.
The operators don't take a cut btw. The 20% go to the manual curators, who are an equally important part for the success of the platform as content creators.

That sounds like a great initiative! Good luck with it!

Excellent initiative and a very healthy alternative to vote selling which is content indifferent and undermines the POB process we're founded on

I would love to see more of these projects kick into gear and compete against each other

Stakeholders can choose based on returns or content type etc. or perhaps diversify risk by spreading stake over multiple curation networks

I highly encourage all currently operating vote selling networks (bid bots, direct sellers etc.) to pivot their own businesses into this area

Thank you!
As much as I would love to see more manual curation, I doubt that it's possible to make a business out of it. Delegators will receive way less return from us than what they're used to, and for our curators it's more about the love of curation and steem in general than making money. So it's not feasible to take a cut from either of both.
Who knows. When bid bots become unprofitable and delegators accept that the ROI of the past won't come back, maybe. I've seen that some added manual curation in the mix to not lose their delegators as they don't seem to sell as much as before any more, that's a good first step for sure.

I agree

It's hard to tell where the economic equilibrium will eventually set but I'll definitely do my part to make curation competitive by making vote selling as unprofitable as possible.

I don't really expect manual curation will compete with automatic curation, but either is far and away superior to a vote selling market which completely undermines POB and is what I believe the only realistic outcome of the previous broken economic system.

Maybe in the future you could turn this into a more general project where multiple curators can sign up and charge whatever rates as they see fit as well as any principles they use 'eg Supporting art, supporting X community, maximizing ROI etc'. Then you can tally it all up and people can order them by their approaches or by proven post fees ROI. On the other side, stakeholders can choose whomever to delegate. If the place starts looking more honest, I imagine some stakeholders won't even be looking to maximize ROI and are somewhat willing to take a small ROI hit to support a voting initiative they believe in specifically.

Anyway this is a great pivot for our entire ecosystem. Let's make honest curation (be it manual or automatic or hybrid) the norm. Ultimately even in pure ROI, with free downvotes floating about bot curation will also have to adapt quickly to manual downvoting habits.

There are manual curations such as Steem Follower but the problem is no one uses them. How do you convince people to use them?

just like how there's a page that aggregates bid bots, in the future I'd imagine there to be a page that aggregates curators, lists their fees, ROI, specialization etc, and stakeholders can go and delegate/follow accordingly

Now that’s an awesome idea. I wonder how nobody had mentioned it till now. It would make everyone’s life easier. Brilliant

Glad to see the official announcement, I shall be delegating here soon enough 😎

bro you are also too good, you are supporting real content creators♥

Very much in the spirit of #newsteem!

Good luck with your curation project

This should change the game!

Haven't you already been doing this for over a year? I can't see the difference between this, cannacurate, and all the other vote buying services that already exist. What's new here?

Somewhat. But we are small fish, the key difference now is services like this will dominate over the corrupt bidbots that have dominated before. This project isran by people who actually care about all of steem,vs themselves and their bottom line

I notice they're also going to use the money to power up large downvotes, and members can suggest posts they think are overvalued. Kind of like a reverse FreezePeach.

Finally going after those fuckers who post shit, and use bid bots.

Sounds great, wishing you the best of luck with it. Will delegate once I'm done powering down and resteem this to get some interested curators to help as many have been wanting to join OCD lately.

When two trusted steemians resteem the same thing... I run there to see what it's all about! Thank you @taraz and @celestal for this :)

This is such an amazing way to get more content creators encouraged to create more and have the #newsteem buzzing with activities like busy hive it should be! I wish you all the best with the project!

Steemit deserves @curangel. I wish to grow my account and delegate some of my SP on you. Keep growing! ❤️

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This is the best thing I've seen on the platform for many months. I hope it is a roaring success. Well done @pharesim

I like the idea, curating everyday posts. Not sure about the whole downvote idea but you've been a solid witness for a long time and I think this project has the potential to benefit the community. 1000 SP delegated

I've just experienced the joy of being touched by a Steemit angel. Thanks ever so much for your kind upvote @curangel. Love the actual name Curangel too.

I love what you are trying to do and I'll see you in your Discord. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

I'm interested to understand how the rewards are made? Does delegators share the 80% curation reward pool according to their delegation? And for curators, are they rewarded individually or as a group? As that may drive them to curate quality high reward posts only, leaving many quality under valued post on the table. How is this issue addressed please? Thanks.

Yes, delegators share the rewards determined by their delegation.
Curators are rewarded individually. The system works with a queue, and the bot votes with a weight depending on queue lenght every time its voting power is at 100%. This was made to maximize creator rewards, but also prevents the issue you mentioned. Known high reward posts will have automated votes on them long before the post reaches the top of the queue. To maximize their rewards, curators have to find posts that have not yet been voted on but have the potential to draw more votes with the visibility boost our vote provides.

//1,2,3, gute Laune //

Grüße aus dem Saarland

I really like this idea, are there limits on delegation? ie: can I delegate to Curangel in addition to exisiting delegations or while waiting for the 5 day wait on the termination of my previous delegations?

I find the delegation process is still a bit confusing for newer users.

It sounds like Curangel's approach is best suited for the platform as a whole. Adoption is/would be limited if Steemit is clogged full of spammy content.

Every SP can of course only be delegated once.
You are free to delegate the amount which is displayed on as your "Vote Weight" (when your Voting Power is at 100%, if not correspondingly less. If you marked something for power down you have to substract that too).
It is always possible to raise an existing delegation by creating a new one with the old amount plus what you want to add.
You can remove parts of a delegation by creating a new one with less than you already delegated, or 0 to remove it all.

This is what we need in the #newsteem. Thanks for the effort.

Seems interesting.

But one thing that I don't like is giving posting key:

The website is a tool for curators and delegators. Registering doesn't make sense for anyone else.
Implementing keychain is being discussed, but as that requires the use of an extra app on mobile I'm still on the edge about it.

In the end it always comes down to trust, as without putting your keys in somewhere you couldn't use any webservice. If you use steemconnect, you have to trust the team behind that, if you use keychain you trust the author of the browser plugin or the mobile app. If you enter your key on a website you trust the creator of that site. In that case that's me.

Keychain and steemconnect are useful tools for sites with an unknown creator, as the trust is given to someone you or at least most of the community know. I like to think of myself as at least as trustworthy as anyone involved in those projects :D and personally I just feel better knowing that the security of a project published under my name doesn't depend on a 3rd party. Which it somehow still does, because of the javascript library for steem which I use, but that's taking things a bit too far now ;)

I can assure you that the keys are never sent to the server. Keeping those safe would be a responsibility I wouldn't want to take. It's not my first app for steem, and previous ones (Steemdice r.i.p., even require the active key.
You don't have to take me by my word, all my code is published on github, so anyone who can read it can check there. Or just get the javascript files directly from their browser, as it doesn't necessarily have to be the same as on github (they are here, but that's again a trust issue if you don't check for yourself). Also, anyone can press F12 in their browser, go to the network tab, and see what data is transmitted.

Great, movements like this make good content creators could get worth income from worth people.

Wow, fabulous initiative! At a minimum I'll be participating with a delegation!

I must be missing something, Josh! What's fabulous here?

It's a place for people to delegate steem to for manual curation that will return an ROI, as an alternative to bid bots.

I do have concerns as to what their standards will be, but we shall see how it shakes out.

We just started assembling the team less than 2 weeks ago, and good curators are hard to find. Applicants are vetted, but I'm pretty sure there will be issues down the line. We try to be as transparent as possible though. The daily compilation posts contain a detailed list which curator voted on which posts, and if you find any patterns on there that worry you we're happy about hints!

To be honest I have no idea what it is about.
In easy to.understand English...
I delegate SP to you and you decide what good content or undervalued is?
And you downvote too?


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A group of volunteers curates for a small share. Downvotes have to be initiated by the delegators.

"Downvotes have to be initiated by the delegators."
It SOUNDS LIKE (but I may be wrong) you are borrowing people's money to form a massive upvote/downvote tool, giving investors access to huge downvotes. Which is essentially selling downvotes. Yea? (Serious question.)

I am not curating, the only money I get out of this is what I receive for my own delegation. The same share as any other delegator. It does not get more when others delegate. How is this selling anything?

WOOT! Great vision and I hope to see this project take to the sky on its wings. :D

@pharesim @curangel you are a fantastic man :D
This is a very good option rather than using bidbots which are unregulated.

Sounds like a damn fine idea @pharesim, I'll be sending you a delegation soon.

Kicked a little delegation your way. I hope this project takes off and is a shining example for others to follow.

I wish you the greatest of success

Informative article.... thanks for sharing

I think this is an excellent idea and will definitely help purify the steem community. I hope some famous steemians in CN community will join! @joythewanderer @rea @oflyhigh @sweetsssj @ericet

Hello @curangel! You are fabulous!

command: !thumbup is powered by witness @justyy and his contributions are:
More commands are coming!

Curious about this project! Wanna dig a bit!


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Will there also be a vote trail for Curangel?

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You can use tools like steemauto to trail the vote if you want to support it that way. Just consider that we will be giving out a lot of votes daily - the last compilation contained 78 entries, and it will hopefully become more in the future.

Also, is there a way to design this to be based on shared posting authority and trails, with maybe a way to randomizing voting order? Or some method other than direct delegation?

Because direct delegations currently prevent stakeholders from using their downvotes which are a crucial tool to keeping people honest.

Trailing is already possible via steemauto or similar services, I don't have plans to integrate something similar in the near future.

The downvote issue has been addressed though. Delegators can register to the website and suggest posts to downvote. The weight of the downvote depends on their delegation in relation to the other suggestions. The clou is that we always use our full power - and as not all delegators suggest posts all the time, the resulting downvote will be stronger than what one could achieve with his own stake alone.

Yes, but the other trails don't randomize order which can really affect curation returns

I see, so there's a sort of downvote democracy in play. Thanks

Oh, I didn't know that. They should. @steemauto, please! ;)

That was awesomely fast! Thank you so much!

Soon ;)

Welcome to Steem curangel! Partiko is officially the fastest and most popular mobile app for Steem. Unlike other Steem apps, we take 0% cut of your earnings! You can also be rewarded with Partiko Points while using Partiko and exchange Partiko Points for upvotes!

Partiko for Android can be downloaded here on Google Play and the iOS version is available here on the App Store.

If you have more questions, feel free to join our Discord channel and ask, we're always here to help!

Thank you so much for your interest!

Hi and welcome here! When I started on steemit, my biggest problem was to find interesting people to interact with. So, to help newcomers getting started I created a directory with other interesting and or talented steemians to follow or interact with. Feel free to check it out at I am sure it will help you find like-minded people. Enjoy your stay here and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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Thanks for the post.

numbers ?

as in "do you have a page that updates on the tickers on what i get per 100 sp delegated ?"

if you say "its not about the money" i probably misunderstood and you're staking vampires ... numbers ? do you have them ?

sounds questions from my perspective, im sorry , but ... what are your criteria for "undervalued content" , and most of all what's your protection from downvoting by whale-conglomerates (forming up at this very moment) since a downvoted post to zero will get no rewards if im not mistaken so your shareholders would get a share of zero in that case or are you a whale - conglomerate ? lol yea but you know how many ive seen pass by here ?

so do you have number, please, with no ill-intent on my side but i need to see numbers to decide, im not rich enough to be maecenas

also , will you be downvoting ? in the name of the holy content grail and the wallets of the top 20 so the price only goes down when THEY sell off, will you be downvoting ?

I like to see these answers questioned too. For some reason I have the feeling this is a whale project and the undervalued will be in the higher levels.

Is undervalued each post less as 20 Steem or.

I thought I was the only one with questions and my English is too bad to understand what it is exactly about since the other comments are all so positive. 🤔

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Maybe you should have taken the positive comments as a hint. But sure, downvoting a post you don't understand is always an option too :D

Or downvoting it because there is no clarity and answer given to questions which rise and are avoided and this is the next bid bot in an other jacket. Not meant for those who need it with, good writer who are really undervalued but the top again?

Thanks for the straight answer

Think whatever you want, I don't feel the need to explain myself or my intentions to you after those unfounded accusations combined with the downvote. If you want someone to answer your questions, treat them with a minimum of respect.
My own track record as well as the mission and the actions of this project are transparently visible on the chain, if you really care do your own research.

Of course you do not need to explain what you mean. It is your post.


a great sign of how downvotes create nothing but enmity and are in the end bad for the whole system, not in the least because they prevent outside big brands from looking at this place like attractive . It's an elitist place in the upper ranks , its as decentralized as and the fortune-20 (top 20 witnesses deciding for everyone) and the positive comments you see on whale-accounts (the always - positive comments will be mostly people sucking up for a vote , secondly hang-arounds who help out with the promotion of the propaganda and third : so called orcas or a few dolphins who would like to pretend they are whales just like the whales here pretend they're whales in the big ocean, not just sharks in a very little pond , steemit is not very big on a global scale but the internal hype makes it look a lot more important than it is. And yes, i think over time the ones hurting the most will be the big earners because frankly, personally for myself i dont see much difference between getting 10 cents or 5 or 6 cents or 3 for a post (and i certainly dont see how i would be draining anything with that while powers down at a rate of 50.000 dollars per week last time i checked ...
but @wakeupkitty, its not up to me ofcourse to tell you what to do with your steem and steempower, but i find its best to simply NOT downvote anything at all, ever ... no matter what it is , if you don't like someone just put them on ignore and that's that you'll never see them again and you dont get into these pointless discussions that lead nowhere but to so-called flag wars don't know what your native language is id guess chinese by the name on the profile, if that's the case there's plenty of community here who will help you out with the english and such. Its a face that there's still a few americans left who feel the internet reaches from the eastcoast to the west and beyond that you just fall off the planet and a sad fact among them are people with influence ... i can't really remember the names of the chinese hubs but ive seen them, im sure you'll find if you look around its not that big here, sorry for the late reply , im way behind on life itself, so steemit is not really priority


heh, would actually be nice to have a massive chinese top-20 witness for a counterweight , maybe Jack Ma or something lol ... in which case maybe Justin Tron can take over ... he sure as hell seems to be a lot better at selling air than they are , no offense , Justin, i really <3 the stunt with buffett (although im not sure he did) and well, if we're talking about the future of STEEM, not just -it we should be considering all options, assuming "the community" truly belongs to everyone

I agree with most you are saying. Hard I find it to accept so many are wiped out without anyone doing something, fight back. Big fish write bad content too.

How can you put someone on ignore? What is the difference between flagging (never did that) and doenvoting?
I am not downvoting around the clock, not even daily and I am not on the search for posts. I also do not intend to devote out of revenge or because I do not like the subject. It still can be good content and if so I say it.

I am kind of shocked about the amounts Steemit inc powers down a week. Since Steem is so low it all sounds like they lost their faith too.

If the whales leave... I wonder if Steemit will make it.

I will think your over your tips and see what is possible for me with my slow connection. Thanks for your concern. I wish you luck 💕

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Did you even read the post? All your questions are answered there.

RTFM ... you people seem to have the notion anyone on the planet can just waltz inhere and do that ... 99% of the planet doesnt know what an SMT is, and curation will be a strange concept too btw, the chinese also call it that , Valve also calls it that when starting up in China ... stakes are for killing vampires and betting ...
elitist and you dont even notice but you yank about the masses in that little chatroom as if they have some kind of duty to the happy few ... SO ... without further ado , at the risk of being stalked by the cartels or that bitch from L.A. or that patrice retard or steemnazis for a month again ...
to prevent further damage
i see by now you're a pretty skilled lobbyist and a great diplomat .. let's leave it there. Reminds me a bit of asking questions on stackoverlords or in steemdevs ...

lets not say elitist and ,
just leave it there cos this is going nowhere good otherwise ...


so 'leave it there' means its best we stop talking and implies no more reactions actually, because that's best because nothing good will come off of it but more elitist remarks ... so please don't , that's the whole point of "just leave it"

there's a reason why communities exist ... they grow orginacally (as opposed to artificially / created in some place here) simply because we can NOT all get along . That's the very reason why communities exist ... more like the cause, i hate the word reason ... by elitist i mean the assumption that everyone can simply understand you without explanation or by googling it because everyone speaks english and chinese and knows both von neumann logic and the bible of satoshi by heart, has a copy of the steemit whitepaper on their bedroom wall and from dusk till dawn does nothing that's not crypto-related so, by "just leave it" i mean don't do it or you'll embarass yoursels with
YET ANOTHER ELITIST REMARK ... (in case that needed explanation or researching)
I'm tempted, but i'm trying hard to stay out of pointless, you're probably good friends with ojou-sama overhere and there thinking she's doing the lords work as the devil's advocate while she's nothing but insulting to "the masses" she so desperately needs us to onboard ...

let's leave it there, a lot less stress ...

Damn, yeah, life is hard when you got to do your own research!

Why is this a featured post?

Is it not simply a curation trial that pays out daily STEEM?

Is this new? - NO
Is it is alturnative to a bidding bot? - NOT EVEN CLOSE
Is a 20% cut fair? - NO
Is there better ways to make more on the STEEM blockchain - 100% YES

My guess is this project will do well based on the fact it can get featured post status with a 300-400 post that reply's a an old idea in new packagings.

I assume it got featured because someone at Steemit liked the concept.
Which other curation project pays the rewards back to the delegators?
What would you consider a fair share for the curators?

I just checked your project, and now I see where you're coming from. "Extracting value out of Steem Power" with a target apr of 20%. You and your kind are certainly not who we address. This is a project for people who care about the community, #newsteem is not about taking the biggest part of the pie, but making the pie itself bigger.
Don't worry, we're no competition for you. We don't sell anything :)

if i were you i would not talk about your ROI numbers :)

What are you trying to say? Why not?
I get the same as any other delegator to curangel. The numbers aren't out yet, but I expect around 7-8%. No problem talking about that, it's visible on the blockchain and an information future delegators should know.

@curangel Not clear to me, Profitable or Not?

Thanks for the post.

I never knew @pharesim had a made a lot of things here on steem. as i read this post i voted Him back and known as one of my favorite witnesses..

Great job keep up the good work.. Stay Bless and be the Blessing to all steem nations.

Welcome to Steemit curangel. The official FAQ can be found here and has A LOT of information - Also remember, Steemit is just ONE of the sites built that uses Steem the blockchain. You should also check out DTube and DSound for starters and if you're a gamer, Splinterlands! There are many other cool apps but I can't list them all here, there's just too many! But I'd also like to mention Steempeak, it's a better blogging platform that has a lot of cool features. The latest project you should also check as a new member is a palnet! Welcome to the blockchain! :) Oh, and if you're interested in creating your own tokens or smart contracts, check Steem engine!

Welcome curangel!
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So it's a bitbot, where you pay money to buy upvotes.
Why is this featured? To notify everybody to get their downvotes ready to combat this new abuse of the reward pool? Those who pay, get upvotes, and those who don't, don't?

Where the f*** did you read that anyone pays us for votes?

The service is upvotes. The recipients are those who sent you money.

No. No one sends curangel money to upvote their posts. Curangel curators choose posts to upvote. Curation rewards are split between curators and delegators.

"Curangel curators choose posts to upvote."
That's how I do things, too. Isn't that how almost everybody does things, and isn't that how the blockchain is intended to be used?
So.... if curangel is just another account, upvoting posts exactly the same way everybody else is, why is this post featured?
I'm honestly trying to figure this out. I've never used or looked into bid bots or vote buying. I'm a simple content-creator here. From my perspective I can't understand what makes this curangel account special, worthy of having their intro post featured, worthy of already loaning half a million STEEM to, worthy of all the praise and fanfare.

There are many stakeholders out there who simply have no time to curate themselves. They can choose to autovote accounts without ever checking the quality of those posts and trusting authors being consistent with the post quality they produce and probably also means that many accounts who have not established themselves yet go unnoticed, they can delegate to bidbot services that I truly hope will die soon, they can just delegate to curation projects without any return or they can now delegate to a project like this and have a percentage of return from delegating.

Curangel rewards authors with delegated stake votes, it rewards curators for finding posts and supporting quality content that they find manually and check for abuse, not excluding older or newer accounts, and it awards delegators.

Thanks for replying. Everything you're saying about curangel could also be said about me, or any other account here. I'm trying to find out what makes it different from every other account, why people just sent it half a million STEEM, and why this post got featured by Steemit.

You've told me that curangel is an account that will curate posts manually, upvoting posts that need more rewards, and downvoting posts that need less rewards. Like I said, that's how all curation is meant to be on the Steem blockchain. It's certainly how I've always done it, and how I plan to continue doing it. That's not a reason to feature a particular account's post, and not a reason for fanfare. That's how we should ALL be curating, right?

And you've also told me people can loan money (delegate STEEM) to curangel, increasing the size of its upvotes and downvotes. But people can loan money to me, or you, and increase the size of our upvotes and downvotes, too. What makes curangel different from every other account? Why did this post get featured, and why are people flocking to loan them money?

I'm not trolling you or anyone. I'm actually after these answers. Thanks.

Yes, in an ideal steem world everyone would curate themselves. That's not what's happening though. A lot of stakeholders have no interest in doing that, but still want to get a share of the reward pool, which is why they delegate to bid bots.
This project gives them an alternative. They give up a bit of the returns they could get in other ways, because others do the curation work for them, but they can be sure that their stake isn't used to upvote vote buyers and in this way maybe they hurt the platform less.

The difference between every other account is that - it's a service targeting those who want something back for their delegation. With the infrastructure behind it to do it in a big way.

It was featured by Steemit, because it's the first curation group sharing its rewards with the ones fueling it. Newsteem is all about reducing the domination of bid bots, and this project is a part of it.

420k of the delegations are my personal stake btw, and quite a bit of the rest comes from members of the group.

Delegations are not a loan. We don't use the stake for ourselves, as all rewards are paid out.

That was my last reply to you. If you still don't want to understand that's fine - there will always be "that one guy" I guess? Congratulations for being him!

Again, where did you read anything about sending money to us? Maybe the "do not buy votes elsewhere" part? That could probably be misinterpreted, but only by a very sloppy reader imo...

@pharesim how i can join the site is not working ? i tried a lot

I had no problem logging in on
If you're looking for a place to delegate that offers good returns on delegation + contributes to a growing STEEM price, then this is one of the better options right now imo.

The recipients are anyone who makes content that the curation team of @curangel likes. Maybe read the information at to get a better understanding.

The given website is not working please check it again

So ummmm a bidbot that only accepts delegation.


Welcome to steemit @curangel.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!