The State of the Sndbox Monthly Thumbnail Competition #12! [Upvote Prize Pool]

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Today we’re hosting our 12th monthly thumbnail competition for State of the Sndbox! Each Week Sndbox does a newsletter - State of the Sndbox - to update the Steemit community on our progress and ongoing work. This monthly competition gives Steemians an opportunity to showcase their creativity as the face of the newsletter.

Our exciting first round, second round, third round, fourth round, fifth round, sixth round, seventh round, eighth round, ninth round, tenth round, and eleventh had amazing submissions and we want to keep this competition going as a monthly tradition. It's a fun opportunity to flex your creative muscles and also discover artists within the Steem community.


  • Previous winner of July’s Newsletter @ggcarlosr

Every Steemian is invited to submit a thumbnail / landing image using a few parameters (outlined below). The top submissions will receive big Sndbox upvotes and the winner’s image will be featured for each week of August’s State of the Sndbox posts!


Competition Rules

To be eligible for prizes, you must follow these simple instructions-

  • Design a landing image that is 1000 pixels x 600 pixels, uses the @sndbox color palette and has the title “State of the Sndbox” clearly legible.

  • Publish a personal post using the image, describing a bit of the inspiration, have “State of the Sndbox Competition Entry” as part of the post title, and use #sndbox in the tags so that we can find and upvote you!

  • Share your image with a link to your post in the comments below.

  • Deadline is Tuesday, July 31, 2018 5:00pm EST. Earlier submissions are recommended to receive more exposure! We will reveal the winner in the following State of the Sndbox post.

Voting Prizes

With the cumulative weight of our curation trail and delegation power, we’re able to support many more entries from the broader and creative Steemit public! Standings are determined by the Sndbox community and prizes will be as follows -

  • First Place = 100% Upvote - The winner’s image will be used on the following month’s State of the Sndbox posts. We will credit your name wherever we use your work!

  • Second Place = 50% Upvote

  • Third, Fourth and Fifth Place = 20% Upvote each

ALL completed entries will receive a 1-5% upvote. Only posts that meet the requirements listed above are eligible for a vote. Everyone is invited to submit! Have fun, and best of luck!

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Here's my entry for the contest.
And the link to my post:
Good luck to all participants! ^.^

Oh, wow! I wish you would get 1st place prize for that!

Oh, thank you, @dunsky! No no, there're many great artists here (including you ;) ). Let the best on wins. ;) ^.^

Wow.. good job. This is the winner too

wow, thank you, @munadikiehl! Glad you like it! ^.^ Here are some really great entries (my personal favorites are @midlet, @dunsky and @gabynnette) so I'm hoping they like mine as well. ^.^

Hi! Here is my entry.

Sndbox Monthly Thumbnail.jpg

Wow, wonderful entry. I wish to see you win the contest 👏

Thanks a lot for your support, @donefezy! :)

Thanks for another awesome contest guys! Here's my submission
And a link to my post about it.

Great entry, @midlet! Wish you all the best in the contest! ^.^
Wow, I feel so strange to compete with you and @dunsky. (you're like my friends on Steemit, I prefer working with you, instead of competing XD).

Haha @katalinaooma, I like to think of it as we're all working together to help @sndbox have a cool thumbnail, it's all in good fun :) And I'm with @dunsky, yours is my favorite so far, it's beautiful, but also a really strong read of the text. Great job!

Oh, thank you, @midlet! That's a great way to think of the competition, I like it! ;)
I had a hard time deciding whether to use the "Sndbox" text two times on the canvas and on which word I should emphasize more. Also because the woman is unbalancing the whole composition, decided to add a white frame. It doesn't look like a complex work, but had so much thinking and planning during the process. XD

Was waiting to have time for participations for ages! Here is my submission

Oh, this is so cute! I love it! ^.^

Thank you so much ❤️

This is the winner :D

😅 Haha, no no, @katalinaooma submission is the winner

Haha.. you and @katalinaooma is the best.

Here is My submission for the contest

Can One person can try several times or One person can submit One Design?

I like it this good art and beautiful [email protected] sir..

Thanks for you and most welcome to @sndbox sir..

@sndbox, your projects are amazing. Thank you for scouting and rewarding Arts talents.

An exciting competititon. Unfortunately, I do not have the capacity in that field. So, I just became the audience only @sndbox.

I wish i was clever enough to do this, looks like fun :)

what a creativity!!!
happy journey

Thanks for this awesome information @sndbox, I have informed Indonesian Community in my current post as well. Regards from Indonesia.

@sndbox it's a great initiative. thanks a lot for this.

Wish me best of luck @sndbox bcoz i am abkut to participate.

love to know it

Amazing Great works ! :)

resteemed ^^

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^