The State of the Sndbox Monthly Thumbnail Competition #12: Entry

in sndbox •  4 months ago

Hi Steemit friends…
As you may have seem on my previous post:

I am participating on the 12th monthly thumbnail competition for State of the @Sndbox! This time I decided to go back to basic! I wanted to create a very clear, elegant but colorful thumbnail…

I had some trouble finding out my selection for this participation, but asking my audience (family and friends) and making coherency with my original intention… the final result is this:

SNDBOX AGST11112_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg


Inspired on a scratched background with the @sndbox color’s.
The lines are attracted to text like for some kind of magnetism. Different kinds of lines in width, length and color, just like all of us which are taking part of the sndbox´s family.



I am adding one of the other options I made, because it is like a variation of the same concept.

bonus_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg

Hope you enjoy it them… Thanks for your support
And… once again wish me luck!!

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