State of the Sndbox Thumbnail Competition [July Winners]

in art •  7 months ago

Thank You Artists of Steemit!

Last week, we opened up our 12th competition round of the State of the Sndbox Thumbnail competition. All Steemians were invited to compete for voting prizes and the winner would have their entry used as the cover of our July newsletters.

As always, we received tons of fantastic entries and we’re excited to present them to you-

First Place @ggcarlosr [100% Upvote]

Congrats to @ggcarlosr for the winning entry! Just the perfect thing for the everchanging Steem landscape and something that really resonates with our backgrounds as architects. Well done!

Read the original post here.

Second Place @edxserverus [50% Upvote]

Congrats to @edxserverus! Very different from what we've seen so far and quite possibly the most vibrant entry yet. And yes, working in crypto can often feel like a massive hunt!

Read the original post here.

Third - Fifth Place [20% Upvote]

Congrats to @happysku.

Read the original post here.

Congrats to @ggabogarcia.

Read the original post here.

Congrats to @gabynnette.

Read the original post here.

Honorable Mentions

Thank you @karenthfer!

Read the original post here.

Thank you @mbell!

Read the original post here.

Thank You Everyone!

We have had some incredible entries for our July Thumbnail Competition. A big congratulations to @ggcarlosr for the winning entry and an every bigger thank you to everyone who submitted. Stay tuned for next month!

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Awesome work Carlos!!!


Thanks @andrejcibik for stopping by to see the works and to comment here. See you soon with another delivery for @sndbox

Great! I like this variant from @ggabogarcia so much:


@dunsky Thanks a lot :). I really enjoyed this competition, there are very good jobs :), Congratulations to @ggcarlosr. Very grateful to @sndbox, I'll be back for the next :)


The noise make very cool effect. I used to use it, but stopped. I should try again :)


You are a great also your work was great @ggabogarcia. I thought you would be the winner

You are really so great post.
I appreciate your art.
Thank for sharing this blog .
Best of luck@Sndbox sir..

Great post my friend and steemit information . Thinks

thanks @sndbox for the opportunity to the entire community of designers and illustrators that are in steemit. I Love Design...

Love the contour lines, congratulations to all the winners.

how can I participate in this challenge, is there a post that explain that? please let me know!. Thank you very much!

Thank you very much @sndbox. this second place means a lot to me. next month I will try harder and create something unique and original