State of the Sndbox Thumbnail Competition [May Winners]

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Thank You Artists of Steemit!

Last Wednesday, we opened up our 9th competition round of the State of the Sndbox Thumbnail competition. All Steemians were invited to compete for voting prizes and the winner would have their entry used as the cover of our May newsletters.

We apologize for the lower votes this time around due to an unexpected change in Steem Power. If the winners comment on this post, we’ll be sure to give an additional upvote early next week when we’ve regained some more voting strength. Thank you to everyone (nearly 100 Steemit artists) who participated in this fun creative challenge! Let’s get right into the winners -

First Place [100% Upvote] @ninjace

Congratulations to @ninjace for the winning entry! Ninjace’s neon GIF is a really creative and tastefully animated rendition of the newsletter’s aesthetic and Sndbox logo. We’re excited to use this awesome work over the next month!

Support the original post, here.

Second Place [50% Upvote] @jeeuuzz

2nd place goes to @jeeuuzz! We’ve been meaning to take a vacation but we’ll have to settle for this virtual getaway instead. Very creative and very fun!

Support the original post, here.

Third, Fourth, Fifth [20% Upvote Each]

Congratulations @karmachela. One of the most creative makings of our logo and creative incubator spirit. Support the original post here.

Congratulations @movaliz. (Below) An absolute beautiful rendition. Support the original post here.

Congratulations @tyarahapsari. Awesome, elegant and out-of-this world composition by @tyarahapsari. Support the original post here.

Honorable Mentions

Congratulations @munadikiehl. Not sure if we’re going to moon anytime soon but at least @munadikiehl captured that spirit in a wonderful entry! Support the original post here.

Congratulations @ran.koree. A graffiti pro hits the Sndbox mark once again. Support the original post here.

Congratulations @raizel. Sndbox is indeed an interstellar ride. Support the original post here.

Congratulations @trenz. One of the best literal Sndboxes yet! Support the original post here.

Thank You Everyone!

We have had some incredible entries for our May Thumbnail Competition. A big congratulations to @ninjace for the winning entry and an every bigger thank you to everyone who submitted. Stay tuned for next month!

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Such great artistry in all of those and I couldn't help myself but think that many of them would be equally good depending on the targeted audience and readership... GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for sharing it all with us here on

Namaste :)


Thank you @eric-boucher! It was a supremely talented round with some amazing artists all over the globe. Thanks as always for your generosity and support!


My pleasure, as always! Namaste :)

Yey! I've been joining @sndbox competitions but it is my first time winning in one, so I'm really glad 😁. I checked the previous winners' art and was not sure if you would like the style so I was surprised that I actually won.
Congrats to all the other winners! To all the participants, let's keep on improving! ✌️
(Maraming Salamat) Thank you very much @sndbox 👍😄

Congrats on first place @ninjace! You're work is amazing! :D


Thanks again! I'm happy that @sndbox acknowledged my work 😄

Wow .. I did not expect to be one honorable mention. Thanks a lot @sndbox.
Congrat for the first place @ninjace second place @jeeuuzz Third place @karmachela Fourth place @movaliz Fifth place @tyarahapsari and Honorable Mention @ran.koree @raizel @trenz. Keep it up guys!


Thanks for participating @munadikiehl! You're an incredibly talented illustrator :D


Thanks and Congrats too @munadikiehl 👍

Congratulations to participants and winners...
Wow....the second round consecutive the honorable mention
Grazie :)

Thank You @sndbox for awesome competition. I am very happy because this is the first time to be one of the winners, the fifth place. Congrat for all the winner @ninjace @jeeuuzz @karmachela @munadikiehl @movaliz @ran.koree @raizel @trenz. You are all great designers. I need guidance from you guys.


yeah me too! congrats to you also brother! I'm pretty much happy to win this contest also. If you have some questions just feel free to ask me


There are many great artists here on steemit. Thanks and Congrats @tyarahapsari 😄

@sndbox thank you so much for recognizing my work! finally I was able to win one of your contest! It feels like I'm on a cloud 9 right now! thank you! @sndbox to bad the prizes fluctuate, hope it will be back to original prize. hehe. Still, I'm very happy with the result

Woooooow! Amazing jobs in here! Really enjoyable... Congrats to all!

very creative illustrations!!!! but i agree - the winner is phenomenal!!!! super clean design - loved it @ninjace!!!


Haha many thanks @dreemsteem 😆


yeah you bet! :) keep up the great work!

Wow! What an honor to be in this list. Thank you so much for considering my entry.

For me, the most amazing one this week is the one made by @munadikiehl, I love it!

Fantastic works published here.



Thank You @trenz. The works here are all amazing. One of them is your work is cool. @sndbox has its own consideration to choose. Hopefully we can try again in the next competition.


Sure, I am waiting for the next one ;)

Hello @sndbox
Congratulations to you @sndbox for the impact you are creating on steemit, you are doing great. Congratulations to all the winners, keep being the best at what you do.

Congratulations for winner.
@sndbox Soon made the competition again yes

Congratulations for the winners...
Very creative and excellent works of art...

Thanks for sharing, @sndbox...❤

Congratulations to all winners, I hope I win next time


amazing art

Congratulations to the Winners 💕

En definitiva que un diseño debe mostrar un mensaje y cuando ese mensaje tiene un objetivo comunicacional se convierte en un "diseño gráfico".

La selección es excelente y va con mi premisa anterior, en definitiva que hay trabajos asombrosos, pero en sí mismos se superan con lo que es "State Of The Sndbox" y pasan a ser un diseño artístico.

De verdad son los más objetivos en sus decisiones siempre.

Felicitaciones a todos los que participan y a los ganadores de los cuales siempre trato de aprender algo.

Mis disculpas por no escribir en inglés, pero aunque lo leo y entiendo perfecto, expresarse con pasión en inglés todavía me falta mucho.

All are beautiful, excellent work, congratulations to all these artists.

What a bad luck ... I hope you keep me in mind for the next one.

I hadn't seen this post, or the series immediately before it. The truth is that the talent present in steemit is impressive and he was encouraged to present his proposals for @sndbox. The shapes, colors and designs in general, are an ode to the sense of sight, and create a state of well-being while one recreates visualizing them. It is wonderful that in this social network, calls like this are made, which allows you to find the graphic artists who create and recreate with their final products. Congratulations to all the winners and especially to the friends of @sndbox, for the wonderful opportunity it offers to everyone to participate and be part of a great project. Congratulations!!!

Congratulations to the winners of this wonderful competition
I hope to participate in upcoming competitions and win

@sanbox sir,Congratulations to the winners of this wonderful competition

it was really nice participating, I hope I will be able to come up with better designs in the future

Congratulation to all participants!
Thank you Sndbox!

Congratulations for winner,

Congratulations Prof @ninjace!!! You did it well! Keep it up! 🙌🏻😉👍🏻🏆

Congratulations to the winners, and most of all, applause to the competition creator @sndbox. Hope to participate in future competition.