State of the Sndbox Thumbnail Competition [March Winners + Upvote Prizes]

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Thank You!

Last Wednesday, we opened up our 7th competition round of the State of the Sndbox Thumbnail competition. All Steemians were invited to compete for voting prizes and the winner would have their entry used as the cover of our March newsletters. We again shattered all previous records with hundreds of submissions this month! Amazing! So let’s get right into the winners -

First Place [100% Upvote] @dunsky

Congratulations to @dunsky for the grand prize and March’s selection! This all-star illustrator always has a playful take on the projects he works on. We love the subtle integrations of both our logo shape and its colors in a fun, approachable, and unique way.

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Second Place [50% Upvote]

Congratulations to for 2nd place! Very retro yet very new-age at the same time. A little bit of Thor Ragnarok in there? The style is fantastic on this and we might just need a version of this in animation form for our videos...

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Third, Fourth, Fifth [25% Upvote Each]

Congratulations @creativista. A fantastic adaptation of real world into the decentralized. Support the original post here.

Congratulations @wanaf. Super creative and love the play in scale! Support the original post here.

Congratulations @bookrak. Nice and sharp! And as architects, we appreciate the classy and sleek triangulation. Support the original post here.

Thank You Everyone!

We have had some incredible entries for our March Thumbnail Competition. A big congratulations to @dunsky for the winning entry and an every bigger thank you to everyone who submitted. Stay tuned for next month!

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Hurray!!!!! Thanks you so much, guys!
Though I think there are many strong works better than mine.


congratulations dear.


Congratulations @dunsky.


Congratulations @dunsky! Love that image haha :D


congratulations @dunsky


congrats! :)


Congrats @dunsky

Omg these are all lovely entries. At this point I really wish I could do this graphic designs . How do I get to know the tools they used? Is it possible to asked the competitors to include the tools used in their submission posts ?


That's a great idea! We'll make sure to do that for the next round / require folks to share what software they used :)


Yes,its a great idea @sistem

Dunsky never disappoints with his designs. This time was no different - amazing stuff!


He's a pro! Everyone, make sure to follow @dunsky (and our other creative participants!) to keep track of their amazing creative work. Steemit is overflowing with incredible art these days :D

Thank you @sndbox for your support. Congratulations to all the winners, I had actually given my best wishes to most of them. Congrats @dunsky,, @wanaf and @bookrak!

Wow, I am honored to be in the top 5 again for the second time in a row , Congrats to @dunsky for the winning design. Also congrats to @creativista and @bookrak for the wonderful designs as well. Need to up my game for next month's contest :D


Amazing work! That rendering was really stunning @wanaf, thanks as always for pushing the boundaries :D

These are so awesome I cant even....


Thanks @andrejcibik! That means a lot coming from a super talented designer :D

Congrats to the winners and thumps up to sndbox for this wonderful contribution towards encouraging steemians who post creative and original content and also for helping develop steemit.

Waw, conggratulation for you all...

You all amazing posting in @sndbox-contest


Thank you for the support @mukliss!

thank you @sndbox for your award. I was very surprised because very many works of quality

  ·  last year (edited)

Really i appreciate you. Nice to see your post. Keep it up and well done. Best of luck!

Yeah. Congratulations to the winners. I will keep supporting @sndbox good job. Keep it on

Congratulations to @dunsky, always great works, a pleasure to discover his post.

Very interesting post @sndbox...

This great art, i appreciate your creativity....

Well done

congratulations for all winner, and specialty to, your best design..


Thanks for you @abunagaya

Congrats @dunsky for winning the contest, your work is truely unique. Congrats too to all the participants, we all did our best. However, @sndbox watch out for @sandex, I will join the best designers😎😎 🙌 congrats once more to all participants

Congratulations to the winners! It seems that I still need to improve my designing skills. Can't wait to join again next month 😁

congratulations friends hopefully the future is better. continued success in steemit sndbox always success

congratulations to the winners, keep up the good work @sndbox

Beautiful designs and congrats to the winners. So cute😍😍 Can't even make a choice here.

Thank you @sndbox for this competition. Congratulations to all the winners, @dunsky,, @wanaf and @bookrak! you are the best.

Selamat kepada para pemenang...good good

This is awesome! I just found so many cool artists to follow on Steemit! More of this please! ❤️

i wish i could do it.

Congratulations to all of us. Everyone has shown their own creative work, that is why I think victory belongs to everyone who has embodied that creativity. And yes, also thanks, big thanks to @sndbox.

Thats my first time to join and I loved it... Ill be better next time you have this contest again... Although I lost, It motivate me more to create more artistic post..

No.1 best contest out there
I really love all the entries
All were creative,although I participate
Hopefully next time I'll win lol
Thanks @sndbox,
Please @dunsky what Software did you use?

want to learn to be creative ..? @sndbox the answer !!
The next competition to prepare ourselves to be the winner!