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Mission Statement

CollaborNation is an organic effort to encourage artists, illustrators, musicians, writers and poets to work together by combining their creative efforts to make magnificent things.

  • Imagine a musician inspired to create lyrics to a poem.
  • Or an illustrator bringing a piece of art to life.
  • Perhaps a voice-over artist is inspired to record a piece of fiction that moved them.
  • Or a poet is inspired by a photograph.

There are so many possibilities!

One never knows where inspiration will come from next.

Phase 1: Curation - Fundraising & Support

We will be reaching out to the community for help in reaching our goals outlined below.
Your upvotes, resteems and donations will go a long way in helping our community work together so we don't always feel like we're blogging alone.

Our goals:

  • Increase the artists' exposure through resteeming and sharing on other social media platforms
  • Create a weekly roundup of the collaborative pieces for a second round of exposure within the 30-day payout cycle.
  • Increase CollaborNation's reputation through blogging, curation, and comments.
  • Build equity in our wallet enough to launch Phase 2.

100% Power Up rewards will be selected for all posts until such time that we reach 10m+ vests.

Phase 2

Once 10m vests have been reached, our true mission will begin.
Weekly and monthly posts will continue with 100% Power Up rewards

Collaborative initiatives that we launch will switch rewards to 50/50 Power.
From this, liquid STEEM will be distributed equally to all collaborators regardless of reputation, rank or wallet, on the specific leg of the collaboration for both payout cycles. (after 24 hours & after 30 days).

These are not popularity contests.

If you participate you get an equal share of the payout.

While collaborators are encouraged to post their pieces on their account and earn individually, each participant will also grant CollaborNation permission to post their work with a link back to them. Working toward a higher reputation and increased vests, our vote will potentially help the participating artists as well.

We will post guidelines and best practices once we're closer to launching Phase 2.

Road to Success

Nurturing a Gift Economy

We follow no man, woman or beast

We are living, breathing curators seeking ONLY collaborative works in the hopes that such initiatives created amongst ourselves build solid community foundations for stability, growth and good will. It is our opinion that following a few may develop an impression of favoritism.

We seek to find collaborative works. Period.
We endeavor to have no bias.

If you like our mission, kindly upvote, resteem, and spread the word.

And if you see collaborative works, please share the links in comments.

At this time we cannot offer a "finder's fee" but hope to implement that in Phase 2.

Join our
curation trail
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Upvoted and followed. And I think you may find interest in my post series about composed organizations. You are welcomed to follow up on it in my blog.


Thank you @orenshani7 - I just left a comment on your blog and appreciate the upvote and follow.

This is an outstanding initiative. Great idea!


Thank you! Hopefully it will gain momentum. We are hoping for big things with this initiative but first have to get it noticed. Your attention and comment is greatly appreciated.

Great idea! Upvoted and followed!
If there is anything that I can do in the art department, let me know. I'll watching for your next post.


Thank you @rigaronib - right now we're trying to build up our reputation but we can always use an extra set of eyes for any art projects where at least 2 users are collaborating on a work. We've seen some great examples between @everlove and @opheliafu, but came upon a post by @voronoi who collaborates with @hitheryon - the people are out there but we want to nurture and grow it.


Very cool! I have yet to do a collaboration piece....hmmm...maybe I should.


You do daily holi-art. What if you read a poem that inspired you for your next drawing. In your post, you would "shout-out" who inspired your piece. Then let's say someone sees what you've done and animates your holi-art and adds voice over reading the poem. Suddenly there is a bigger project taking your piece further than you might have imagined. Think about it.


Fantastic! I will be on the look out for a poem that inspires me!


This is a wonderful idea, I look forward to seeing it grow.


Thank you @phoenixmaid - your support is greatly appreciated.

You go girl!!! So inspiring you are. Thanks for helping us keep this collaboration going. I'm feeling the power of it in flow. So grateful for you.