🙏 How to Delegate to the Team Australia & Team NZ community 🙏

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In this tutorial you can learn how to contribute some Steem Power to the Australian and Kiwi community and support talented bloggers as they grow on the platform. Every bit helps, and we are grateful for any support.❤️


That feeling you get when you've just delegated 1000SP to @teamnz 👌 (source)


Why delegate to the community?

The community bots support the community members and everyone who delegates to them. They are a way to support your friends and local bloggers even if you don't have the time to read every post.

They are also:

  • Not bidbots
  • Monitored by responsible admins
  • Following verified whitelist
  • Following updated blacklist
  • Do not accept spam and plagiarism

Who can I delegate to?

Me! Just kidding, here is a list of the community bots:

@centerlink (managed by @ausbitbank)

@mrsquiggle (managed by @scooter77)

@teamnz (managed @cryptonik)

@anzub (managed by @jackmiller)

Choose one or more you would like to support and go for it!

Note: Delegation can be revoked anytime and takes 7 days to get transferred back to you.

Also, have I mentioned the discord server? Please join our discord server!

How can I delegate to the community bots?

One easy way to do this is to construct a URL with SteemConnect and then paste it into your browser! This is the correct format:


Simply change the USERNAMES and SP Values! Here is an example of how I would do this:

Another super-easy way is if you have SteemPlus installed, they now have a simple delegation button, which you can find under the Steem Power balance in your wallet.

How can I follow the curation trail?

You can also follow the curation trail instead of delegating.

Following a curation trail means that you will follow the bot and copy his votes. Every time he votes, you will vote too.

We have set up a curation trail on SteemAuto. On SteemAuto you can also set the percentage of your vote weight, how many votes you hand out per day, and set the limit on how far your voting power can be depleted.

Make an account on https://steemauto.com and follow @teamnz!
Here is the direct link: https://steemauto.com/dash.php?i=1&trail=teamnz

Note: Steemauto requires a posting key via steemconnect (but this doesn't give access to transactions, just posting and upvoting) so don't worry - it's safe!

If you want a more in-depth tutorial on following a curation trail with steem auto read it here

I hope we can get some more support and spread some love among the Kiwis on Steemit. As a community we can grow and nurture ourselves and others. :)

Want to do more? Vote for Aus&NZ witnesses

@cryptwo (juicy-shark)


Why Join? (Read here)


Kiwis and Aussies together - it's how we roll!


discord link


You just got a Team NZ upvote!

This is a curation bot for TeamNZ. Please join our AUS/NZ community on Discord.
For any inquiries/issues about the bot please contact @cryptonik.


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Mrsquiggle is by @scooter77

Thanks for mentioning me 💓

And yes! I am waiting for friday to come before i delegate to centerlink, dont ask why tho 🤣

Thanks! Great stuff!

Use this: https://steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=itstime&delegatee=centerlink&vesting_shares=40%20SP

Here are your errors:

  1. You need to enter the actual number and not AMOUNT
  2. You need a whitespace between 40 and SP. This is a little tricky and the solution is 40%20SP

%20 gets translated into whitespace by the browser.

Let me know if it worked!

Done !!

Thanks for the help.

@centerlink thanks for running the MSP project.

Glad to hear it :) Thank @aggroed & @ausbitbank, the founders of MSP :)

Thanks both of you

and thanks redacted from centerlink.

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