Changes are coming to Steemit in Hardfork 20, Date Tuesday, September 25

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It is really great when you get some good news and when it is about our community of Steemit it just pops up to be one of the best news that was able to get. Steemit recently announced a post of the next coming hardfork in Hardfork 20 check it out here. it really feels great to get some news from the team. It sure tells that they are in the game ;)

I do personally liked many changes that are going to be implemented for suppose

The changes that will take place on

  • Commenting (the 20 second gap will be withdrawn and will work like the upvote period of 3 seconds )
  • 30-minute Curation Window will be changed to 15 min
  • Decrease Delegation Cooldown Period ( It shall take 5 days to get back the Sp after the Hardfork will take place)

and there are many more changes.Here read the original post


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While it sure will be voted by the majority of the witness and if they think it will be good than I suppose it will see the bright light. Well time will tel what is going to happen ;) It sure is good to hear from the Steemit at this moment. Lovely timing indeed.




All the users have patience and have same faith in this community.We do have a long way to go in the coming days ! Keep on Steeming !

Stay Blessed My Friends

Thanks for Stopping by Everyone


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Yes, hoping for the best results. Everything should be stable!!

We all are :)

Nice info

well tnx for being here

Good update


Good changes

yes indeed but on the way !

These are some interesting ideogies coming up @rehan12
let's just put and wait.
Thanks for the acknowledgement buddy

we all are looking forward to it !

This is the first I heard of the timing for HF20.
Thank you my friend!!

Well many good things are coming for all of us !

Thanks for the visit buddy !

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