Tree Tuesday || Nature with Beauty

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Nature is beautiful in its own way. It holds the beauty indeed. Sometimes if you get some time it sure would be pretty nice to be with the nature, it might not get your mind out of your hard ships but without a doubt it will be able to make your mind and soul calm.

A simple way to be a part of treetuesday initiated by @old-guy-photos


While was really going through this little garden and was able to find this yellow beauty all along.I have seen it before but the color and the beauty of the flower was not able to stop me to capture it on my frame !


While I know we are all busy with our own life but once in a while we should live out in the nature and feel the presence of it in our life. It will freshen up your mind and will heal you in different ways !

Stay Blessed my Friends

Thanks for Stopping by Everyone


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Nice 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴

thanks !

Apnek akta kotha bolbo

yes !

আমি কিছু SBD কিনব এগুলোর দাম কত করে বর্তমানে


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No problem

1 USD = 85 Taka
1.09 usd = 92 taka

So 1 Sbd ekhon 92 taka

but eta fixed na, sbd price jodi bare than taka amount o increase hoy

crazy looking tree and awesome green tones! wonderful colors!! Really good shot!

Glad that you liked it mate !
Appreciate your support !

Wow! Our nature is so beautiful and we can't define it in words!!🤗💚💚

Thanks for sharing this post @rehan12.