Reached the Level 62 in Steemit

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When I joined in Steemit in July 2017 I never thought that I will take this community so seriously which I am doing right now.Well I believe many have not thought of it that way as well.While to answer that I should say time changes us all and we get to see the bigger picture out in here.

Getting from one Reputation Score to another is quite easy in the first few stages in Steemit but it gets harder and harder once you get to climb up the numbers.

I would like to thanks all the users who have supported me here and was always with me.Thanks to those beautiful comments those made me work more on improvement on my work and those mentions from other users means a lot as well.The upvotes they sure were a blessings :) I will work hard and will try to be more consistent and I am hoping that in the coming days I will give more time in STEEMIT.



It took me some time more than a year to get here while some reached way faster than me and I do believe if you are reading this and you are not where you want to be I am sure you will be able to do that a lot quicker than me :) what you need to do is have Patience (the most important thing in Steemit) be what you are and do post what you are good at.It can be blog, photographs, Poetry, Vlog(video) and or anything that you are good at.Yeah it will take some time to be able to make a space for yourself but once get a hold of it you will love every moment in here.

Next Target 63


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If you are a Bangladeshi user than join this SERVER IN Discord you will find a lot of help !

Being in here I have learned a lot and it has become a part of me now I should say. Each and everyday many new apps are being built and as the near of SMT release is coming it is really looking very great for all of us.

My gratitude to all the users those who are and were being so kind to me @worldclassplayer @alinabarbu @humanearl @peter-parker @good-karma (thanks for the esteemapp) @coininstant (for supporting me from the start) @neoxian Thanks a lot buddy for the support of yours I have seen whales but you are different than others @modernpastor you are like a brother to me buddy, being on a different level you do treat all equally that is what I like you about you buddy ! Thanks to Countless others for the supports !

To all the new users be consistent in here and try to post everyday a meaningful post and try communicating with others it sure will help you to grow in here.

Your Hard work will definitely pay off and in a good way just have some belief and have Patience in yourself..

Stay Blessed my Friends

Thanks for Stopping by Everyone


Some Of My Previous Posts.


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Congratulations @rehan12 for scoring 62 reputation on steemit!!
And all the best for your target of (63)


Thanks beautiful !

Congrats ,but with this force you will reach 60reputation before the end if the year .

Thanks for your wise wish buddy !

But I have already crossed R.S 60 now I am at 62

@rehan12 congrats bro,this is just the beginning .There are many that you will achieve in future.just focus on good contents .

Thanks for the wise words buddy and will do :)

Congrats bro @rehan12

Thanks Brother !

You are welcome 😃

Congrats for the level 62

Thanks mate

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