Some Random Shots of a Small Walk

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Starting the day off with this scene would not be a bad idea indeed.While getting to see the blue sky from below is something that of a new experience indeed.Was able to get some shots along the way. Feel free to check them by the way.


Getting to know different things have been our human interest as long as we can remember and I was lucky to get to see something new indeed.I do not know the name of this plant but it did looked really nice and I was able to capture it in my frame.


Same goes for this particular one.I have seen it in many places and I can asure you it looks much more colorful and beautiful than it is in the picture right now.I liked this one !


While after getting some of the images this view was something that I was not expecting but was really worth it indeed ! When the sun goes down that moemnt is indeed magical in its own way !No perefct words to describe its beauty ! Just a mesmerizing scene to scene to look at !


Hope you liked the little tour and all the images were captured by me !

Stay Blessed my Friends

Thanks for Stopping by Everyone


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Wow! Brilliant and fabulous photography @rehan12. I appreciate your work.

Thanks for sharing this post. 🤗💙😍

Wow so sweet photography my best friend. I like it your great full post. thank you so much.

Glad that you liked them buddy !

Lovely flower photos...and the sky shots are both great!

Thanks beautiful !

GORGEOUS! This is so beautiful. I love the soft colors! ^^
Nice capture of the moment!

Thanks man !