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Sometimes some moments just grabs our eyes and makes us realize that there are things that you can just watch and get mesmerized in your own ways.Thus the nature has gifts for us just waiting for us to get to see the beauty of it.

This are the shots that I was able to take when I was at a Bridge and the Sun was down and I was there just watching it go down while I did took some images when the Sun was taking its own way down but to my surprise the after shots of the sky was indeed something much more amazing that I was able to be the witness of.

20180713_191016 copy.jpg

20180713_191012 copy.jpg

While this is my first entry to the contest of Photochain while as for the topic it is selected as VIBRANT AND COLORFUL PHOTOGRAPHY contest, by @runicar .If you want to know more about the contest just click here

Stay Blessed my Friends

Thanks for Stopping by Everyone


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Oh my God!! Such a wonderful sky picture @rehan12. Wooooow!!😍😍💙💙

Thanks for being here !

The blue is awesome!! Just gorgeous.
Calm atmosphere! very nice!

Glad that you liked it buddy !

What a great picture

Thanks mate !

Beautiful shades of blue!

That I do agree buddy !

Thanks for being here !


Thanks !

I love the deep blue color in these photos.

Thanks beautiful it means a lot !

great, beautiful pictures.

Thanks mate !

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