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The thing that never changes towards our loved ones is the feeling that we get when one gets closer to them.It kind of feels like you can listen to the heartbeat of your own.That feeing is indeed pricless.

While Roses have been a part of those feelings, the ultimate part where some love stories just starts their way from this particular flower :) So it sure has a part in getting together few lovers ;) Man I am listening to a love song so this words are just coming in their own ;)

While lot about LOVE, now coming to the topic of the post !Red is indeed one of the elegant color that is favored by many and no wonder why not.This are the images that I was able to capture while I was in one of the Garden near my neighbors house.


The Full image that was captured in my frame!


A closer look of the beauty !




This is my entry for the Contest of petals Rosesopen weekend initiated by @adrianobalan & @sardrt.

I do really hope you liked the images and enjoyed seeing them.

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The Images are Captured By Me

Stay Blessed my Friends

Thanks for Stopping by Everyone

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Beautiful and mesmerising photography of rose 🌹 @rehan12. Beautiful and wonderful post.

Thanks for sharing this post. 😍💚💙

Glad that you liked them beautiful !

Nice flower

Thanks mate !

@rehan12 All the best for your Contest of petals .You really captured very beautiful pics.I too love flowers especially roses and jasmine.

Thanks buddy !

🌺🌺 sudo tumir jonno..friend

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks Love !

Thanks for being here !

@rehan12 nice flower photos.

Thanks mate !
Thanks for being here !