50 Million Ads for Steem on Facebook, Google, and YouTube!

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Will we fund an advertising budget for Steem expected to make 50,000,000 impressions on Facebook, Google, and YouTube that builds on what we have done so far because we can then expect tens of thousands more users, new projects, investments, and followers?

Here is what we have done so far as maintained at https://airtable.com/shrXuoYTnODWA0QG1. 100% of the SBD payout from upvotes on this post will contribute to the advertising budget.

$12,843.89 Spent = 19,303,302 Ads for Steem

On Facebook, we have shown 17,479,204 ads to 4,639,779 people while on Google AdWords we have shown 1,824,098 receiving 20,092 clicks.

steem facebook ads total dec 19 2017.png

steem Google AdWords summary dec 19 2017.png

Detailed Reports!

We have collaborated to provide funding and been showed detailed reports of the results in these 22 posts over the last 7 months!

  1. Steem Video Ad #1 on Facebook and YouTube featuring 10 Reasons for $10 Steem in 10 Months https://steemit.com/steemit/@jerrybanfield/steem-video-ad-1-on-facebook-and-youtube-featuring-10-reasons-for-usd10-steem-in-10-months
  2. Millions of Viewers Learn About Steem on Facebook and YouTube! https://steemit.com/advertising/@jerrybanfield/millions-viewers-learn-about-steem-on-facebook-and-youtube
  3. Steem Video Ad #2 on Facebook + YouTube: Steemit is the #1 New Social Media and Blogging Website https://steemit.com/steemit/@jerrybanfield/steem-video-ad-2-on-facebook-youtube-steemit-is-the-1-new-social-media-and-blogging-website
  4. Steem Facebook and YouTube Video Ad 2 Results! https://steemit.com/steemit/@jerrybanfield/steem-facebook-and-youtube-video-ad-2-results
  5. Steem Video Ad #3 Text and Script! https://steemit.com/steemit/@jerrybanfield/steem-video-ad-3-text-and-script
  6. Steem Video Ad #3 is Live on Facebook and YouTube! https://steemit.com/steem/@jerrybanfield/steem-video-ad-3-is-live-on-facebook-and-youtube
  7. Steem Video Ad 3 Gets 7,213 Likes in 48 Hours on Facebook https://steemit.com/advertising/@jerrybanfield/steem-video-ad-3-gets-7-213-likes-in-48-hours-on-facebook
  8. Steem Video Ad #3 Live in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia https://steemit.com/growth-proposal/@jerrybanfield/steem-video-ad-3-live-in-the-usa-uk-canada-and-australia
  9. 1,035,858 Facebook Users Discover Steem for $1,008.91! https://steemit.com/growth-projects/@jerrybanfield/1-035-858-facebook-users-discover-steem-for-usd1-008-91
  10. Advertise Steem to 10+ Million Users on Facebook and YouTube Every Month: Video Advertising Growth Project! https://steemit.com/growth-projects/@jerrybanfield/advertise-steem-to-10-million-users-on-facebook-and-youtube-every-month-video-advertising-growth-project
  11. DTube Video Ad #1 for YouTube! https://steemit.com/dtube/@jerrybanfield/e4vrdl4r
  12. Steem Video Ad #4 for Facebook and YouTube! https://steemit.com/growth-projects/@jerrybanfield/steem-video-ad-4-for-facebook-and-youtube
  13. 3,245,273 Facebook Users See Ads for Steem on $4,622.37 Ad Spend! (Video Ad 5) https://steemit.com/growth-projects/@jerrybanfield/3-245-273-facebook-users-see-ads-for-steem-on-usd4-622-37-ad-spend
  14. Advertise New Steem Smart Media Tokens White Paper Release! https://steemit.com/steem/@jerrybanfield/advertise-new-steem-smart-media-tokens-white-paper
  15. Ads for Wired.com Story Featuring Steemit on Facebook and Google! (END AUTHOR REWARDS) https://steemit.com/steemads/@jerrybanfield/ads-for-wired-com-story-featuring-steemit-on-facebook-and-google
  16. $0.02 Per Click on Ads for Wired.com Steemit Article! (CHANGE TO WITNESS REWARDS) https://steemit.com/steemads/@jerrybanfield/usd0-02-per-click-on-ads-for-wired-com-steemit-article
  17. New 52 Second Animated Video Ad #7 for Steem! (WITNESS REWARDS ONLY) https://steemit.com/steemads/@jerrybanfield/new-52-second-animated-video-ad-7-for-steem
  18. Top 10 Reasons to Buy and Hold Steem! https://steemit.com/steem/@jerrybanfield/top-10-reasons-to-buy-and-hold-steem
  19. Meet @eveuncovered! #40 https://steemit.com/upvotable/@jerrybanfield/meet-eveuncovered-40
  20. Ads for Steem's Utopian.io Targeted to Github Developers! https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@jerrybanfield/ads-for-steem-s-utopian-io-targeted-to-github-developers
  21. 3 New Steem Ad Campaigns + Backup Witness Server Standing By! https://steemit.com/witness-update/@jerrybanfield/3-new-steem-ad-campaigns-backup-witness-server-standing-by
  22. 18,777,386 Ads Shown for Steem in 2017! https://steemit.com/witness-update/@jerrybanfield/18-777-386-ads-shown-for-steem-in-2017

Add 10,000 Steem to Our Budget?

With explosion of recent excitement about cryptocurrencies, now is the perfect time to turn old ads back on which have been paused for months and continue creating new campaigns! At $3+ Steem prices with 10,000 Steem in funding, are we ready to now more than double what we have contributed so far and work together to bring the number of ads shown to Steem to over 50 million?

Our data makes it clear providing $30,000 in funding should give us an expected return of about 30 million impressions conservatively and as many as 50+ million at the same cost as last time.

Funding with Upvotes and @Budgets!

All of the SBD rewards from this post will be sold to USD and then paid to Google and Facebook to show ads promoting Steem! While this might provide a few hundred to maybe a thousand dollars by itself, we also now have an ongoing funding source in Steem budget proposals as explained at https://steemit.com/budget/@jerrybanfield/introducing-steem-budget-proposals.

Requesting 10,000 Steem from @budgets

This post is primarily written as a Steem budget proposal with a request for 10,000 Steem to be sold directly to USD and credited to our advertising budget at https://airtable.com/shrXuoYTnODWA0QG1. We have seen in this proposal a clear list of what we have done so far together and we now have an opportunity to expand that here.

For future ads, we hope to include videos and posts from more of our authors that make ideal ads for Steem alongside the ads which have already consistently proven effective along with taking inventory of the posts we already have that need promoting.

One update will attempt to build a list of the best posts we already have to promote on Steem while others will submit systems to submit new ads. We need the funding clearly established first before asking for greater participation and thankfully with the new budget proposals system we have that in place now!

Note that the payments will need to go to @laurabanfield because I am running a voting bot on my account. Payment #1 was just sent today and will be credited on the spreadsheet shortly!

Arguments Against Ads for Steem?

Many of us are not aware of the impact the ads have made from amazing projects launched on the Steem blockchain to huge investments in buying Steem because we do not see all the comments, posts, and private messages that cite the ads as how we got here. The ads only have this effect because of what we each contribute to making our community amazing and fun to participate in.

If we are aware of how the ads multiply the value of everything else we contribute by sharing that with those of us that benefit the most from it, making an argument against further funding of the ads would require a desire for Steem to stop growing or a judgement that Steem is not good enough today to fund the ads.

Some have said that I am not the right person to do the ads for us on Steem because I might make a bad impression. According to the user data, this has not been an issue for the thousands signing up for Steem after seeing the ads I have created but may be true for some small percentage who might respond better to someone else. Unfortunately, anyone doing ads for Steem will encounter the same problem with a guaranteed percentage not liking whoever it is that represents us. With our new budget proposal system, we can easily fund several advertising projects to ensure we are not just represented by a small number of us in ads. In the plans for this budget proposal, we see expectations of funding ads by many different authors to ensure we get the most good reactions and diverse promotion approach.

A few have suggested it is too early to advertise Steem because what we have here is not ready for mass adoption. The belief required to say that it is too early for ads after a year and a half of development plus 500,000 users registered is that we are not good enough today but might be in the future. This belief is not likely to change going forward based on any one event if it is still in place today after all the hard forks and improvements we have made. Therefore, we will acknowledge that some of us will feel Steem is not good enough to advertise no matter what we do and simply move forward.

Finally, many of us that contribute to coding and publishing on Steem feel we do not need ads because if what we have is useful it will grow on its own. While Steem provides huge organic growth opportunities through Google search and social media sharing, we can multiply that growth with advertising for a relatively small price.

When we fail to do ads because we feel they are not necessary, we are ignoring the basics of marketing and advertising which demonstrate clearly that most of the top websites, games, books, movies, and nearly everything we love in our lives has been given to us through a combination of effective marketing, advertising, word of mouth sharing, and creativity.

After considering all the arguments for and against advertising Steem here, we are each free to make our own opinion. My opinion is that advertising Steem is a very good idea which is why I have submitted this proposal.


Would you join us in funding more ads for Steem with an upvote on this post and through our budget proposal system at https://steemit.com/budget/@jerrybanfield/introducing-steem-budget-proposals because these ads will continue to raise the value of Steem for all of us?

Thank you very much already for $2,300 in funding from @budgets and hundreds more dollars on the upvotes on this post! I am planning next to announce a way we can start using the best posts to promote Steem right away instead of just using posts I have written and videos I have produced!

Witness Updates!

My primary role as a witness is helping Steem to grow. I have three primary projects supporting that:

  1. Budget proposals which fund projects like this, help investors get a return by delegating Steem power, and give authors a simple way to promote posts with the voting bot as explained at https://steemit.com/budget/@jerrybanfield/introducing-steem-budget-proposals.
  2. The ads for Steem as explained here and kept accountable at https://airtable.com/shrXuoYTnODWA0QG1.
  3. Building a freelancing platform tentatively named SteemJ which includes a peer to peer exchange (no central authority or licensing needed) as well as an interface with similar functionality to Upwork and Fiverr. Our most recent update on this is at https://steemit.com/steemj/@jerrybanfield/hire-3-steem-developers-to-build-usd-steem-exchange


I have a witness, seed, and backup witness server running with the following specs.

2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 V3
2x 240GB SSDs
1Gbit/s connection

A few weeks ago my servers both hit a memory error which with help from steemit.chat in the witness channel I was able to fix in a few minutes after seeing it. Today with the help of @someguy123 the witness and the backup are running with automatic failover setup.

With the new budget proposals system, we now have a method to fund new witnesses and even to hire the most needed developers directly through our collaboration. While I realize many of our top witnesses are developers and this is desired among the top witnesses, we have made a system here capable of funding several developers every month through my witness and budget proposals.

Witness Rewards

All of the witness rewards I receive now assist with funding Steem budget proposals because the higher my voting power, the greater the payouts to investors and projects. Effectively all of my voting power goes to pay out those delegating and projects on Steem. With tens of thousands of dollars worth of Steem paid to witnesses every day, we all benefit when witnesses are transparent about what the rewards contribute to and when we vote for witnesses where we know what we are getting out of our witness votes.

All of the rewards I have received in the last two months as a witness have been dedicated to growing Steem which continues with this new budget proposal system. I took one power down a few weeks ago to pay for server hosting for the next three months along with management of my server and to pay the ad budgets for Facebook and Google.

Witness Votes are Our Most Important!

One witness vote on Steem lasts indefinitely, chooses the servers producing our blockchain, and provides up to 260 Steem power a day (currently $800 a day). If you are not already one of the 2,500+ of us voting for me as a witness, would you please cast your vote at https://steemit.com/~witnesses because of what we have seen here in this post together?

Thank You for Reading!

It was a pleasure to spend this time together today and maybe we can do it again sometime!

Jerry Banfield


This is so freaking great effort by you for the steem ecosystem and I still remember your first ad where you predicted steem to be at $10 and it looks to get there in few weeks now. You are the one that brought me in this amazing community and added one more way in my life.

Yes jerry is making a lot of promotion for Steemit.. He is making such a progress for his short time on Steemit.. But you are doing also great..

Umair thank you for letting us know how you found us here and investing so much with us!

What do you think about Craig Grant? He is out of posting, but continue to witdraw money and continue to autoupvote you. He makes money of your posts

Grateful for Craig’s upvotes and consistent support!

Yeah I just added more steem to my account

This is a great article. Jerry, I just mentioned you in my introduceyourself article and also linked to your profile to give you credit for your content and inspiration. I feel like I you years ago just starting out and learning everything on my own from scratch. You have done an amazing job, it's easy to see you work your ass off, and god bless you for that. Here is my story, I look forward to learning more from you, and also helping you out in any way I can (if possible) https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@muscleroast.com/the-ceo-of-muscleroast-com-explains-why-life-is-good-let-s-work-together

Jerry brought me onto Steemit as well. He must be one of a set of triplets to get so much done. @jerrybanfield I thank you!

even though I don't love the idea of ads, I learned about steem through one of your ads jerry. I feel compelled to upvote, but better projects could be made than funding ads

I hope so! The first project was Steem’s first MMORPG!

More people on steem is good. Actual it's essential! Keep up, Jerry!

dang you have gotta have some super ultra amount of money to promote steemit this month :P

Good job, 100% upvote!!!

sir why not you upload a video on youtube about " how to get or buy a steem bid bot" please upload a detailed video. i want to get a bid bot as your.

Great thing about Dapps is that the community can come together and promote the product together <3

Wow this is great Jerry, sorry I couldn't make the met-up in Orlando I was out of town myself.

good for steemit

Your contribution to steemit is awesome @jerrybanfield. We should support this awesome project !

My upvote goes towards funding this great Steemit marketing campaign... Thanks @jerrybanfield for your genuine effort to promote Steemit.

Here you go again Jerry ... doing a great job for the community!!!

I voted for you jerry. You da best!

Awesome dude :)

Keep up the brilliant work your efforts are not in vain

Yes, Jerry's information is spot on !!

witness added...!...Good job @jerrybanfield .... i hope its going to be worthy...

Hey Jerry,
Great update! would you mind checking out a witness update i have just posted at @cryptwo over Here i would really love to get some feedback from you as a witness and if lucky enough getting a vote from yourself

I appreciate you making this bold and important ad plan. It is a great and needed vision for the platform.

Writing this comment only to get upvotes. Come on guys, Jerry is the best!!!!111

Now that is honest lol!

Honest like blockchain is!

Hello @jerrybanfield, love your work!
I have done a proposal about Steem growth.
Would love to have some feedback from you and @budget.

I have project called GUIA DO STEEMIT (Steem Guide).

It is a series of videos and articles to help de Brazilian and Portuguese community here on Steemit and more importantly, to bring more people to Steemit.

I'm really committed to this mission.

I would be so happy if you took some time to read my budget proposal post: https://steemit.com/budget/@rhavi/promoting-steemit-educational-videos-on-facebook-for-the-portuguese-speaking-community-budget-proposal

Hoping you will see this comment...
Cheers, with love <3

ad on Facebook is really good idea because millions of people using Facebook for nothing they will realise it and come towards steemit rushly. and also on youtube because nowadays monetisation offer on youtube is giving tough time. @jerrybanfield I also join steemit after watching your video on youtube.you are doing great effort I appreciate you.

@everything-4you thank you very much for the support here!

This is GREAT for the platform and the coin!! Keep up the good work

Hi Jerry, this are serious numbers (and steem involved). This shows what a witness you are.
Bringing back a lot to make this STEEMIT bigger and bigger.

Thanks a lot !

Appreciate your work

You as of now doing incredible for steemit. I imagine that is exceptionally powerful if finance/spending plan ellocated for includes facebook, youtube and other web-based social networking. what's more, we showed signs of improvement comes about. pleasant imaginative considering, my all the best for the accomplishment of your everything ventures and plans.

I joined in steemit because of you by watching your youtbe videos...tq jerryy..

Same here and will now be buying some Steemit as well.
Thank you

Keep it up Jerry! Steem is mooning!

Poke me on Discord if you need help refining the targeting for the campaigns. <3

Thank you are you in my Jerry Banfield and friends channel?

I don't think so as it does not ring a bell.

Would you join us at https://discord.gg/f23fmJx because it will be easiest for me to chat with you there?

Done. Brace yourself for the pink noisy jew!

Wow! 50 million? We must alot of steem champions in the house. 😁😁

Jerry, are you noticing any pushback from facebook? They don't normally like competitors posting on their site. i was part of another site hta ended up getting blocked by facebook. Just curious

Not yet Steve and fortunately Steem is built to withstand bans because it is by URL meaning if steemit.com gets banned we can use busy.org!

nice thinking... they can be true bastards on facebook ! Go get em !!

@jerrybanfield, You already doing great for steemit. I think that is very effective if fund/budget ellocated for adds on facebook, youtube and other social media. and we got better results. nice creative thinking, my best wishes for the success of your all projects and plans.
seem on.!

Keep up the hard work! Surely someday, this will overtake Facebook. Blockchain is going mainstream. So is Steemit!

Well said Jerry
Advertisement is the main pillar when it comes to marketing, and no brand can prosper without marketing...I completely support your argument and budget purposel...
Keep up the good work....Witness voted @someguy123
My top witness Jerry, We all love you!

I am also promoting steemit in india with my social media account I want see steem in moon..rockkkkk

It's good to see steemit advertising! Nice work!

50,000,000 Ads impressions for Steemit on FB is indeed a giant leap for the Steemit community, the platform will soon experience a lot of influx of people who will add value to it and improve their lives in return. Thanks @jerrybanfield for the initiative.

glad to see your articles. These are so informative and useful. Thanks man

I'm currently promoting steemit in my country @Uganda Africa from one person to another, friend to friend. The idea of Ads on Facebook will creat more awareness thus more people joining this community. Thank you!

A true Steemian, my dear buddy Jerry. Keep up the good work hence why you always have my support and upvotes...will contact you later...more success

Man...we are creating a group to support autistic people in Portugal....we have no posts yet but if you could follow our profile we would become VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY!!!!! (this applies to Jerry but also to anyone else reading this comment)

Is the steemit community ready for the arrival of cheaters? How will they deal with spam? and if new users arrive who, seeing that they do not receive support from curation projects, leave, leave the platform or start talking about how disappointing the experience can be? Will you finance projects so that the communities within steemit grow? because it is not only to attract people, you also have to strengthen what is inside, what gives magic to this platform.

I would like to contribute to the community but I do not have steem power to do something, and it would be great to support the communities or content that are emerging.


Well certainly funding a bid bot operation, even with the best intentions, is something that is likely to facilitate the cheating however you define. I would think twice about supporting this sort of thing. Just my couple pennies for you. :)

Is the steemit community ready for the arrival of cheaters?

Running a bid bot delegation operation is likely to attract more of them as it presents an easy attack vector for exploitation of the reward pool.

The less discerning don't seem to acknowledge or understand this. Furthermore, bid bots diminish meaningful curation. It also means those with less SP like you don't have an equal voice. Something doesn't feel right about the whole thing tbh.

Do the ends justify the means? I think not.

Great man. I recommend people voting for jerry for witness.

@jerrybanfield Thank you for all the video content on steem, after watching your video, I joined the community. I think you're creating enormous value for the community and that's why I voted for you as witness.
PS: also voted for gtg from your video recommendation :)

Great to hear that and nice move on promoting steemit. While some would try to hide the success on the platform and maybe be afraid of the others, I am glad that you understanding that through growing we do all benefit and it all depends on the work we are willing to do.
Nice job mate! @cryptorg

@ jerrybanfield
THANKS for all information you provide ...
wow great to add on FB and youtube as millions of people using both fb & youtoube as their daily activity ...
both are common platform used by everyone ...add on both attract more peoples on steemit...thanks
upvote-resteem you

Very exciting to see this. Jerry's information is priceless
Thank you

Hi Jerry,

This is awesome and I have to Thank you. I found you the other day when I did a Youtube search for Help with Bittrex.com. Now I have a Steemit account. Looking forward to learning and growing in the Alt Coin market place.
Thank You

Thanks For This Article,You are doing also great...

First of all, thank you, Jerry. You have achieved very good success in Steemit in a short span of time. It's just for your generous mentality. I believe you do better. I did not have much time in Steemit. If you get your cooperation, I too can be very successful soon. Thank you very much.

The more keep rewarding users the more succeess is waiting next to

  • Steemit.com Ranking is Rising 📈


Yea sure
Trust me steem may not be there yet but we are getting it

This is just amazing. Thank you for the effort. I hope that the ads will be effective.
More users = more quality content.
More users = more investors which makes content creators motivated and keeps providing content.

Which is good for the whole community. So i thank you for this. I wish my up vote was worth more than 0.00$, I hate not feeling like someone who helps.

Nice info jerry.. iam a big fan of your youtube videos...tq for sharing these use full info.. love u..

glad to see it and i will try it thanks man and i also follow in you youtube

Thanks for the awesome promotion!
50 M I wonder what the response rate will be, Is there a place we can see the advertisement that will be shown?

Sounds like now is the time to buy more steem.

Great project. I hope this campaign goes trending.

Totally agree, Marketing and Advertising is the key to success. There is no waiting for it, nothing ever is going to be perfect. Lets goooooooo, Steemit 2018!

Great post as always!

This is just amazing @jerrybanfield !! This is an example of thinking outside the box and using the benefits of Steem in the “old world”. I personally came here due to one of those ads and it was simply the best move I have made. Steemit is where it’s at!! Thanks again, upvote done, if I could do it twice I would!!

Its a big achievement. Congratulations!!

I hope it go more big :)

We need to resteem it guys .. Great posts ever thank you again @jerrybanfield for this

vote not received and its is not refunded too. Check please.


Not sure what happened! I just refunded!

I send the bit, just at the time when you reached 100 voting power. The time upvote bot was getting started. I think thats was the problems. Anyway, Thanks for refund.

i followed you plz up vote me thank

While I think that it's great to advertise Steemit to the masses, there is one issue that also needs to be addressed which is retention. I saw some Steemit stats a few days ago where there were 500k + accounts and 31k active users. That is just over 6% participation rate.

There was another stat that after 90 days, less than 10% of the new users were still on the platform. The obvious reason for people leaving the platform is that they quickly see the rich getting richer and the poor receiving very little compensation, even on good posts that took them a decent amount of time to research and write.

No ad campaign will change that.

@glennolua you are right user retention is often low. Fortunately, users returning during times like this where the price is high also seems to be happening a lot. For example, @terrybrock joined over a year ago and after little response on his initial posts, he did not post for a while. During the last few months he has made a huge return and done very well! Even if we have lots of initial sign ups that stop using Steem, it is easy to come back!

Yes, I've seen a few posts from Terry, he is an exceptional speaker and motivational. He has also dedicated a lot of time to this platform. Also, people like Stellabelle which was also a writer have done well, so maybe ones profession may assist with success with blogging.

I watched a old video on YT that you produced months ago regarding the purchase of a Dash node. Great timing on the purchase and one that you have done very well with.

Very beautiful,post more like this @crazy3 vote up and follow me maybe

upvoting simply bc we had no idea Steemit was advertising on other social networks. What is the benefit of this to you tho?

I love this community and the more we grow the better it is for all of us!

Wow! This is a great information and a lot of effort just to ensure the smooth running of steemit. The as will go will go a long and making SBC one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the world.

Saya sudah kirim sbd ke anda tapih tak di vote

Thank you so much Jerry for promoting Steemit this way! You are doing an amazing job for the whole community. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Tomas

@jerrybanfield you remind me with jerry the king lawler

You have your work cut out for you.... best of luck... go get em!

you are Amazing, keep making post like this

Amazing project from amazing man :) Thanks a lot @jerrybanfield

Great article...
I believe that Steem is keep growing!!!
Best Regards

i like your post & just upvote you. I also subscribe your channel & follow you.

@jerrybanfield, Thank you for the post. My support. I wish patience and wisdom.

Jerry, thank you so much for your hard work. I believe that the strong trust in the community will increase the value of SBD and Steem.
Your fan!

Yes really it will be charming and strengthened it promotes steemit the great idea

Please follow me Back!!!

i'm learning a lot from seeing your videos and content! thanks for sharing

Be prepared to move up one spot, because @bellsx1 voted for you!

I love the zeal in you man, you're indeed making progress not just for your self but for the steemit community , let the good work continue

Great helful post

Super work Jerry :)

Very nice posts and a very nice post from you jerry
Thank you :)

Hi, congratulations for your effort promoting Steem with ads. With the recent 2018 personal challenge post from Facebook creator I think there is another opportunity.

I wrote about it in #FollowMark - Are you still on Facebook? What about promoting Steem blockchain with Zuckerberg's own arguments. Feel free to use any image or phrase if you want. Thanks and good luck again!

wow this is great..you guys are awesome :) thanks alot for sharing these with us

This is great work sir, keep up the good work we are strongly behind you.

voted you sir

My little bit. Wish there was more to give. Peace.

Hello, is there a way to ask for a budget, we're working right now on a project to get more travel bloggers and Digital Nomads on to Steemit, It's the perfect platform! We're about to introduce it and would invest in some FB / Twitter ads to get these travelers interested in Steemit and our Travel Curation project. Is there a way to ask for an advertisement budget through you. Happy to provide more information!

witness added!!!!

New to steemit (about two weeks now). Finally understanding what witnesses do, thank you! You are now my first witness. Been enjoying your posts too.

Thank you for doing what you do, Jerry!

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